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Can Hypnosis Increase Testosterone And/Or Estrogen?

Hypnosis can regulate and cleanse your mind but can it indirectly or directly boost your testosterone? Well, find out more about it here in this article.

Individuals who are subjected to hypnosis report enhanced levels of attention and concentration and a higher level of suggestibility.

However, while hypnosis is commonly thought of as a sleep-like condition, it is more accurately characterized as a condition of focused concentration, increased suggestibility, or vivid fantasies in some people. 

The state of hyperawareness that people experience while in a hypnotic trance may appear to be tired or zoned out in reality.

Hypnosis has also been investigated for the treatment of other disorders, including:

  • Using hypnosis to ease the symptoms of heartburn linked with menopause may be beneficial.
  • Hypnosis has been used successfully for treating insomnia, bedwetting, smoking, and overeating, to name a few conditions.
  • It can be used to help patients cope with the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
  • Hypnosis may be useful in the treatment of anxiety, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Directly or indirectly, hypnosis doesn’t seem like playing any role with testosterone or estrogen, but does science have a different thought?

Can hypnosis add on to your T-levels?

No, hypnosis is not for increasing testosterone. However, in a deep state of concentration, the mind can be focused on regulating the metabolism to initiate testosterone production, but there is no scientific proof for this theory.

You may not even be able to fully enter a phase of hypnosis in order for it to be useful. Some hypnosis therapists feel that the greater the likelihood that you will be hypnotized, the greater the possibility that you will profit from the process.

But there are scientific studies in which hypnosis is combined with therapeutic drugs to treat sexual dysfunction.

However, still, there is no conclusive evidence which hints at any direct correlation between testosterone and hypnosis.

Increase testosterone with T-boosters

If a psychological approach is not helping you, then try the nutraceutical way of increasing testosterone. These are plant-based supplements with the sole intention of improving androgens.

Here are some T-boosters that you really must-have. The following are on the list:

These testosterone enhancers are not only legal but are also a safer alternative to anabolic steroids.

It is fully natural – just like all of the other goods in this book, including those mentioned above. They are made up of a combination of important herbal nutrients.

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As mentioned above, hypnosis is not a testosterone-boosting therapy. However, it can be systematically used to fine-tune the mental concentration of people to make them stronger or more athletic than their existing physical capabilities.

But, there is no scientific evidence that hypnosis increases testosterone levels; however, it can reduce cortisol, the stress hormone beneficial for testosterone biosynthesis.

So try using a testosterone booster if you are willing to boost your T-levels naturally.

Written by Tom Knight