KRYOLiFE now offers KRYOSculpt by Gloria Hincapie

For years, many of our beauty queen clients would visit us for whole body cryotherapy treatments and to see renowned, Miami-based, body sculpting massage master, Gloria Hincapie. We decided to bring this unique combination of cryotherapy and lymphatic massage to our Central Park South center so everyone can take advantage of the body-slimming effects of this cryo-infused method.

One session: $375

10 pack: $3,000 (includes 2 free KryoFacials)

Reaching a cooling -160°F from liquid nitrogen vapors, our professionally trained KryoTherapists apply the vapor to the isolated body part, while gently massaging and sculpting the area to encourage lymphatic drainage.



Unlike cool sculpting, this technique helps you release unwanted fat through lymphatic drainage, therefore fat is not ‘trapped’ in the body to be stored in another area. It is simply removed non-surgically. There’s no downtime; treatments can be done during your lunch break.  Each treatment is approximately 40 minutes.



Cryotherapy body sculpting is a revolutionary alternative to liposuction and crash diets. This treatment is natural and non-invasive, leaving you pain-free, time-rich and feeling great!

Benefits include:

•  Instant inch loss

•  Weight loss and fat reduction

•  Shape and definition

•  Cellulite reduction


Lasting results

After treatment, your body has a region-specific inflammatory response to the cold, which causes fat cells to rupture at a warmer temperature than skin and healthy cells. This allows the fat by-products to be naturally removed by your lymphatic system. These natural and non-invasive biological reactions result in a reduction of the density and thickness of fat layers.

Combined with a healthy lifestyle of eating clean and exercising, you can experience a permanent change in your body shape. We recommend regular whole body cryotherapy to boost your metabolism and enact that therapeutic ‘fight or flight’ response.