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10 Tips On How To Make Your Erection Stronger

Getting a strong erection doesn’t need sophisticated equipment or expensive drugs. Here are 10 pro tips to make your erection stronger. Happy reading.

Life hinges on a simple act of sex, and ever since humankind started to define civilization, the outlook towards sex started to evolve.

Today, it is an integral part of life that has a more vivid meaning than merely ‘reproduction and propagation.’

Male erection is a substantial part of the sexual activity, and losing this ability is almost like a ‘full stop’ for masculinity.

Sadly, a male would experience some degree of erectile dysfunction1 upon hitting his 40’s.

Without having a proper erection, chances are thin for a man to deliver pleasure to his partner.

But the good news is that weaker erections can be fixed, erectile dysfunction can be treated, and there are a lot of artificial methods to create erection as well.

Only 5% of males in their 40’s would experience a complete erectile dysfunction which is challenging to treat.

In this article, you are going to learn 10 pro tips to make your erection stronger, thus delivering you the ultimate pleasure of sex.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the topic.

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The science of erection

erection science

The science of erection is a complex process, and catering the entire biology behind it would take a day.

So let’s try to stick with the outline to give you a basic idea on how penises erect from their flaccidity.

It’s a combination of multiple complex metabolic processes which works in perfect harmony to produce a simple act of erection.

It all starts with an external stimulus or a thought that invokes the brain to release specific neurotransmitters, which initiates a cascade of hormonal releases.

These signalings are parasympathetically transported from brain to spine and different body parts to initiate a set of events that would result in an erection.

By now the nitric oxide is released into the bloodstream which results in vasodilation or widening of the blood vessels.

This also relaxes the penis muscles thus creating a low pressure for the blood to rush into the penis sacs.

Penis sacs are balloon-like structures which, when filled with blood would inflate and create an erection.

During an erection, the ‘blood flow-in’ is open while ‘blood flow-out’ is constricted, thus creating a temporary halt in blood flow.

Once the sexual stimulation is over, the veins slowly open up, and the blood is drained from the penis sacs, thus going back into the flaccid position.

10 tips for a stronger erection

Erection depends on several factors like age, physical health, habits, lifestyle, genetics, etc.

Therefore, the degree of erection also varies, and below-mentioned tips might be useful for getting a stronger erection.

1. Gym it out

running man

Several studies have already elucidated the importance of exercise in imparting a healthy sex life.

But studies show that hitting the gym could significantly contribute to improving the quality of erection.

When the muscles get an exertion, the blood flow improves, and this would result in a stronger erection.

The nitric oxide production is also boosted for vasodilation, helping with sustaining an erection.

Plus, the overall health is also improved, which is a great way to keep your sex life healthy.

2. A cup of coffee

men with coffee

Some people might say that coffee is bad for your sex life, but researchers beg to differ here.

A study from ‘University of Texas Health Science’ found that those men who preferred 2-3 cup of coffee a day had better erection than those who didn’t drink coffee.

But the amount of caffeine in blood should be regulated in order to juice the benefits out of coffee.

People who take more 5 cups a day had a bad erection while keeping it to optimum had a good effect.

3. No to infidelity

faithful man with woman

This is a subjective suggestion and depends on the mental strength of a person.

The erection is not a physical thing alone, a tremendous mental factor is playing here, which has a fair share when it comes to sex.

Studies have shown that people who had the guilt of cheating their partner were less likely to have a stronger erection and was also found to develop erectile dysfunction over time.

Staying within the boundaries of marriage will help you have tension-free sex, to which you can fully dedicate yourself.

4. Mind your thrust

man taking care of his penis

Sounds funny, but then one wrong move could spoil everything and might keep you out the game for a while.

Injuring your penis tissues could have a drastic impact on the erection quality.

Tiny injuries would create scars, which can lead to Peyronie’s disease and create a bend on the penis tissue.

Always make sure that you do it within the safe limit, making the sex safer for you and your partner.

5. Sleep like a baby

man sleeping

Sleep has a lot of things to do in your body, so respecting it and getting ample sleep is the best thing you can do to your body.

Sleep revitalizes the metabolic processes, thus recharging your body for the next day.

Similarly, the penis also recharges by going erect anywhere from 3 ~ 5 hours on an average during the sleep.

This ensures proper blood flow in the penis tissues, thus keeping them well-nourished and oxygenated.

6. A good long walk

man walking a dog

In a recent study, it was found that men who walk at least 2 miles a day had good erection compared to sedentary men.

Walking is an excellent exercise for the blood vessels, and the health of blood vessels is one major factor that influences the quality of the erection.

If you think of arteries that carry blood from the heart to various organs as simple pipelines, then you are wrong.

The walls of a blood vessel are biologically active and produce a lot of chemical signals which has some roles to play in blood flow.

7. Keep your vitals under control

man blood pressure monitoring

This might be one factor that you can directly control in order to guarantee a stronger erection.

Cholesterol, diabetes, & high blood pressure are three critical things to always keep track of.

All these vitals are easy to swing because their levels are directly affected by the type of food you consume.

In a study, it was found that men who had abnormal values of blood sugar and blood pressure had 70 percent more risk to contracting erectile dysfunction.

Similarly, diabetes can increase the risk of arterial diseases and at the same time, hinder the nerve signaling, which creates an erection.

8. Give some exercise

using penis pumps

There are two muscles associated with penis, and they are ‘bulbospongiosus’ and ‘ischiocavernosus.’

They play a significant role in erection & ejaculation, and for that reason giving them a massage would improve their functioning, which means you get a stronger erection.

There are lots of hand exercise or vacuum pump-based exercises to make the penis tissue healthier.

Any injury or problems with these muscles could result in erectile dysfunction.

9. Say no cigarettes

Man refusing cigarettes

Smoking is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction, and researchers have found that men who smoke had a bumpy sex life while non-smokers lead a healthy one.

Smoking has been classically identified as a cause of male impotence, and several studies have shown that they adversely affect the erection potential.

In a US-based study, it was found that smokers had a slightly shrunken penis size compared to that of non-smokers.

Tobacco can affect the elastic property of penile tissue, thus making it less flexible, thereby hindering erection.

10. Penis rings

penis rings

These are nothing but a simple ring to be worn around the penis which can actually sustain a firm erection.

The science is simple, they are often worn above the root of the penis, which can slow down the blood draining process.

Also, they can prevent venous leakages, thus ensures that blood spends a good amount of time in the penile sacs.

It is mostly used by people with erectile dysfunction, but can also be tried by normal men to sustain an erection.


Focusing on penile health is the best way to get a strong erection.

Penis enhancement supplements made from herbal ingredients are a great choice, but it is always worth a try with natural methods first as described in the tips.

Exercise for the penis is getting popular, and it can be done with ease.

Vacuum pump based exercising strategies is more effective though.

Make sure that you are well-nourished, giving proper care for your overall health and penis health.


  1. Lue, Tom F. “Erectile dysfunction.” New England journal of medicine 342.24 (2000): 1802-1813.

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