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Burn Evolved Review: Good Bye Fat, Welcome Stamina!

Burn Evolved can boost your metabolism, making you digest or burn your fat at a faster pace. But do you know there is more to it? Learn more in this review.

Losing fat is not an easy task in any way. Just sticking to your exercise routine and diet can not prove to be as effective as you suppose it to be.

Besides, you can’t lose fat only in the areas that you want to. It is an overall process, and along with unnecessary fat, you will also be losing your hard-earned muscles. That is precisely why you should turn to the use of supplements.

Speaking of supplements, nothing would do this job better than Burn Evolved, and this review is all about this wonderful product.

Some supplements can help you lose fat much faster by boosting your metabolism to the extent that your body will not support the unnecessary fat but will also the fat that has been stored within your body.

That will help you in getting a leaner and more desirable figure. Along with being proven formulas, many of these products are made only of natural ingredients. This helps ensure that the product is safer to use for you.

So, in this article, we will be reviewing one such amazing supplement known as Burn Evolved. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Burn Evolved?

Burn Evolved is a scientifically proven natural fat burner formula that specifically targets bodybuilders.

This is a formula that is specifically designed to burn your excess internal fat by evolving your metabolism, suppressing your appetite, and providing you with energy from the fats that have been burned within your body.

Besides, this supplement has proven to be the most helpful in the removal of belly fat. It is known that belly fat can not be controlled just by diets or healthy routines, but this supplement can help keep that in check.

In fact, it will help in losing excess fat, including the one that is stored over your belly and hips, and that will help improve your overall waist-to-hip ratio.

 In addition, this helps in providing you with better results during a workout or your dietary practices.

This product is produced and manufactured by SCULPTnation, and this is a production facility that has been centered in Las Vegas, USA.

How does Burn Evolved work?

Burn Evolved is a formula that is rich in ingredients that can actively trigger thermogenesis in your body.

This means that under the effect of those ingredients, the excess fat that has been stored in your body will be melted down by the heat produced. Also, the ingredients help suppress the appetite of a person.

This overall will mean that if a person intakes this supplement, by keeping a firm check on the calorie intake, a person can easily shred excess fat.

This product helps in the formation of Brown Adipose Tissues (BAT) in your body.

This is a type of fat that can be completely depleted by your body to produce a large store of energy without leaving any residues of the previous fat.

Hence, this kind of fat is more productive and beneficial to the body compared to the white fat that is stored in the body.

Also, the formula can activate the TRPV1 receptors, which can specifically target the stubborn fat in your body, thereby speeding up fat shredding.

By mobilizing it, it will become easier for the fat to be melted down into energy, and that will help you get a figure that is more convenient for you.

How to take it?

Every container of Burn Evolved contains a total of 60 capsules, and that is the next number for an overall month of supplement. It is advised for people to take two capsules per day.

These capsules are to be taken after the meal to show the best of the effects. If a person is new to use or has a sensitive stomach regarding the use of supplements, they may use one capsule twice each day.

This type of routine has also proven to show drastic differences in the fat level in the body of the users. It would be better if you did not use the supplement right after dinner. This contains caffeine, and that can lead to trouble in falling asleep.

Is Burn Evolved safe to use?

Burn Evolved is a supplement that is made of 100% natural and organic ingredients. This relatively makes it safer for individuals to use it.

Moreover, this is a product that has been tried and tested by human volunteers, and that fact only adds up to the credibility that is already offered by this product.

Also, this product can only be manufactured in certified Good Manufacturing  (cGMP) facilities.

 Finally, the ingredients that make up this supplement are not the kind that a person can have active sensitivity or allergy towards. Therefore, this supplement can be consumed rather flexibly.

Adding all these factors to the equation, this is a rather trustworthy product that can be taken without much worry!

How long does it take to work?

It normally takes 2 to 3 weeks for Burn Evolved to show visible effects. General observations like suppression of appetite or more energy and activeness can be felt within the very first week of usage.

However, the process of demonstrating the visible effects of the usage of the supplement is a gradual one.

Normally, the waist and the hip area are the first ones to be targeted by the supplement. Therefore, if you feel like the fat in those areas is decreasing, then you can deduce that the supplement is working perfectly for you.

However, it is advised to complete the due cycle of 2 months for the best results.

