How To No Get Scammed? A Buyer’s Guide For Penis Extenders
A Buyer’s Guide for Penis Extenders

How To No Get Scammed? A Buyer’s Guide For Penis Extenders

It’s human basic psychology that ‘bigger the better’ governs life, even in the case of penis size. But does penis size matter? While the answer remains obscure and under debate, the common logic of bigger penis always means more surface area to hold on and more length for insertion, all of which results in immense […]

It’s human basic psychology that ‘bigger the better’ governs life, even in the case of penis size.

But does penis size matter?

While the answer remains obscure and under debate, the common logic of bigger penis always means more surface area to hold on and more length for insertion, all of which results in immense pleasure.

But the more important question is:

Can you increase the penis size?

The answer is ‘absolutely yes’! Penis size can be increased and many independent studies have already proven it.

The penis is like any other muscle in your body, but with a slight catch that they are not muscles!

A constant exercise to the penis can help it increase in size and girth and the principle is similar to bodybuilding.

But the kind of physical stimulus you give has something to do with.

That’s the reason why innovative brains came up with an ingenious idea of penis extenders, which can ensure a size gain of about 2 inches in a span of 2 ~ 3 months.

In this buyer’s you’ll be enlightened all aspects regarding a penis extender and by end of this article, you might have an idea what to do!

So let’s get started.

What are penis extenders?

penis extender

Penis extenders as the name suggest help in increasing the penis length and it is mainly used by those who struggle with short penis stature.

They are basically contraptions attached to the penis and applied some level of tension which would stretch the penis to a safe limit.

This tension is applied and maintained for a long duration on a daily basis and gradually this would result in penis size extension.

So the challenge with various manufacturers is to design a device that eliminates discomfort, pain, or any risk of injuries.

They are various designs available exploiting the modern day material engineering to grip your penis and apply tension.

Vaguely, a penis extender has a holding frame with ample comfort pads, tension screws, and silicone straps.

Sometimes a small cap or condom cover is also provided in order to cover the penis tip.

The penis is secured inside the frame and tightened using silicone straps, followed by turning the screws which would extend the frame thereby applying pressure.

This device is worn for 1 ~ 12 hours a day depending on the degree change one would wish to achieve.

One good thing is these products generally don’t possess much of a threat since its non-invasive, no supplementation and no chemicals are involved.

How does penis extenders work?

does it work

All penis extenders work based on the same principle of ‘tension – tear – repair’ similar to how bodybuilding works.

For any physical changes to occur there is a need for a stimulus and that is what the tension is doing here.

A specific load of tension weighted in grams ranging from 1000 ~ 4000 grams is applied with the help of tension screws on the frame.

This would stretch the penis tissue and this strain is maintained as such for a duration of time depending on:

  • Desired extension.
  • The current size of the penis.
  • Penis girth.
  • Pre-existing anatomical disorders.

Usually, 3 ~6 hours are the standard for wearing penis extenders, but then to juice out the maximum people might wear it for over 12 hours.

The stretch creates micro tears on the penis which is painless, and this micro tear gets repaired as soon as the tension is released.

The repairing process occurs by cytokinesis or cell division, implying all the micro tears are been added with new cells resulting in mass increment.

Over time (in a span of 3 – 6 months), this process will add a 1 ~ 3 inches of penis size in both girth-wise and lengthwise.

One thing to note is the changes are subjective and vary from individual to individual.

What are penis extenders benefits?

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Penis extender comes in different shape, size, and functionalities but then the basic design and principle of working are the same.

The highlight of extenders is that they have a therapeutic application in treating penis curvature problem caused due to Peyronie’s disease.

Other than that a penis extender has multiple benefits rather than being a mere penis size extender.

