PeniSize XL

PeniSize XL Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

PeniSizeXL is a reliable diet supplement that will allow you to prolong and thicken your penis and improve your sexual performance.

Ever wondered how much your penis size contribute in sex?

If not, there are studies which denoted larger penis size does matter, irrespective of some modern beliefs contradicting the ‘size difference doesn’t matter’ theory.

PeniSize XL is a supermarket of ingredients packing in all the punch you need for a happy sexual life.

Made from best in class recipes under stringent lab practices, PeniSize XL is the best remedy you can find for overcoming struggling sex life.

In this PeniSize XL review, we look in-depth regarding the product to decide whether this is your perfect companion to combat sexual problems.

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What is PeniSize XL?

PeniSize XL is simply a penis enlargement supplement.

But apart from that, the company discovered the best possible combination after years of research to formulate PeniSize XL into a one-stop solution for most of the sexual problems like erectile dysfunction 1 low libido, premature ejaculation 2, and lack of vigor.

In their website, there is a dedicated analyzer in which you can get a custom dosage and medication strategy to turn this penis size enhancer into a multi-problem solver.

Made from 100% organic compounds, nothing would stand in the way of PeniSize XL from making you the king in the bed.

How does PeniSize XL work?

How does PeniSize XL work

PeniSize XL is a unique combination of naturally occurring compounds designed to release nitric oxide which acts on the nerve endings of erectile tissue called the Corpora cavernosa.

This results in vasodilation followed by increased blood flow, giving a hard-on erection 3.

Some of the compounds in the recipe are anciently used for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation; therefore, PeniSize XL capsules are more than enough to balance your erection to accord you joyful sex.

Studies have shown that the capsules also boost the testosterone production to create a rush of neurotransmitters giving a long lasting mental fuel in bed with enough stamina to last the entire coup.

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How to use PeniSize XL?

how to use

PeniSize XL recommends using 2 capsules a day to yield the best out of their product.

One capsule should be taken 20 minutes before your breakfast and another one 30 ~ 40 minutes before you plan the intercourse.

If in case no intercourse is happening on a particular day, the second capsule shall be taken 20 minutes before dinner.

It is recommended not to exceed the dosage by more than two pills a day.

Like all penis enhancers, PeniSize XL also works by getting absorbed into the body along with food.

It is always good to take the pill with water or juice and missed pill shall be compensated anytime in the day, keeping in mind that you don’t cross the daily limit of 2.

After successful usage, you can expect an average increase of 1~3 inches, which is guaranteed.

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Is PeniSize XL safe?

PeniSize XL

Yes, PeniSize XL is safe for consumption as the formulation is 100% organic and made for the general public to use without a prescription.

Unlike a therapeutic drug where the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is likely to be a synthetic compound or a chemical compound in its refined form, here all active ingredients are combined in its very crude form thus sticking to its inherent stability without causing any unwanted side effects.

The product has valid documentation charting all safety aspects of the capsule and has a recommendation from the medical community.

Also, the formulation is made based on years of research complying with test results.

PeniSize XL ingredients


PeniSize XL is a bag of herbs and plant extracts mixed in the right proportion to yield the best results in bed.

It is made from:

Tribulus Terrestris
Helps in vasodilation and increased blood flow into penis tissue giving a long-lasting and hard on erection .
Muira Puama
Traditionally called as ‘Potency wood’ is an aphrodisiac (love inducing) plant whose root and wood are used in the preparation of libido enhancers .
Root of this plant is traditionally being used in treating erectile dysfunction and low libido. Used by both men and women, to improve the sex drive, especially by men to shoot testosterone levels.
Maca Root
This plant root supply all necessary proteins required in sexual desire enhancement including the important L-arginine, which helps in improving the blood flow into penis tissue .
Damiana Leaf
Used in treating low libido, Damiana leaves are known to induce a strong and long-lasting erection.
Saw Palmetto
This extract helps in normalizing the prostate health, thereby influencing good semen quality and improved testosterone levels.

All these ingredients are combined in such a way that, the individual ingredients are potent and help in inducing their respective effects on human body yielding a good result in penis enlargement, high libido, improved sexual vigor, and long-lasting erection.

PeniSize XL side effects

PeniSize XL

There are no prominent side effects to PeniSize XL reported by customers.

None of the studies point out to a single side effect it would induce, other than hair loss and mild indigestion problem, which is very uncommon and less prevalent.

However, it is advised to attend your physician if you have a previous history of any heart issues, strokes, operations, and using any medications.

Though there are no chances of cross-reactions with other drugs, still it is safe to take an opinion from a medical practitioner if you plan to use any drugs alongside PeniSize XL.

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PeniSize XL reviews

PeniSize XL reviews

Roy (43) started using PeniSize XL after he had prostatitis, and this is his experience:

I had a prostate swelling caused due to some unknown reason, I underwent a month of medication and the end result was bad, making me a potato in bed. I never get a hard erection after that, even if I managed to get one, it rarely would take me into a climax.

Over time I started losing my interest in sex and it’s my Doctor, who suggested me this particular product. To be frank, it took a while for me before PeniSize XL showed off what it is, but it sure does work rather than other marketing gimmicks who live on advertisements. Go for it guys if you need a stable and permanent result.

Marco (23) wanted to share his review:

No scam this is. It works for sure because I’m living proof. I had a 3.5” small penis, because of which I was always introverted in bed. My college life was very dry and couldn’t date a girl because of my ultra-small penis. I saw this product been featured on a website and thought of giving it a try. Now I’m here writing this review with the best feeling in the world.

Chris (29) was struggling to get a rock hard erection every time, finally plunging into depression, which is when PeniSize XL came as his savior.

Magic is never a gimmick, it can sometimes be true and I’m impressed with PeniSize XL for demonstrating the real magic. Go for it mate!

PeniSize XL: price & where to buy it

penisize xl official website

PeniSize XL should be bought at the official website:

It can be purchased in 3 options:

Maximum effect program (6 month treatment) – 3 packs + 3 packs (free): $259.00 (46% off from original price of $480.00) [Free shipping]
Recommended program (3 months treatment) – 2 packs + 1 pack (free): $130.00 (54% off from original price of $240.00) [Free Shipping]
Start Program (2 month treatment) – 1 pack + 1 pack (free): $80.00 [Shipping $8.00 extra]

More info 

  • Packed in discreet boxes and 100% confidentiality is maintained.
  • Worldwide shipping available.
  • COD available within boundary limits of US.
  • Advance payment mandatory for out of state shipping.

PeniSize XL pros & cons


  • 100% organic supplement and safe for consumption by all age group.
  • Guaranteed results upon prescribed usage.
  • Packs all in one functionality to address all your sexual problems.
  • 100% confidentiality in purchase and shipping.
  • 3 free packs with 6 month supply and 1 free pack with 3 month supply.


  • You can only get the genuine PeniSize XL through their website.
  • The onset of action is slightly slower, but works for sure!

PeniSize XL review: conclusions

PeniSize XL review: conclusions

PeniSize XL is undoubtedly an amazing penis size enhancer that you can currently grab hold on.

The makers of this product very well estimated the need of its customer and fine-tuned a product that packs all in one punch to take care of all your sexual wellbeing needs.

The price is reasonable and offers enough benefits when compared to other competitors, and the best part is you can order a custom treatment package from their website.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly remedy for a multitude of sexual problems, well PeniSize XL is a great choice for you!

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