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7 Best Pills For Harder And Stronger Erections

Do you know that short penises make a bigger erection? If not, check out these best pills for a harder and stronger erection that will help you gain one.


Male Extra

Max Performer

VigRX Plus

Erection is not just a biological process with some reproductive significance, but an essential physiological stimulus that enables humanity.

When you consider the gender-based diseases, erectile dysfunction is one of the common and psychologically affecting disorders in the list of ailments.

And in male enhancement segment erection boosters, penis size enhancers and sexual health supplements are the major products as well.

Some people fail to achieve the rock-hard erection that is needed to satisfy his partner in bed, while some of them couldn’t sustain the firm erection for a long time.

All of this results in a failing or failed relationship and would mentally affect the person, which later would affect other areas of life as well.

But thanks to growing science, we have erection supplements that help in boosting the blood flow into the penis, thus granting you a rock-hard erection.

Here are the best pills for harder and stronger erections that you can find in the current market place.

Without pouring more words, let us move into the crux of the topic.

Best Supplements For Harder And Stronger Erections

1. Max Performer

Max Performer

As the name suggests, this is a performance booster for the penis that helps in restoring the full potential of your penis.

The ingredients focus on inducing a solid and harder erection plus sustaining it for a more extended period to make you a winner on the bed.

This product isn’t just an erection booster, but an overall sex tonic that can rejuvenate the metabolic activity of the brain while boosting the physiological part of erection.

Max Performer contains top-quality ingredients like horny goat weed, maca, cordyceps, ginseng, selenium, niacin, riboflavin, etc.

The main activity is by preventing the release of a compound called PDE5, which restricts blood flow in the penis.

Also, restoring the hormonal balance, reducing blood pressure, and improving general health is how this product works.

What I like about this product

  • You can get a healthy and stable erection for an extended period, which helps to perform better on the bed.
  • It improves your sexual desire and sharpens the libido for a faster erection.
  • Max Performer can grant you an intense orgasm and stronger sexual vigor to last longer in bed.
  • With this product, you would get more frequent erections and initiation to engage in sex than usual, thanks to ingredients like horny goat weeds and maca root extract.
  • It helps to improve sperm quality and ejaculation volume to enhance your fertility.
  • 100 days of money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

What I don’t like about this product

  • Only sold through the official website to prevent knock-offs.
  • Need to take 2 capsules a day for the best result.

2. Male Extra

Male Extra

Male Extra is a powerful penis enhancer that increases the blood circulation in the penis to grant you a firm and sustaining erection.

A lot of research studies have been included in this product to make it one of the worthiest penis enhancers.

600mg of L-Arginine is present in Male Extra, which is a potent vasodilator that has intense nitric oxide activity for widening blood vessels.

Other ingredients include ellagic acid, MSM, methionine, zinc, cordyceps, and niacin, all of which take part in boosting erection.

With frequent erection enhancement, regular users reported a size increment ranging from 0.8 – 2.6 inches over 3-6 months.

The initial effects can be seen within a couple days of use, and longer you use it, more benefits will arrive.

Male Extra also has a therapeutic value (but not classified as a medicine) in treating diseases like erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie’s disease.

What I like about this product

  • Easy to use and convenient capsulized formulation with ingredients like L-Arginine, ellagic acid, zinc, etc.
  • Apart from erection enhancement, this pill helps in increasing the penis size by up to 2.6 inches in regular users.
  • The formulation is clinically tested and thoroughly studied before releasing it as an erection pill.
  • Powerful nitric oxide activity for improving the blood flow into the penis, which guarantees stable erection.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.

What I don’t like about this product

  • Only sold through the official Male Extra website in an attempt to prevent knock-offs.
  • You have to take 3 pills daily for at least 3 – 6 months in order to enjoy the full benefits of the pill.

3. VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a popular male enhancement supplement that helps in boosting the erection and improves the sexual features in men.

They gained attention as a potent male virility supplement, but over the years, the formulation was improved to contain 10 powerful ingredients that help in complete sexual enhancement.

