One of our clients, Hana Mayeda, is a wonderful human being who also happens to be the face of top brands like H&M, Gap and Sephora. The accomplished model, and KRYOLiFE devotee, is a volunteer for English in Mind (EIM), an adult English school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 

When we learned of the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, we knew we needed to contact Hana and help. We decided to donate a portion of our profits to help Haiti and EIM. Hana graciously shared photos of her recent trip to Haiti.

English instruction is very much in demand in Port-au-Prince because it greatly increases the chances of helping residents find long-term meaningful employment. The school also serves as a shelter during natural disasters. The team at KRYOLiFE believes in giving back to causes that we have a connection to. We hope you can help support Hana's philanthropic passion. 

To donate to English in Mind or volunteer, visit their website and learn more about their programs.