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NO2 Max Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

NO2 Max is a premium nitric oxide booster designed to improve blood flow and oxygen circulation during your work outs by boosting your natural nitric oxide levels to the extreme.

Endurance and stamina are two sides of the same coin and the fuel for both are the same: ‘energy’.

All athletic training practices focus on improving one factor that is the ‘energy expenditure’ by the cells.

How good the cells utilize the energy supplied, how much they take in one go, how fast they can transport energy currency to the cell and how the cell cope with resulting stress, are the factors, that would determine the strength and stamina of a person.

While the majority of the above factors are governed by the training or workout technique, the supply of nutrients can be tailor-made by the user according to the understating and knowledge about metabolism and energy expenditure.

That’s is why products like NO2 Max are very important especially before the workout session, in order to lend a helping hand in pushing the boundaries.

This is an exclusive NO2 Max review that will elucidate the unsung potential of this workout supplement in granting you an unfathomable degree of strength and stamina.

Adding no further delay lets straight away jump into the topic and explore further.

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What is NO2 Max?

NO2 Max is a scientific formulation meant for improving strength, stamina, endurance, and faster recovery which can be used by both men and women.

It is mainly used as a pre-workout supplement since the energy outburst created comes handy mainly during the heavy lifting and physical exertion.

Manufactured by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, based in Cyprus, this product is one among the few successful product lineups by this manufacturer.

Rather than creating an ingredient avalanche, this product only carries what is really necessary for your body prior to an arduous workout session.

Other contenders in this genre include a lot of refined chemical constituents and use creatine monohydrate to create an energy burst, which might work well in many cases but isn’t perfect.

This is where Crazy Bulk’s NO2 Max excels by precisely supplementing the necessary mineral and fatty acid which would help in vasodilation, energy outburst and muscle building.

Also, the minerals included in this supplement would help in faster recovery during the workout giving you more time exercising than resting.

How does NO2 Max work?

no2 max pills

The NO2 Max formulation is a precise blend of compounds that will basically help in three key physiological changes

  1. Vasodilation
  2. Energy expenditure
  3. Delaying fatigue

Vasodilation is the widening of the blood vessels in order to allow more blood flow into muscles which means ample nutrient and oxygen supply.

Nitric oxide is the compound that will help in vasodilation by relaxing the inner muscles of the blood vessel thus helping them to expand beyond their resting state.

When enough blood can reach various muscles, they are ensured a constant and ample supply of constituents like ATP, oxygen, necessary vitamins/minerals, glucose, and amino acids.

So in a nutshell, when the supply line towards muscles are enhanced, the nutrient would significantly increase and makes the muscle work in hyper mode.

Stamina comes from the pattern of energy expenditure for which vasodilation and supply of vital nutrients are very important, especially ATP releasing factors.

Faster recovery could help to bridle the fatigue and thanks to fatty acid components in the NO2 Max, it is well-taken care.

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How to use NO2 Max?

NO2 Max comes in a capsule form containing their secret blend composition of known compounds.

A single bottle has 60 capsules and would easily last for a month if used as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Two pills are recommended on a daily basis for up to two months in order to juice the best benefit out of these pills.

Take two pills with water at least 20 -30 minutes prior to your workout and make sure that you start actual physical exertion after this time frame which is required by the capsules to disseminate inside the stomach and reach absorption centers.

You can use fruit juice or milk to take the pills, but water has long proven to the best liquid to aid capsule digestion.

If any other intra-workout supplements are used in tandem with NO2 Max, better consult your nutritionist or trainer to make sure that none of the nutrient compounds cross the safe daily value (DV) limits.

Customizing the daily dosage shall only be done under the consultation or supervision of trained personnel.

Is NO2 Max safe?

no2 max bottle

Safety of any supplements in the wellness product category often revolves around three questions.

Is this product safe for consumption?

  • Yes, NO2 max is safe for consumption since the ingredients are not known to cause any adverse effects when used as recommended.
  • There is no presence of any steroids compounds in the list and doesn’t create a problem with doping tests.

Is this product a scam?

  • Crazy Bulk is a one among most popular brands selling a wide range of supplement products.
  • Hundred thousands have used this product and there are hundreds of genuine testimonials circulating to wash any skepticism.
  • The company is registered in Cyprus but has offices in the UK and US.
  • The shopping website is Amazon web Service Certified.

Will I get promised result?

  • First of all, the intensity of result may vary between individuals due to the diverse nature of the human body, but results are guaranteed.
  • In normal cases, it might take 2-3 weeks for onset of results to appear, but in worst case scenarios it might go till 1 month.
  • But when you use it for 2 months (as recommended), the change in stamina and faster recovery will be more prominent.

NO2 Max ingredients

Unlike other pre-workout supplements1 in the workout NO2 Max only carries few ingredients, but it packs enough punch to fuel your entire workout session.