The users get a strong and long-lasting erection with a supercharged libido and intense vigor to engage in sex.

The erection boosting is through conventional nitric oxide activity while the aphrodisiac action is taken care of by supplementing vital nutrients.

Components like horny goat weed, muira pauma extract, and hawthorn berry help in boosting nitric oxide activity by supplement the precursors for NO and fortifying the blood vessels.

The aphrodisiac properties of ginseng and saw palmetto helps in boosting the metabolic part of male enhancement.

Also, this product contains Bioperine, which an excellent bio-absorbing agent that can help in the assimilation of essential nutrients from the diet.

What I like about this product

  • Engineered and scientifically studied formulation using some top-class ingredients for male sexual enhancement.
  • The dosage is carefully optimized to induce just the right metabolic action, thus making this supplement side effect free.
  • It contains Bioperine, which makes this product supplement self-absorbable into the bloodstream.
  • Sold over 1.2 million VigRX Plus, which adds authenticity and customer visibility to this product.
  • 67 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

What I don’t like about this product

  • The non-availability of this product in a mortar and brick store.
  • This product focuses on balanced action (male sexual enhancement) than erection boosting alone.

4. Eron Plus

Eron Plus

Eron Plus is an effective male enhancement supplement that helps to remove erection problems and sustains the phallus for a longer time for more enjoyable sex.

It is a set of two capsules where the Eron Plus pills are taken in the morning and afternoon while the Eron Plus Before capsules are specific for bed performance and taken 1 ~ 2 hours before the intercourse for an enhanced vigor and orgasm.

They are made by concocting traditional herbal ingredients like L-arginine, maca root extracts, fenugreek, ginseng, and tribulus.

L-arginine is a nitric oxide precursor,  which helps in the widening of the blood vessels.

Maca root extract and red ginseng  are potent aphrodisiac agents that help with lovemaking metabolism.

Fenugreek and Tribulus in some studies have found to have testosterone boosting capabilities, which helps in improving sexual vigor.

What I like about this product?

  • A combination of two sets of capsules which can make your sex life much better than what it is now.
  • All your erection problems are rectified with this product, and it gives you better control over ejaculation as well.
  • The erection quality and retention time are very much improved when Eron Plus is regularly used.
  • Scientifically proven and clinically studied in order to assess the safety of their customers.
  • 100% side effects free because of the organic nature of the ingredients.
  • There is a 90 days money-back guarantee for customers who don’t find this product useful.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • There is no offline availability for this product and only sold through the official website.
  • Need to take half a dozen capsules on a single day from both sets to get the complete benefits of Eron Plus.

5. Viasil


Viasil is a power-effective and a comprehensive male enhancement supplement and gel therapy. Available in both capsules and ointment form, this product is a speedy formula to enlarge the size and thickness of your penis.

Manufactured by Swiss Research Labs UK, the product is an evidenced fabrication to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, it unfurls your passion for enjoying in bed by delivering more intensity and longevity to your relationships.

The product is safe and free from chemical fillers, and thus, you can comfortably rely on its working & effectiveness.

Composed of organic and nutraceutical ingredients, Viasil has outstanding hormone stimulating properties to optimize your sex drive.

It contains natural pomegranate extracts to improve your blood circulation and tribulus terrestris to boost your libido.

Further, the supplement generates appropriate amounts of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and nitric oxide to optimize your muscle cells.

Take one capsule daily for longer and stronger erections. Combine your consumption with a nutritive diet and a rigorous exercise regime for advanced results.

What I like about this product?

  • The supplement contains the goodness of nutritional ingredients such as pomegranate and tribulus terrestris.
  • It is available in both gel form and oral capsules.
  • Viasil is side-effects free and a 100% natural formulation.
  • It does not contain any chemical additives or artificial fillers that can harm your body.
  • The product optimally heightens your confidence and sexual performance.
  • It improves your blood circulation by triggering the release of nitric oxide and ATP.
  • The company facilitates free worldwide shipping on this item.
  • You can opt for a 100% refund (with 100 days) if you are dissatisfied with the product.
  • You can process your payment through safe and encrypted payment gateways.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • The supplement is available only on the website maintained by its manufacturing company and nowhere else.
  • The price tag is not pocket-friendly.

