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Does Following A Ketogenic Diet Lower Testosterone?

Do you know that a keto diet can shoot your testosterone level to make you a beast in both track and bed? Learn more about it here.

This ketogenic diet is premised on the idea that by depriving the body of carbs, which are its primary energy source, you may compel the human body to burn fats for energy, resulting in the greatest amount of weight loss possible.

When you take carbs in the form of foods, your body turns those carbohydrates into energy, often known as blood sugar, which is then used for energy production.

Continue reading if you want to know whether adopting a ketogenic diet will drop testosterone levels or not.

Can a ketogenic diet reduce your testosterone levels?

According to a study, a very low-calorie keto diet can help overweight men’s testosterone & sex hormone levels by lowering their insulin levels.

The researchers discovered that following a low-calorie keto diet for four weeks resulted in large reductions in body weight, fat mass, and body mass (BMI).

They also discovered a significant increase in total testosterone & SHBG levels, which they attribute to the diet.

Several other studies support the testosterone boosting capabilities of a keto diet when properly combined with good sleep and proper workout.

How to boost testosterone levels other than Keto-diet?

Certain natural testosterone supplements are known for boosting t-levels. Let’s understand about top 3 supplements in detail

Prime Male

Prime Male is a dietary supplement that is meant to help you increase your testosterone levels to regain your sexual vigor and endurance. It contains natural ingredients derived from high-quality suppliers.

This England-based company has been tirelessly trying to create a state-of-the-art product that works by regulating the Leutininzg hormone and SBHG, which boosts the potency by ten times.


It has already garnered excellent feedback in popular Daily Mail Online, Men’s Fitness, and the Men’s Journal, indicating that it will be a successful product in 2021. Its users have reported increased energy levels, muscular growth, weight loss, and sex drive.

As a result of the high concentration of active substances in the recommended dosages, most men see a significant difference after 30 days; however, some men notice an improvement after only a few weeks.


It has garnered positive reviews in a variety of media, including the Daily Mail Online & Men’s Fitness, for its effectiveness.

It stimulates the synthesis of testosterone, plus it contains additional components that help to increase your metabolism & energy levels.

It contains 12 active substances that work together to increase your testosterone levels safely and naturally. This formula has no dairy products, nuts, grain, soy, additives, colors, or fillers.


Following a low-keto diet can increase testosterone levels, and it has been proven that it will not diminish testosterone levels.

Keto diet can modulate your insulin to thereby contributing to significant serum t-levels.

However, you can get the same effect without the need for a keto diet, thanks to natural testosterone boosters, no more cutting carbs!

Written by Tom Knight