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Does Running Lower Testosterone Levels?

It is said that running can reduce testosterone? Is it any true? Well, there is more to it. Learn in detail here and find out how you can maintain levels.

Testosterone is undoubtedly the most important male hormone, and any variation in its levels has a drastic effect on the sexual, physical, and mental wellbeing of the person.

There is a popular belief that running, jogging, or hard workouts can reduce your testosterone levels.

But is there any scientific validity to any of these claims, or is it another internet hoax?

Well, in this article, we will help you explore the real science behind this claim. So, without filling in more words here, let us jump into the topic.

Do running, and testosterone levels have any connection?

Yes, studies suggest that there is a connection between running and testosterone levels. But the severity of running is a key factor here.

If your workout is hard, then the cortisol levels in your muscle will be very high. Unlike adrenalin produced during heavy exercise, the cortisol builds up in the muscle takes longer to ween off.

Studies have shown that higher cortisol levels can impact testosterone biosynthesis, leading to a lower level in the serum.

However, mild to moderate running wouldn’t cause any change in the t-hormone levels since the muscle are adapted to deal with cortisol produced during such an event.

How to increase my testosterone levels?

Okay, if you are a workout freak who would like to do extended cardio, then you might want to take the aid of natural testosterone boosters.

These are organically synthesized natural testosterone boosters with herbal ingredients and clinically proven results.

The market is flooded with thousands of fake t-boosters, which contains steroid base to achieve the result.

Natural t-boosters are safe for the body and don’t cause any harmful side effects. Testogen, Prime Male, Testo Fuel, and Testolan are some of the top brands in the market.


Yes, running can reduce your testosterone, but for a shorter period. However, if you are a serious level athlete who is into marathon running, then you might want to get aid for keeping your t-levels high.

Since steroids are harmful and banned, you may consider natural testosterone boosters synthesized using herbal components.

These products are safer because they don’t invoke any harmful side effects and are thoroughly studied.

Written by Tom Knight