6. Member XXL

Member XXL

Member XXL is an astounding and a path-breaking supplement therapy for men struggling with small penis size. Its nutraceutical formula assists in increasing your penis size and heightens its stamina to penetrate.

An ambitious manufacturing of Key Player Limited based in UAE, this product improves blood circulation and optimizes your sexual response.

In fact, regular use of this supplement can enlarge your penis up to 2 -6 cms in one month and up to 9 cms in 3 months.

Furthermore, Member XXL is a nutritional combination of safe and potential-driven ingredients. It contains the goodness of saffron and black pepper to fuel your sexual energy levels.

Take two tablets of Member XXL daily for a better sex drive and libido. Couple your consumption with a balanced diet plan for and an exercise regime for advanced penis enlargement.

What I like about this product?

  • The product contains safe and organic ingredients in the right proportions for enlarging your penis.
  • Physicians recommend this product to men facing the challenge of small penis size.
  • Research conducted for this product guarantees a 70% success rate.
  • It contains excellent quality ingredients like L-arginine and magnolia fruit to surcharge your sexual performance and energy levels.
  • The food supplement does not contain any harmful chemicals and synthetic agents.
  • It is an over-the-counter food supplement procurable without a doctor’s prescription.
  • The company discreetly packs this product in a box before shipping so that its contents remain confidential.
  • You can avail of a refund within 90 days of product purchase.
  • You can process your payment for this item via multiple safe and encrypted payment channels.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • You can place an order for this product only through the company’s official website as other e-commerce websites do not market it.
  • You need at least a month of regular use to see the onset of results.

7. VigraFast


VigraFast is relatively new in the field of male enhancement but managed to grab some attention as one of the best erection boosters in the market.

They are operated and managed by TWC Holding LLC based on the USA and have been following strict international protocols in manufacturing and marketing.

One good thing about this product is its relatively faster action in inducing a rock hard and solid erection on all kinds of penis physiologies.

There are only a few ingredients in this product, but the potent combination makes it a class winner.

L-arginine and ginseng are the vasodilators in this capsule, which widens the arteries carrying blood into the corpora cavernosa (penis tissue sacs).

While maca root extracts and tribulus will do the hormonal balancing to improve the brain function to sharpen your libido and heighten the orgasm.

What I like about this product?

  • Fast-acting and powerful aphrodisiac penis enhancer that can boost the sexual desire and grant you a solid erection.
  • The potency is fine-tuned by the secret formulation of this product, which makes it one of the best available erection pills.
  • The manufacturers have done enough studies and clinical evaluations to make this product safer.
  • Since the ingredients are mostly herbal extracts, VigraFast doesn’t possess any side effects or adverse health threats.
  • 94% of its users reported VigraFast to be effective and useful, while 44% of users got initial results in just 1 week.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • Only available on the official website page and not sold through mortar & brick stores.
  • No money-back guarantee, but there is a 14-day return policy for products that are damaged in manufacturing or shipping.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

1. What are erection pills?

Erection pills are capsulized version of nitric oxide (NO) supplements that help in increasing the blood circulation into the penis tissue.

Nowadays, erection pills come with multiple benefits like sexual enhancement and testosterone boosting capabilities.

Erection pills will grant you a strong, firm, and stable phallus, which could often remain in the erected posture for an extended period than usual.

It is mainly used for general sexual enhancement, and sometimes by people who experience weaker erection due to underlying diseases or conditions like stress.

2. Do erection pills actually work?

Yes, they do work. Mainly, the science behind erection pills is very simple and straight forward.

These products often carry precursors for nitric oxide and supplements it in surplus to initiate an increased production of NO, which results in vasodilation.

