nutrobal mk-677 review

Nutrobal MK-677 Review: Does It Work?

Is there anything much better than steroids, but safer? Yes, SARMs! Nutrobal-MK677 is a one such SARM with the power of steroid, but safer. Read more here.

SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are a member of the steroid hormone family to boost bodybuilding and training activities.

The best SARM products are similar to steroids but much safer than their damaging composition.

These compounds generally find applications for chemical testing in laboratories. However, the cancer-curing properties of the SARMs have paved their way into therapeutics.

Despite their illegal status in select countries, SARMs are comprehensive fitness supplements to enhance musculoskeletal strength in its consumers.

These products are highly tissue-selective in terms of androgen binding and lean muscle building.

Most of the SARMs are undergoing rigorous testing in public and third party research labs across the globe. This is because scientists are keen to study their undiscovered benefits and side-effects.

They are currently under clinical investigation to figure out the safety aspects of human use in sports and therapeutics.

This article substantiates the relevance of Nutrobal MK- 677 as a novel SARM for human consumption.

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What is Nutrobal MK-677?

Nutrobal MK- 677 or Ibutamoren/Nutrocubalisis is a vital SARM supplement for muscle mass optimization.

Known as a powerful selective antagonist of the receptor, Gherlin, the product camouflages this hormone’s function and stimulates its activation. Apart from muscle development, Nutrobal MK- 677 has wide-ranging properties.

This supplement is an excellent skin detoxifier in addition to escalating hair growth. It assists in the speedy recovery of your muscle tissues and prevents them from injury and wastage.

Next, clinical studies evaluate this product as a potential treatment for degenerative bone disorders. Finally, it also helps regulate the release of the growth hormone and reduces potent deficiencies related to its production.

It is essential to consume this supplement in an appropriate dosage to minimize its side-effects. Coupling your consumption with a nutritious diet plan can catalyze the complete bulking cycle.

How does it work?

Nutrobal MK-677 works on the principle of selective androgen binding. This SARM compound is an orally active antagonist of the Gherlin hormone.

Also referred to as a “hunger hormone,” the stomach lining release this hormone with an increase in the hunger levels.

The hunger hormone integrated with the GHS-R (Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor) is responsible for appetite boosting.

By mimicking the role of the Gherlin hormone, Nutrobal MK- 677 binds with the GHS-R to heighten your appetite.

In this way, the release of this hormone stimulates your insulin levels and assists in the melting of stubborn fat molecules.

It also accelerates the muscle development process and improves the hair, skin, and nail quality.

However, it is extremely important to consume this product in the right amount. This is because an overdose of the supplement can cause side-effects and disrupt your bulking cycle.

How to use Nutrobal MK-677?

The manufacturing company recommends every consumer to go through the prescription very carefully before use. Each pack of the supplement outlines the right dosage quantity.

Your daily dose should not exceed 20 mg (or 10 mg twice a day, before breakfast and dinner on an empty stomach).

This is because the product may cause lethargy and not suitable for consumption during the morning hours. Continue to consume this for around 8-12 weeks

In fact, you can also consume a mild dose of 10-15 mg before dinner, as the supplement has mind-blowing sleep-inducing properties.

However, it is important to keep your dosage minimal to prevent the occurrence of side-effects.

How to stack Nutrobal MK-677 with other supplements?

Nutrobal MK- 677 is safely stackable with other SARM products in proportionate amounts. Both men and women can stack it with Ligandrol LGD 4033 and Ostarine MK 2886 for an incredible bulking cycle.

Athletic men can also consider stacking this product with Testomucoris and Mupostarine for the best results. And remember to abstain from Creatine while using this particular stack.

More to this, avoid using any of these stacks if you suffer from dizziness throughout the day. Besides, do not use Nutrobal MK- 677 for cutting as its composition causes appetite enhancement.

Finally, never go beyond the recommended dosage. It can lead to side-effects and can hinder the muscle development process.

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Is Nutrobal MK-677 legal?

No, Nutrobal MK- 677 still has no legal sanctions for sales in many countries. This makes its procurement difficult for the people situated in those countries.

This SARM product is still not approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and is still under phase 3 human trials.

Scientists struggle hard to figure out its potent benefits and limitations and how they can upgrade its composition in the coming times.

Besides, many sports authorities had banned this product for winning competitions because of its immense potential in boosting performance.

However, this legality issue in sales is only applicable for general human consumption. It does not affect its utility for research & therapeutic purposes.

In fact, Nutrobal MK- 677 is an effective androgen binder to aid in treating hormonal growth disorders.

What are the side-effects of Nutrobal MK-677?

Despite its lean muscle development and bulking properties, you must consider the side-effects it may cause if not consumed in the right proportion. Some of the potential side-effects of the product include:

  • It may lead to water retention in the muscle tissues if consumed in higher dosages.
  • The supplement causes appetite and blood sugar
  • You may feel lethargic throughout the day if you exceed the recommended dose of this product.

Therefore, it is significant to pay attention to these side-effects if you are self-administering this supplement.

Also, consume the product in the appropriate dose to experience its extensive benefits and prevent your body from the side effects.

