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Does A Vasectomy Affect Testosterone Production?

Vasectomy is undoubtedly one of the best broth control techniques, but will it affect your testosterone levels? Let’s find out in this article.

Vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure that is performed to prevent sperm from entering the semen ejected from the penis.

Semen is still there, but it does not contain any sperm. The testicles continue to produce sperm after a vasectomy, but the sperm is absorbed by the body.

Each year, over 500,000 males in the United States elect to have a vasectomy as a method of birth control. A vasectomy is superior to any other birth control technique, except abstinence, in terms of preventing conception.

However, there is a strong debate whether vasectomy affect testosterone production; let’s know more about it

Does vasectomy affect testosterone production? Myth or fact

The ability to make testosterone is not affected by having a vasectomy. In fact, you can frequently engage in sex, improving your carnal aura.

Since a vasectomy is only rerouting your sperm rather than entirely removing the testicles, your testosterone levels will stay unaffected after undergoing the procedure.

The physical characteristics of testosterone levels, like facial hair, muscular strength, and voice depth, will not be impacted, and you will not perceive any difference as a result.

Testosterone does not pass through your vas deferens while entering the bloodstream. In fact, you will be able to feel it once it enters your bloodstream.

Your testicles are responsible for testosterone production. One should note that having a vasectomy will not prevent your testicles from producing testosterone in the future.

How to increase your testosterone production?

Testosterone production can be increased with the best intake of T-supplements, whether you have undergone a vasectomy or not!

The list of premium T-boosters include:

Here are some of the benefits of testosterone boosters listed below:

It is recommended that you take these testosterone boosters if you have difficulty growing muscle, have bad moods, have fat accumulating around your midsection, and notice a drop in libido.

The fact that all of the ingredients in testosterone boosters are natural is a major selling point.

You won’t be introducing any synthetic goods or components into your system because of its constituents, which are shown to safely increase T- levels in the body.

While some supplements improve testosterone levels,  these T-enhancers work by boosting your system and encouraging your body to produce more testosterone.

For men who have low testosterone levels, it is one of the most effective methods of balancing their hormone levels. 


It is clear that vasectomy does not affect testosterone production, so you can safely opt for it if you want to.

In a nutshell, it is just like cutting the sperm supply into the semen, thereby making you voluntary infertile.

However, why take a chance when you can boost the t-levels using dietary supplements?

It is a wise choice to use testosterone enhancers if you want to raise the amount of muscle mass or if you want to improve your sleep and mood, among other things.

Written by Tom Knight