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Do L-Arginine Boost Testosterone Levels?

L-arginine is present in almost all testosterone boosters, but can they actually improve your testosterone levels? Learn why it is there in these products.

It has been theorized that nutritional supplements containing the aminoacid L-arginine will boost exercise capacity by rising amounts of insulin-like growth hormone in the blood (GH).

The changes in these parameters that occur due to L-arginine supplementation may help clarify the mechanisms that underlie its putative physiological benefits on physical performance and endurance.

Let’s find out whether L-arginine boost testosterone levels or not

What is L-arginine?

L-arginine is indeed an amino acid that’s also essential in the production of proteins.

It also decomposes in the body to form the gas nitrous oxide (NO). NO is vital for sexual function because it relaxes blood vessels, allowing more oxygen-rich blood to pass through your arteries.

NO is produced by the body’s natural defense mechanisms. A healthy blood supply to the artery of the penis is required for regular erectile function to take place.

Is there any role of L-arginine for boosting T-levels?

L-arginine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the human body. L-arginine is used by your body to assist blood flow, which may also be beneficial for erectile dysfunction.

L-arginine can be found in a variety of foods, including the following:

  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Dairy
  • Red meat

According to certain research, L-arginine may be beneficial in increasing testosterone levels in various animal models.

On the other hand, L-arginine does not appear to increase a person’s testosterone levels directly in humans.

Instead, it may aid in treating symptoms of lower T, such as erectile dysfunction (ED).

L-arginine has not yet been subjected to a safe dosage limit investigation. If you’re interested in experimenting with L-arginine for lower testosterone symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, visit your physician about the appropriate dosage.

What are some of the supplements that contain L-Arginine?

Testosterone enhancers are a general phrase that mostly contains L-arginine as a necessary ingredient in the supplement industry.

Depending on how serious t-level decline is, there are a variety of choices available. If your testosterone levels require a modest boost, herbal blends and medications such as Testogen, Testolan, and Testofuel are the most effective options available.

All of these products contain L-arginine for NO activity and other ingredients that will directly contribute to a testosterone boost.

Testosterone boosters can effectively improve your between-the-sheets action increasing your sex drive, increasing your energy levels, and making it easier to keep an erection.


L-arginine has nitrous oxide activity and can improve your erection but not the t-levels per se.

However, some research says it might increase the levels to a limited amount, but it does not completely meet your requirements.

As a result, selecting the most appropriate T-supplement to increase testosterone production while assisting in hormone regulation might be extremely beneficial.

Written by Tom Knight