With widened blood vessels, more blood and nutrients would reach the corpora cavernosa (tissue sacs), thus giving a stronger and firm erection.

This blood rush into the penis, and simultaneous restriction of veins draining blood would result in a stronger erection.

3. Can erection pills treat Erectile Dysfunction?

The answer is a partial yes. Erection pills are designed to upregulate nitric oxide activity, which would increase the blood flow into the penis.

This would create a temporary erection that would help you engage in a pleasant bedroom session.

If the severity is moderate and there are no underlying hormonal issues, then an erection pill would be a temporary solution for combating erectile dysfunction.

And in some cases, the issues might even resolve when an erection supplement is used for an extended period.

But in therapeutics, natural erection pills are usually not prescribed for treating erectile problems.

4. Who should buy pills for erection?

These capsules are designed for those men who need an extra sprinkle of spice to make the intercourse more pleasurable.

Firstly, the pills have aphrodisiac properties, which boosts sexual desire and improves the vigor.

So, if you want to use this as a general-purpose sexual stamina enhancer, it would work.

Plus, other benefits include intense orgasm, faster erection, penis size enlargement, and control over ejaculation.

Also, it can be an excellent supplement for people suffering from erectile dysfunction since NO activity would help them regain lost erection potential.

5. Are erection pills safe to use?

Yes, these pills are 100% safe because of the organic nature of the ingredients used in the preparation.

Erection pills are made from common ingredients like l-arginine, tribulus, ginseng, etc. all of which are classically used for sexual enhancement.

Plus, enough clinical and lab studies are conducted before releasing these products into the market.

For enabling international sales, these products must be manufactured in a cGMP facility under the guidelines set by agencies like FDA.

6. Can erection pills cause any side effects?

No, erection pills won’t cause any side effects because of the herbal nature of their ingredients.

The formulation is carefully concocted in order to be just potent enough to initiate the indented action only.

Also, erection pills lack a refined chemical agent in them to trigger some unwanted effects.

All the products mentioned on our list use traditional ingredients for sexual enhancement with years of clinical data about its impact on the human body.

Thus most of the products are very well-validated and thoroughly studied to deem it safe for human application.

7. Do I need to exercise while taking these pills?

No, you don’t want to do anything extra in order to boost the results. These pills are designed to work on all types of penis anatomies.

So, whether you be fat or lean, sedentary or active, natural erection pills will work on you.

But on a side note, if you regularly exercise for your overall health, it would also benefit sexual health.

But apart from that, you don’t need to do any other exercise while using erection pills.

8. What should I eat to get a stronger and harder erection?

Some foods indeed help in improving the erection and boosting the libido.

Spinach contains folates which help in increasing the blood flow and thereby giving you a stronger erection.

Caffeine in the coffee is an excellent stimulant that has vasodilation properties for increasing the amount of blood reaching the corpora cavernosa.

Avocado is loaded with potassium, vitamins, and some essential fat components which is critical for brain signaling.

In general, eating more legumes and vegetables will add more minerals to your body, which is an easy way to correct hormonal imbalance.

9. Can these pills be used as an alternative to Viagra?

Viagra is the brand name for chemical compound sildenafil. It also works by boosting NO activity.

However, when you compare the erection pills with Viagra, two different sets of results are obtained.

One is more slow, natural, and side effect free, while the other one is spontaneous but has lots of side effects.

Viagra is often taken by people who have erectile dysfunction, while erection pills are a general supplement for getting a solid erection.

If you prefer a slower but side effect free action, then yes, erection pills can be a better alternative for Viagra.

10. What else I can do to get stronger erections?

Erection is a complex biological process that occurs when the brain communicates with the penis through an intrinsic nerve signaling pathway.

Any supplementation that benefits this pathway will help in a stronger erection.

For example, if you practice meditation, then the brain signaling will be corrected or enhanced, which will ensure rock hard and sustaining erection without any effort.

Likewise, having a healthy diet devoid of high fat will keep your testosterone levels normal, which helps in maintaining good sexual health.

Written by Tom Knight

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