Ingredients in NO2 Max are:

Calcium Diphosphate
Calcium is important for bone-mineral density and also helps in muscle contraction.
A precursor of nitric oxide that helps in vasodilation2.
Microcrystalline Cellulose
Helps in the breakdown of supplement ingredients3.
Other ingredients
Crospovidone, Stearic Acid, Vegetable Stearate, Silica, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Propylene Glycol, Triacetin.

The additivities are in order to maintain the stability of the formulation that could deliver a steady result, which otherwise would seek the need for excipients that could create health troubles.

All the ingredients are well studied and documented in many independent studies over the past few decades.

NO2 Max uses pharmacological grade constituents in order to ensure the highest order of quality for a stable formulation.

All the ‘other ingredients’ are clinically approved compounds to be used for improving the product texture, stabilizing the fat content, and to increase the shelf life of the capsules.

NO2 Max side effects

Crazy Bulk NO2 Max is 100% natural and safe to be used by all age category for improving strength, stamina and to speed up recovery.

The ingredients are well studied and traditionally been used by many supplement manufacturers as a precursor for nitric oxide.

The unique blending and the quality are the factors what makes NO2 Max stand out in the crowd.

No side effects are so far reported by any of NO2 Max users apart from a few comments mentioning decreased blood pressure which is quite normal and within safe limits.

Since this formulation is devoid of any API or ‘active pharmaceutical ingredient’, concerns regarding side effects shall be put aside.

Also, no steroids are used in this particular product while other Crazy Bulk products might contain legal and safe steroids.

The blend is based on several clinical and scientific findings, therefore, anything to go wrong is possibly nil.

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NO2 Max reviews

no2 max crazy bulk

Customer satisfaction index is scale to measure the user satisfaction by evaluating the product on the context of value for money, delivery of results, the onset of action, the versatility of the product, and its efficacy.

NO2 max as a pre-workout supplement scored an average of 95% with more than 100+ testimonials all over the internet.

It scored a decent 8.9 out 10 in various reviewing websites and e-commerce websites thus marking dominance in the market.

Some of the real-life reviews scrapped from various sources on the internet are added below to help you ease the decision-making process.

Michael from Texas wrote on legalNO2maxsteroids that:

I went from 217lbs to 225lbs in just a month.

My bench press increased from 245 to 315 in just a month. My body fat was at 33% now it down to 30% all thanks to crazy bulks and working out 6 days a week. I ate fairly clean but could have eaten better but the results were still great.

I am 41 years old and have never had results like these with any other supplements.

Jessie wrote on guardianonline that:

I am a female bodybuilder. I have been using NO2-MAX for 30 days. In this one month, I have gained lean muscle in my arms, legs, core, and back. The flab and fat are replaced with muscles. The body fat was 14% when I started. It is now 11% and I can now lift 10lbs more than before. The added benefit is an improvement in my moods and mental condition.

NO2 Max: price & where to buy it

no2 max website

You should buy a product at official website:

How much does it cost?

Single – 1 x NO2 Max: $59.95 (save $16.04 from original price of $75.99)

Bulk – Buy 2x NO2 Max + Get 1 Free: $119.90 (save $108.07 from original price of $227.97)

More info

  • Get a free bonus of 8 Training & Nutrition Guides + Free Subscription To Tips & Tricks Newsletter.
  • Free worldwide shipping.
  • 24- 48 hours fast delivery.
  • Norton Shopping guaranteed.


  • Accepts all major debit/credit cards.
  • Skrill.

Return policy

  • 14 days return policy from the order date for the unopened items.
  • For refund related information refer ‘Terms & Conditions’ in the official website.

NO2 Max pros & cons


  • NO2 max improves strength and stamina.
  • Good nitric oxide boosting capability.
  • Faster results within 2 -3 weeks.
  • Works by vasodilation and increased oxygen supply.
  • Improves recovery time between reps as well as after a workout.
  • Faster and efficient absorption.
  • Good value for money guaranteed especially when the bulk pack is preferred.
  • You don’t need a prescription to buy this product.


  • Does not have muscle growth factors.

NO2 Max review: conclusions

no2 max legal steroid

NO2 max is for those who are looking for an energy token to sustain the entire duration of the workout.

This product has very few ingredients and that means very less to worry about any adverse effects.

The added ingredients act directly on the system to pump more blood and oxygen into muscles thus helping with constant nutrient supply.

The lack of muscle building agents and testosterone boosters might be a downside but the capsule form of this supplement has enough punch to compensate the energy loss during and after a workout.

NO2 max is decently priced especially the bulk pack and one bottle could easily last for 1 month if used as recommended by the manufacturer.

So, if you need a working product with good vasodilation property and energy pumping capability then NO2 max is a great choice.

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