Burn Evolved ingredients

The following are the ingredients:

  • Green tea leaf extract – Helps in weight loss and blood sugar regulation.
  • Cayenne fruit extract – enhances the digestive system and prevents inflation.
  • Caffeine – helps in keeping your mind sharp and focused for longer intervals.
  • Paradise seed extract – helps in the better digestion of food.
  • Yohimbine hydrochloride – enhances athletic performance and boosts weight loss.
  • Rauwolscine – helps in fat loss as well as boosts sexual performance.
  • Gelatin – supports the digestive system and strengthens bones and muscles.
  • Silicon dioxide – helps strengthen the skeletal system.
  • Magnesium stearate – promotes better adsorption of ingredients into the bloodstream.
  • Microcrystalline cellulose – promotes dietary practices.

Does it cause and side effects?

As per the reviews that are left behind by thousands of satisfied customers, there are no extreme side effects from the usage of the supplement.

Besides, the product has passed all the regulations and rules that are set by the recognized health organizations and sports authorities.

Taken into adequate and previously stated volume, this product will not have any kind of side effects on the user.

However, a certain set of precautions still need to be taken as the product contains caffeine, which can directly affect your sleep.

Burn Evolved real users reviews

Burn Evolved is one of the highest-rated products of its genre, and it is, in fact, very popular because of its fat-burning capabilities. This product scores a decent 4.1 out of 5 stars in the internet market.

Here are some of the real user comments that we have grabbed from the internet market for you.

 Dr. Kenneth was using this product for a while and had felt a positive vibe about this product, especially for reducing his carb craving. Here is what he said:

“I was very skeptical about the Sculptnation supplements since there is so much hype in the weight-loss industry and nothing has ever worked for me before. I’m pleasantly surprised regarding Burn Evolved. It’s a great appetite suppressant and energy booster (without jitters). I lost 6 lbs the first week, probably mostly water… but the key point is that I have no carb cravings at all. And no cravings for snacks.”

Randl had used this product for a consecutive 3 months and had lost almost 20 lbs from his body weight. Here is the full version of his review:

“Great Products and results. I think everyone here probably got scared and wasn’t ready for the commitment. They push so that you decide if you’re ready. I haven’t had to return anything and love the products, so I can’t attest to hassle. But I will say if you commit, you WILL have results. I have lost 20 lbs and 33 inches over all. I’ve gained so much muscle. I wish I would have done and inbody scan before I started so I would have an accurate body fat percentage that I’ve lost. I’m coming up on the end of my 3rd month and I feel amazing. I utilized their trainer and she is amazing. Thanks Ashli T. This has been an amazing journey and I’m just getting started. If your not trying you will fail everytime !. So get sweating , ” it’s your body fat crying”

What’s the price and where to buy it?

You should buy this product from the official website: https://sculptnation.com/products/burn-evolved

Comes in three purchase options:

  • 1 bottle (one-month supply) – $41.00 (Save 38% from the original price of $67.00)
  • 3 bottles (three-month supply) – $132.00 (Save 34% from the original price of $201.00)
  • 6 bottles (six-month supply) – $195.00 (Save 51% from the original price of $402.00)

Shipping info

  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • Delivery within 7- 40 business days after ordering.
  • Packaging is done in discreet boxes.


  • Accepts all major debit and credit cards.
  • Subscription service available.
  • The payment portal is 256-bit encrypted.

Pros & cons


  • Helps in boosting the metabolism.
  • Suppresses the appetite and helps keep up with your dietary plans.
  • Works by activating the cell receptor that helps target bad fat.
  • This product promotes weight loss and helps you get more active.
  • You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy and use this product.
  • The burned fat is directly used in building muscles, thus boosting your gains.


  • The product is said to contain a large number of sub supplements products as ingredients, meaning a lot of additives.
  • The shipping is very slow compared to its competitors.


Burn Evolved is an easy recommendation if fat burning and muscle building are your top two gym priorities.

This supplement is of great help to those people whose dietary practices and workout routines do not turn out to be as satisfactory as they are supposed to.

Therefore, there is no way in which their importance can be denied. And in fact, many physicians and trainers do recommend this supplement for visible results.

Its formula has proven to be based on scientific facts and has provided results to the extent that is expected by the users.

Moreover, this is a supplement that is 100% safe for users. And the history of thousands of satisfied customers has made it even more reliable to the users.

Written by Tom Knight
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