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8 Easy Exercises To Improve Your Sexual Performance

Why wasting money on chemical drugs and steroids when there are exercises for improving your sexual performance? Explore more about exercises here.

Exercise for a long time was an optional add-on in your life, and but the vigorous lifestyle change and food habits are making it an inevitable requirement.

When you dig deeper, exercise is nothing but a constant check on the nutrient distribution in your system while making sure that your body receives enough work to function correctly.

All of us might be familiar with research studies and news articles hailing exercises as lifesavers.

But new studies are also pointing at one of the unforeseen benefits of exercises, but his time not on your general health or mind, instead, on your sexual performance.

Yes, you heard it right, exercises can help your body improve sex life as much as it does to your general well being.

This understating has been there since ancient times, but only with improving science were we able to discover the actual facts behind it.

In this article, we will learn a few exercises for improving sexual performance which will also contribute to your general health.

So without further ado, let’s get into the core of this article.

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Importance of exercise in sexual health

exercising and sexual health

Exercise is called a natural Viagra because of the revitalization properties of physical exertion in the human body.

Studies have shown that men who perform at least 30 minutes of exercise daily had reduced risk of erectile dysfunction.

In another study, when middle-aged men with a sedentary job were asked to participate in strenuous exercise for nine months, majority of them reported an enhanced sexual performance and increased libido, with the frequency of physical interactions improved on weekly basis.

When the same task was assigned to middle-aged women, the results were no surprising than what they have observed in men.

Faster arousal, increased desire for sex, stronger orgasm, etc. were some of the outcomes in women when they started exercising continuously.

The above study is supported by another independent finding in which women subjected to intense cycling for 20 minutes showed greater physiological sexual arousal than controls who didn’t have any physical exertion.

Increased blood flow is one reason why both men and women experience sexual boost upon doing exercise daily.

When the organs receive consistent work, your body will have more flexibility, stamina, and faster recovery which will also contribute towards sexual performance.

Exercises for improving your sexual performance

Below are some of the exercises that will contribute to better sex.

1. Interval running workout

running man

Stamina and endurance are two factors that will come handy in both track and bed.

Interval running is the best and easy choice to improve the stamina, which even you can do at the comfort of your home in a treadmill.

Warm-up for 5 ~ 10 minutes, start off by running at your full pace for about 30 seconds and back off for a minute or two.

Repeat the above for several times in a row, and this exercise 2 ~ 3 times a week is enough to make you a beast in a couple of months.

2. Lying leg raise

Sex is one place where lower body strength matters, and lying leg raise is a perfect workout to strengthen it.

This workout provides enough core strength which helps in the thrust and also makes the glutes and quad muscles stronger such that you can stay in an upright position for long.

Lie down in supine position and keep the hands close to the glutes. Slowly raise both of legs until it becomes perpendicular to the upper body.

After that slowly bring the legs back and stop a few inches above the ground.

Repeat the above for 10 times and followed by a 30 second ~ 1 min rest and again continuing the set for 2 more times, twice or thrice a week.

3. Ball crunch

Another exercise for strengthening the core muscles and also suitable for lower back muscles as well.

Women often strain lower back in certain sex positions, and this exercise could prevent that from happening.

Rest your body over the ball with middle back touching the stability ball and feet adjusted to the hip length.

Slightly roll back to move the ball to lower back and do crunches by raising the chest to tighten abdomen muscles and going back while keeping hands in napes of the neck.

Do this for 10 ~ 15 times before taking a break.

4. Ball bench press

If you prefer little spice in your bedroom game, then stronger forearms, deltoid, triceps and lat muscles would come to your aid.

Though a regular bench press could work this out, doing it over stability ball will give you more muscle refinement.

Rest your body on a stability ball, and balance with feet kept a hip-length apart.

Raise the dumbbell to shoulder distance at shoulder width. Now slowly push it upwards in the same position and bring it back to shoulder height and repeat for 10 ~12 times.

5. Lunges

This exercise focuses on the quad muscles and calf muscles which will give a range of movement and endurance to try new poses.

In this workout, the blood flow towards the pelvic region is increased thus giving you more muscle strength which aids in both bed and field.

Stand straight with two dumbbells, then stretch either of your legs a few feet forward and slowly bend both the knees 90 degrees.

Do not bend your shoulder, and you must feel a slight strain on your abdomen, calf, and thigh muscles.

Repeat the same on the next leg and work this exercise for 10 ~ 15 times.

6. Seated straddle stretches

In your sedentary lifestyle, the lower body is very much affected, and as a result, the muscle gets weaker, and you get fatigued before reaching the peak of action.

The seated straddle is a great workout that will stretch the muscles and ensure ample blood flow which can induce intense orgasm and helps your body go in harmony with your sexual vigor.

To do this exercise, sit on the floor and stretch your leg outwards so that you create a 60 degree between each leg.

Now try touching calves, ankle or toes without bending the back by holding your breath for 5 ~ 10 second.

Repeat this exercise for at least 10 times.

This exercise might take a little bit of time to perfect, and therefore initially it might be difficult to touch the toes without bending the back.

7. Kegel

Undoubtedly, ‘Kegel’ is the best workout for men to energize their penis1.

This exercise can strengthen the pubococcygeal (PC) and perineal muscles which help in erection and ejaculation.

After a few sessions of kegel, a user will have more control over the release and helps to prevent the premature ejaculation.

The exercise is simple, and for that first you need to identify the PC and associated muscles.

Try stopping the urination during flow, and you will get to know the muscles involved.

After identifying this, try to increase the ‘squeeze duration’ and number of reps in each attempt, and over the time you’ll feel the change.

8. Yoga

yoga for men

Yoga is the ultimate exercise that can equally do good for both mind and body2.

Some of the asanas in yoga will ensure improved flexibility to muscles, while the meditation effect of yoga will drain stress within you.

Several studies have proved the negative effect of stress on sex life, and it decreases the libido drastically.

Some of the poses like cat pose and cow pose can help you loosen up the spine and relax, which gives a good mental balance.

The bride pose is a great yoga asana for strengthening the core muscles, and it can help you perform better during sex.

Happy baby or ‘Ananda balasana’ is a missionary style pose that would benefit women to strengthen pelvic muscles for hassle-free intercourse.


Now you know some of the exercises for improving your sexual performance.

The key is understanding the muscles involved during a physical interaction and giving an exercise for those muscles.

All the techniques described above focuses on lower body muscles and core muscles as they are most strained during intense action.

Also, these workouts would help you increase the blood flow into these muscles, thus helping in faster recovery and improved stamina.

If you are a novice, then better get some help from a gym instructor or a doctor for eliminating chances of injuries.

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