While the country goes crazy over our female and toupee wearing presidential hopefuls, Kryolife has been working equally hard to expand our locations and services across New York City. We're excited to announce that our brand new unit has been delivered to the 11th floor of our uptown location, with a June 1st open date. Furthermore, work is well underway for our Greenwich and 22nd Street locations, with a projected July 1st open for both. Never before have you had to travel so little to get your ice cold, immune system boosting, performance invigorating fix. And on the walk, grab a copy of this month's Elle magazine and take a look at the amusingly accurate coverage of one journalist's Kryolife experience that we can all relate too.


The benefits of massage are numerous. Improved circulation,reduced muscle tension, lymphatic stimulation, stress hormone reduction, improved skin tone, increased joint mobility, improved mental alertness, and reduced anxiety and depression are all proven effects. The therapeutic applications of this ancient techniques continue to broaden, and is now used to treat anxiety, arthritis, back or neck pain, soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, constipation, depression, headache, high blood pressure, insomnia, and post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation. And perhaps best of all, it can be used in conjunction with whole body cryotherapy! By reducing muscle spasticity and local inflammation, undergoing WBC prior to massage will facilitate a deeper and more effective treatment. Which is precisely why we will be offering massages by the top massage therapists at our upcoming 22nd St location! So if you currently suffer from any of the above, get excited... or, relaxed.


When living in the city not particularly known for work-life balance, maintaining all aspects of our life in a perfect ratio can seem impossible. Balance holds different meaning for different people - family, finance, career, health, spirituality -  but with the over choice and competitiveness that comes with 21st century living, a 'life on the back foot' is something most of us have shared at one point or another.

Most could also agree that the peace, satisfaction, and deeply healthy state of being that can emerge when all aspects of our lives exist harmoniously, however fleeting, is a fundamental and deeply desirable part of the human condition. 
This 'balance' has been the focus of much psychological research in recent years and while quantifying such a subjective and unique concept is difficult, some very smart people have tried.

Psychology Today has suggested twelve aspects of balance for us to consider - spirit, purpose, love, environment, intimacy, body, mind, social, service, nature, family, and you. Learn more and reflect on how to achieve balance in your life here.