Coronavirus Lockdown - Home Exercises vs Gym

Coronavirus Lockdown Discussion: Home Exercising vs. Gyms

Do you need a gym to stay fit? In this Coronavirus times, let us find out why home workouts are slightly better than gyms. Stay home, read, and be healthy.

Are you worried because your health clubs stay closed due to Coronavirus lockdown? Well, don’t be, because we can convenience you why home workouts are better than the gym. And it’s possible to build muscle at home without equipment.

Gyms are absolutely necessary, no doubt about that. But until unless you are professional sports personnel or a bodybuilder, half of the facility won’t make any sense.

Even building a decently muscular body can be made in the comfort of home, just by doing equipment-free workouts. Or if weight -loss is your thing, then there are hundreds of exercises that will help you burn fat.

Or, if you want to step-up the game, you can purchase a bunch of home improvised gym equipment as well.

In this article, let us find some reasons why home workouts are sometimes better than the gym, especially during this coronavirus pandemic.

Let us wrap the intro here, and move into the details of this article.

Are gyms any better than home exercising?

male workout

Technically speaking, this is subjective and depends on the user. But speaking from the perspective of an average gym-goer, yes, home exercising is much more practical than going gym.

Like two sides of a coin, there are contrary arguments, but since we all are in lockdown now, let us try to grasp the fact why home workouts can be beneficial than a gym.

To balance the boat, we have included a small section after this to see both sides of the arguments.

So, let us see some of the benefits of home workouts.

Time is god!

Time is very precious and in fact, your pay for time everywhere. Like it doesn’t matter if a skilled doctor doesn’t have time to operate you!

The idea of saving time is very much practical when it comes to home workouts. You cannot skip exercise because it is a vital part of your life.

But going to the gym to stay healthy actually wastes a lot of time. For example, any average gym-goer spends 45 minutes to even 1.5 hours for a workout.

But that’s not the waste of time; it is time you spend on traveling, chit-chatting, supporting your fellow gym mate, and finally going on a post-workout hangout.

Some studies1 suggest the majority of people waste time at the gym due to non-workout activities they engage in.

On average, a person might waste at least one hour of their time due to the gym business.

But a home workout session would save this time loss and really gives you early access to the post-workout meal as well.

Since you don’t have to drive, you save gas expenses, gym membership fees & prevent pollution as well.

Food matters more than a workout

This might sound silly, but when it comes to weight-loss, it is 80% food and 20% workout2.

If you limit the food, your body will start using the reserves, and this means you will start losing weight.

After all, the intention of a gym-goer is to build a beautiful physique decorated with muscles.

Even if you want to gain weight or to lose weight, the diet is the key. Weight-gain seekers may take the help of supplements to speed-up the process.

We have included a section on the conclusion about some of the best nutraceutical supplements that you can buy.

So, even if you are at the gym or home, the major focus must be kept on food and supplement intake instead of a workout.

Thinking from that perspective, now you might understand why home workout is more than enough.

Here is our suggestion, learn some workouts that you can do at home with minimal equipment or none at all. Get an online subscription to some of the apps that will help you build a routine.

The same apps might also give you diet plans as well. Or ditch the worry and consult a nutritionist or a sports doctor and get everything. All set!

No more wallet leaks!

Going gym is all about burning a hole in your pocket, and you can’t simply go without preparation.

The major cost comes in a gym membership and apparel, and not to mention the hundreds of dollars you might spend on supplements.

Not just that, as mentioned above, you need to commute to the gym every day, hang out with gym mates, upgrade your diet, get a personal trainer, and lot more.

Just imagine getting a fit body without even touching your wallet?

You might have to spend a few dollars on buying a subscription to learn workouts and put an initial investment in setting up a home gym, but comparing it to an annual cost of gym-going, you wouldn’t hesitate.

Apart from that, none of the other costs would be there. Plus, if you go to a gym, you are most likely to be canvassed to buy a particular brand of supplements.

But home exercising gives you the freedom to choose your own products, and you no longer need to decorate yourself with fancy apparel.

An average gym membership cost $100 ~ $200 in the US, compared $5 ~ $15 per month for workout apps that teach you all workouts.

It is clear that by going to the gym, you would spend a few hundred dollars extra, while home workout can be cheap.

Always there for you

Let us consider the case of this Covid-19 lockdown. Millions of people are forced to stay inside their homes to escape the virus.

Those who already had a home-gym find it less difficult to manage the situation compared to gym-goers.

It takes less than 8 weeks for your body to go out of proportion if exercising is stopped.

So, isn’t it better to have some home workout techniques handy? There are plenty of freehand exercises and bodyweight exercises that you can do at home.

And in situations like this, going gym is not at all practical and safe. So, a home workout solution is best for your health.

Also, if you get used to home workouts, the best part is that you can use it anywhere despite if you’re traveling or staying out of town.

Are there any caveats for home exercising?

young man exercising at home

Well, obviously, there are a few. But then considering the Covid-19 situation, a home workout set-up is the best.

Mainly, you would miss the care and supervision given by a trainer. He/She might be someone with formal education or experience in the field.

Their supervision is unmatched, and no app or website can completely put them out of the scene.

Secondly, you make a lot of connections at health clubs and assessing the public relations, going gym is an added advantage.

Humans being a social animal, mingling, and interacting with people, decreases your mental agony, and reduces stress.

Important of all is the variety of workout options you get there compared to limited exercising choices you get at home.

But, at sad times like this, let us make conscious efforts to avoid social contacts and but take care of ourselves by exercising at home.


So, that’s the expert take on this debate over home workout vs. gym, and it matters especially during this coronavirus times.

Digging a little deeper into the subject, it is very well clear that home workouts have many advantages compared to the gym.

Still, if you wish to be a professional bodybuilder or sports personnel, then the gym is the only choice, else a home workout can be the most economical and easy option for a healthy body.

Whether it be a gym or home, one thing we cannot miss is diet. Getting your entire nutritional needs from daily food might be difficult, and that’s why we need supplements.

It is worth mentioning some of the best supplements in the current market that you can utilize to achieve a healthy body

Let us check some of the best workout supplements.

Mass Extreme

Mass Extreme

This here is a muscle-building supplement that can be used alongside workouts to boost your muscle anabolism.

Ingredients like 5-Deoxy-Adenosyl Cobalamin in this supplement helps in increasing testosterone production and lean mass development.

Also, there is a nootropic property for this supplement, which helps you stay calm and concentrated on the workout.

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Probolan 50

Probolan 50

A newbie brand focused on muscle building products. This supplement has gained quick popularity in recent years.

It contains Epihydroxetioallocholan-17-one, an androgen boosting agent of organic origin, which can increase testosterone levels.

GABA regulation in the brain is how this supplement achieves the hike in the natural synthesis of t-hormone.

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This here is a fat burner pill that can work from inside to speed-up the weight loss process.

There is α-LACYS RESET & Capsimax powder among the list of ingredients, which are compounds with excellent fat burning capability.

PhenQ is 100% safe herbal product can regulate the sugar utilization by cells to prevent the storage of excess carbohydrate.

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Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

Straight from the professional recommendation list, this product was initially designed for pro-MMA fighters and boxers.

It helps in aggressive fat burning, thus assisting the fighters in maintaining bodyweight quickly before important matches.

This is also an herbal product that works by curbing the appetite and increase the internal metabolism for faster fat utilization.

With that, this article is complete and hope now you have made your mind on why you should stay home to exercise!

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