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Does No Fap Increase Testosterone?

Is it true that abstaining from fapping will increase your testosterone? Well, research has a broader answer to it. Explore more about it here.

No fap has been a revolutionary movement since the last decade, and after its kickstart in 2011, it has become a serious field of research today.

The thing is, there are both supporters and deniers for this claim, and there is no conclusive evidence to support one over the other.

In this article, let us try to figure out what science has to say and draw a clear picture of this dilemma.

So, without pouring more words here, let us jump into the crux of this article.

What’s the take of science on No Fap? Will it improve testosterone levels?

One side of the claim is that when you have high testosterone, you fap and release the tension, thereby lowering the t-hormone.

However, the other side says that you were able to fap frequently because of high testosterone, and more you do it, the higher the levels will be.

There are scientific observations in which a week of abstinence had apparently improved the t-hormone levels by up to 46%.

Not to mention a battery of mental and physical benefits like improved self-control, confidence, lowered anxiety and stress, increased muscle growth, etc., were the perks.

Keeping the above aside, many research studies substantiate the benefits of masturbation, ranging from improved focus to a good night’s sleep.

When you masturbate, the spermatogonia replenishes the sperm cells, thereby ensuring healthy and virile sperm cells. Also, research suggests there is a reduced risk of prostate cancer in people who masturbate.

How to get an assured teststoterone high while being a No Fapper ?

It doesn’t matter if you are a frequent fapper or a majestic no fapper; there is a hack to keep your t-levels high all the time.

A nutraceutical plant-based testosterone booster can help you improve the testosterone levels by hiking the natural biosynthesis instead of substituting the testosterone, like in steroids.

Because of this reason, these categories of products are very safe and can be used for an extended period without the fear of adverse health effects.

Make sure that you are purchasing reputed products like Testofuel, Testogen, TestRX, or Testolan.


Frequent masturbation might reduce the sperm count and semen quality; simultaneously, no-fapping might increase the risk of prostate cancer and lead to deterioration of sperm health.

So finding the middle ground is the best choice for health. According to science, up to 10- 21 times a month is healthy, depending on personal preferences.

However, there is no conclusive figure since the diversity of individuality is also an influencing factor here.

Nonetheless, use a testosterone booster to enjoy elevated t-hormone levels all time.

Written by Tom Knight