The benefits of using penis extenders are:

  • The most obvious benefit is an increase in length by up to 1 ~ 3 inches, and girth might experience a 0.5 ~1-inch.
  • Has an application in physiotherapy of the penis especially in fixing incurvate penis or fixing penis curvature caused due to Peyronie’s disease. So in a nutshell penis extenders can help maintain a good penis posture.
  • Over time penis tissue adapts well to the strain and thus reduce any chance of injury during intense intercourse in the future.
  • Penis extenders give a constant tension to the penis thereby signaling cells to rejuvenate faster resulting in good genital health.
  • Using penis extenders help the penis achieve stronger erection since the blood flow into penile tissue is enhanced in the process of extension.
  • Finally, penis extenders can prevent any risk of possible erectile dysfunction in the future.

Are penis extenders safe?

Safety is always a major concern for any health care products irrespective of the mode of their genre.

The first and foremost concern is regarding any adverse effects caused by the product, which often can be eliminated by stringent clinical studies.

Number two is with respect to chances for causing any injury upon using this product which can be rectified during design and simulation.

And the product efficacy and related aspects can be understood during market trials when a lot of people would use this product and share their feedback, from which manufacturers can take a note and improvise.

Penis extenders are often contraptions with a frame, securing straps and tension screws.

One major worry is with the stretching and associated injury, which shall be dismissed since most of the modern-day penis extenders deliver a maximum load of 4000gm which is far away from causing an injury.

Always the user can manually adjust the tension to a comfortable limit or take the aid of a physiotherapist to find the sweet spot.

One solace for customers is that fact that these products often make it into the international market after EMU or FDA certification to wash away any skepticism and to claim the product to be safe.

So always check for ISO, CE or other valid international certification before you purchase penis extenders.

How much penis extenders cost?

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The cost is always a factor of demand and supply.

Those products with a lot of demand and lesser supply tend to be expensive, while those with balanced supply and demand might be tad bit affordable.

Chinese knock-offs, beginner brands, and bulk supplier’s products often tend to be cheaper, but then the efficiency of these products is to be validated first.

On an average, a decent extender would cost $700 ~ $ 500 depending on the market, but you’re likely to get a good offer to buy this product at an effective price of around $300 ~ $200.

Usually, the addons are the stuff that makes the product costly but ensures that the customer enjoys the full benefit of the product.

Some of the premium extenders carry a price tag of one grand, but then they cope up with the competition by fiddling with the price tag.

You can acquire the body alone for $59 ~ $89, but then the choice for expansion, comfort, and perks had to be abandoned.

One good thing is there are some brands like Phallosan, Jes, etc. that would ensure the customer get a decent package in under $250.

Most of the brand has 3 ~5 models or choices for customer customization.

How to choose the best penis extender?

quick extender pro penis extender

Before buying any penis extender be sure about the product.

If it’s your first product refer to some health blogs or reviewing website like ours to see the pros and cons of the product.

One important point to check for is the cash back guarantee of the product.

It’s pretty standard for health care supplements and penis extenders to offer a 60-day cash back guarantee.

The foreskin of the penis might develop rashes and cut if the strap is not made of silicone or medical grade polymer, so make sure that you don’t buy products with rubber straps.

Ergonomic efficiency can only be understood after reading customer reviews, so check out for a few genuine reviews to learn more about the product.

A penis extender should not weight too much or else it might cause stress to the root of the penis and see if your product provides a stag, velcro or an adhesive to secure the product on to the lower body.

A minimum of 1000gm is needed in order to induce a minimum effect, and the load shouldn’t exceed 4000gm as well; if your product doesn’t fall within this limit be sure to consult your doctor before trying it.

Penis extenders are type 1 medical devices and you can procure it OTC or from an e-commerce website without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

However, consulting your doctor will be a good idea especially if you have any previous history of penile disorders.

Penis extenders are only used to treat a few disorders like an incurvate penis, Peyronie’s disorder, posture correction, etc.

Never buy those products offering more than that.

Check for ISO, CE or other international certification before buying the product.

After using the product if you experience any persisting discomfort discontinue the use and consult a doctor.

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