muscle building exercises at home during lockdown

Muscle Building Exercise At Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

The human race is fighting a battle against the coronavirus. So, let us do our part by doing some lockdown special muscle-building exercises at home.

Are you helplessly stuck in the wrath of Covid-19? Don’t worry! We have some of the lockdown muscle building exercises that you can do at your home. You need a home workout programme for the lockdown so you can carry on building muscle.

The world is facing something unusual now, and in these days of ridiculousness, health is one factor that takes a hit.

Most of us might be facing a shift in routine, eating breakfast during lunch hours, and taking lunch during snack hours.

Don’t worry, here are some of the workout plans that will help you save yourself from the untying knot of life.

These workouts are some of the best anabolism favoring exercises that will help you build muscles in the comfort of your home.

Without stuffing more words here, let us explore some of the lockdown special muscle-building1 exercises at home. Let’s get started.

Beat lockdown with these exercises

Bodyweight squats

Consists of four workouts in succession. Starting with stiff squat, followed by prisoner hold jump squat, feet-elevated pike push-ups, & alternating split squat jumps.

Prisoner hold jump squat

  • Consists of 6 sets with 15 reps in each, with 60 sec between each set.
  • Do regular prisoner squat by locking your hands behind your head and squat down to your maximum stretch.
  • During the drive back, push a little harder and jump to complete the squat.

Feet-elevated pike push-ups

  • Consists of 4 sets with 8 reps in each, with 60 sec between each set.
  • Create a pike posture by placing the lower body on a raised platform and post your hands in such a way that an inverted “V” shape is formed.
  • Now bend your knees to comfort and perform push-ups.

Alternating split squat jumps

  • Consists of 4 sets with 5 reps in each, with 60 sec between each set.
  • Split your legs and go into one leg stretch position.
  • Now use your other leg and jump into the air, while switching the leg.
  • Try to speed up the movement and try jumping as high as possible.

Mountain climber

An excellent workout for improving the core muscle strength and also to improve the agility & flexibility of the whole body.

  • Go into a plank position and position your hands at shoulder width with flat back and straight abs.
  • Now try mimicking running action by pulling right knee close to the chest, then switch to the other leg.
  • Make sure you don’t bounce too much of your lower body in this process.
  • Continue this until you fail to extract maximum benefit.

Split squat

This particular workout is an excellent exercise for your leg strength, glute muscles, and core muscles. It is also called a Bulgarian split squat.

  • Go into a lunge position with one of the legs positioned on a bench (or an elevated platform on knee height) instead of ground.
  • Engage the thigh muscles to do a full-stretch squat.
  • Maintain a straight body posture and do not wiggle the upper body.
  • Perform this exercise while locking your hands at chest level.
  • Switch legs after 12 or 15 reps and do at least 4 – 6 sets.


This is one of the effective and popular gym workouts that can strengthen the core, glutes, and leg muscles.

  • Stand with shoulder-width distance and place one of your legs one step front.
  • Now by engaging thigh muscles, bend both knees such that both thighs become 90o to each other.
  • The supporting foot is balanced on the fingers while bending, and hands can be kept at a normal resting position.
  • Switch legs in each turn and make sure your quadriceps muscles are well engaged.
  • Do this work out for 15 ~ 20 reps with at least 6 sets for maximum benefits.

Standing trunk twists

Now let us focus on oblique muscles, which contribute a significant amount of strength to the core muscles. These are the group of muscles that comes above side waist.

  • Stand at shoulder-width apart by giving a slight bend to your knees in order to comfort the rotation of the upper body.
  • Now place your hands in a ‘hands-up position’ and twist the torso.
  • In some versions, just the torso is twisted until the core muscles are strained, while in the second version, the legs are also used.
  • If you are involving the leg, raise the opposite knee to hip level while twisting the torso, and try reaching knee with the elbow.
  • Do alternatively on both positions for at least 15 – 20 reps with 6 sets.


One of the most popular and easy to do the workout. Pushups are great for your upper body strength and focus on chest, shoulder, abdomen, and lower back muscles.

  • Lie prone on the ground and raise the upper body above the ground using hand support.
  • Note that hands must be at chest level at shoulder width in a comfortable posture.
  • The body shouldn’t be bent, the buttocks must not be curved up, and the toes must be supported on the tip.
  • Lower the body to the ground using just hand support and push it back.
  • If doing a pushup on the toes is difficult, rest the body on knees and do the above.

Air squats

Air squats will help you build strength and increases the balance of your body. It is equally good for upper and lower muscle groups. The best part is that you can engage your core muscles while doing this exercise.

  • Position your feet at shoulder width with toes pointing straight.
  • Do a normal squat and make sure that your knees don’t go past your toes.
  • Back must be kept as straight as possible, and the buttocks should not be curved out.
  • The hands can be locked in a namaste posture away from the chest to balance the upper body.


Pull-up is another exercise that is widely popular like the pushups. This work out is an excellent way to focus back muscles, arm muscles, and shoulder muscles.

  • There are various kinds of pull-ups, but we are focusing on wide-grip pull-ups.
  • Stand at shoulder-width apart, and knees slightly bent.
  • Extend and grab the pull-up bar with a grip slightly out of shoulder width and raise yourself with the help of upper body muscles.
  • Try to bring your head above the bar.
  • Legs should be held closer to each other with toes pointing down.
  • If pull-ups are difficult, then try curling your legs helps to reduce the load.

Hip bridge

Nothing is as good as a hip bridge in helping you increase hip mobility. It also helps in improving the glute strength and lower back muscle shape.

  • Lie supine on the ground with hands resting close to the body.
  • Now fold your legs, and try rising your hip away from the ground.
  • Squeeze your glute muscles as hard as possible while taking help from the ab muscles to maintain the position.
  • Hands placed on either side of the body can be used to support the lower body.
  • Hold the bridge position for a few seconds, and slowly bring your hip back to the ground.
  • Repeat this exercise for 15 – 20 reps.

Triceps dips

This is an exclusive workout for the triceps, biceps, and shoulder muscles. It also benefits the wing muscles if done properly.

  • Sit on a chair or a step while legs placed at shoulder-width apart.
  • Advance to the edge of the chair/step, while the palm supports the body on the edge of it.
  • Slightly bend your knees to balance the body.
  • Dip to the ground with the help of arm muscles and try pushing back to the original position.
  • Do this exercise 12 – 15 times, in 4 -5 sets.


So there you go. In this Covid-19 lockdown period, these are some of the best muscle building exercises that you can do at home.

Here is a pro tip: always refer to a video to grab more information about a workout and make sure you watch a video published by a professional.

Some of the exercises might have variations as you travel from south to north, but the intention and muscle group focused are the same.

Pick exercises from our list in such a way that it must include exercises for your lower body, upper body, and arm muscles.

It is when you involve all the muscles in your body does a workout becomes beneficial than doing a single exercise 100 times.

Walking and jogging are not an option during this lockdown period, but if you have a treadmill, great! Don’t forget to give some cardio to the body.

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