Vitamins forHair Growth

What Vitamins Help Hair Growth?

Eating a well-balanced diet that contains all of the 13 essential vitamins can help maintain hair health.

There are a number of dermatologically approved hair growth Vitamins, which will give your hair the best growth. They will work their best to also make sure your hair scalp is healthy. Understanding what vitamins help hair growth will prove to be ideal.

Maybe you have a short and thin hair and hoping to give it a volume boost. Having a smart lifestyle can help in keeping your hair into shape. This means your hair will be less prune to breakage. In order to achieve these, it means you have to invest in good supplement, or hair growth vitamin that will give your mane an extra leather.

What vitamins help hair growth?

A number of vitamins are good for your hair growth. Most hair experts say that the various over the counter hair thickness and growth supplements contain a number of ingredients. These may include vitamins B complex, iron, protein and vitamin E.

When taking any of these supplements you should make sure you observe the recommended daily allowance in each ingredient. This is very important for people who are taking mainly vitamin A, which has adverse side effect when you take in excess.

When taking any hair vitamin, as expert say you should not expect an overnight result. Some may take quite sometime to give you that flush hair look you desire. For some may even take very short time.

For instance, if you take hair Vitamins consistently and you have no any underlying conditions or hormonal issue, you should expect less hair loss within a short period of time. Your hair will also feel thicker and healthier.

There are a number of hair Vitamins known to be the best when it comes to hair growth. These may include vitamins like viviscal, Nutrafol, and collagen among others.


Many take Collagen for better skin, but ingredient in collagen has also health benefit to your hair. The more the collagen one takes, the more youthful and healthy the skin appears, and also the healthier the hair will be.

There are a number of collagen available in market. Vital protein collagen peptide proves to be the best. This is the commonly used for taking good care of the hair.


This is a clinically proven brand. The ingredients in it helps to nourish your hair so that it may grow longer, and thicker. These ingredient include zinc, marine complex, vitamin c and also horsetail extracts.


Many dermatologists had high doubts about these vitamin to be one winning choice for enhancing hair growth. But there are special blend of ingredient in this Vitamin, which make it a viable solution to hair growth. These may include ingredients like, keratin, antioxidants and resveratrol.

Apart from all these, people can practice diet rich in iron. This is because if you suffer from iron deficiency, you will as well experience hair loss. Fatty acids are also important. They act as good protein source which helps in the strength of hair strands.

Having these essential vitamins in your body you will definitely experiences better scalp and your hair thickness will change as well. Make sure you get a prescription of any if experiencing some kind of hair loss or thinning.

Written by Tom Knight

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