Limit your dosage to 10 mg if you experience any of the side effects above and try for a few days. If the condition persists, discontinue, and consult a doctor.

Nutrobal MK-677 real users reviews

Nutrobal MK- 677 is not sold online; therefore, its market penetration is nil.

However, many had used this product during the clinical trial phase, and below are some of the comments from real users.

Hulk1455 posted this in a forum:

I have been using Dianabol for last few years, and was satisfied with it. Recently, my trainer suggested to me Nutrobal MK for a more refined action and it paid off. This is a top-notch steroid-like drug but works more specifically on the muscle receptors. Therefore, there are few side-effects or none at all. If you need a more refined result, then use this product. Make sure you consult your doctor before swapping with steroid.

This is what Anna (29) posted in healthyfeminity forum:

Far better than the old school stuff. I’ve been using it for the past 6 months and it’s a thumbs up from my side.  There are few temporary side-effects with this thing, but it goes away during PCT. I would give a 4 out of 5 for this thing.

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Pros & cons


  • It boosts the overall body metabolism while burning down unwanted fat cells.
  • The supplement is a superb sleep-inducing agent.
  • A sincere consumption of the product can enhance the quality of your hair and skin.
  • It improves the cognitive abilities of its consumers.
  • The product is a great libido optimizer.
  • The supplements help in repairing nerve damages and stimulates the heart & kidney functioning.
  • Nutrobal MK-677 is a much safer and healthier option as compared to anabolic steroids.
  • It is marvelous for people suffering from degenerative bone disorders.


  • An overdose can lead to headaches and lethargy.
  • It may cause water retention if consumed beyond the recommended limit.
  • You may feel an increase in appetite and blood sugar levels with inappropriate consumption of this supplement.

Frequently asked questions

Is Nutrobal MK- 677 the only thing I need?

Absolutely not. Nutrobal MK- 677 is a medical-grade pharmaceutical drug that can help you build muscles. But It needs nutrition and other triggers to initiate muscle growth.

Therefore, you need to couple this drug consumption with routine workouts, hydrating fluids, and dietary supplements for advanced results. Furthermore, consume this product in a mild dosage to prevent side-effects.

Can I use Nutrobal MK- 677 as an aid for competitions?

No, you must never consider using Nutrobal MK- 677 as an aid for winning a competition or a sporting event. This is because it is not an average fitness supplement but an androgen binder for muscle escalation.

Moreover, associations such as WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) ban this supplement to prep yourself for sports events. This is due to its extraordinary property of accelerating performance, leading to unbiased results.

Should I be concerned about the side-effects?

The product can cause potent side-effects if you exceed the prescribed dosage. However, your concern regarding the same should be subjective.

For instance, you don’t have to worry if you consume it under proper medical guidance and are fully aware of the product’s background and composition.

If you start using it without proper background study and professional help, it may even have a detrimental effect on your body.

I am diabetic. Is it safe to use Nutrobal MK- 677?

Nutrobal MK- 677 has sugar level heightening properties. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes or high insulin levels should abstain from using this supplement.

Furthermore, weight gain and mass muscle development are highly discouraged for diabetic individuals. This can drastically impact their health and rapidly affect other comorbidities.

Is Ibutomorfen classified as a SARM?

No, Ibutomorfen is not a SARM product but actually a growth hormone, secretagogue. However, its muscle optimization abilities are similar to SARM and often been categorized under the androgen binding receptor list.

Moreover, as opposed to SARMs(which deal with the growth of secondary sex organs), Ibutomorfen signals the Pituitary Gland and the hypothalamus to secrete the growth hormone.

This nature of  Ibutomorfen makes it a PCT-free supplement, and even you can use it in a single go without any breaks for a long period.

Should I use a PCT alongside Nutrobal MK- 677?

No, you can skip a PCT while using Nutrobal MK- 677. This is because the SARM supplement neither suppresses your testosterone levels nor impacts your primary and secondary sex organs’ growth.

However, you can consider undergoing a mild PCT in case you stack this product with other SARM compounds. This is limit the impact of its side-effects. Try combining Hcgenerate ES or RedPCT with this supplement for the best results.

Will Nutrobal MK- 677 affect my sex life?

No, Nutrobal MK-677 won’t affect your sex life if consumed in the right quantity. In fact, this supplement can boost your testosterone levels and deliver a mind-blowing orgasmic intensity.

You can opt for this product for incredible sexual arousals and libido enhancement.

As compared to anabolic steroids, it assists in safe and healthy muscle development, mood stimulation, and bone density improvement for optimizing your sexual performance.


Altogether, Nutrobal MK- 677 is one of the best fitness supplements for muscle gains. It helps maintain your skeletal composure and by increasing the secretion of the growth hormone.

Completely safe for both beginners and experienced professionals, the product does not affect other hormones such as cortisol, testosterone, and thyroxin.

In fact, you do not even require to undergo a PCT as it does not lead to hormonal suppression.

The most important advantages of this product include its sleep-inducing properties. It also helps in rejuvenating your skin and hairs in addition to improving your overall body metabolism.

In short, you can undoubtedly rely on Nutrobal MK- 677 for an amazing bulking cycle. However, seek medical advice before use and never exceed the recommended dosage.

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