soy and testosterone

Does Soy Reduce Testosterone?

Is it true that soy milk reduces testosterone? Well, this article will give you better clarity on that matter, and there is a tip to keep it high!

Some foods, such as soy, dairy products, and certain fats, have been shown to reduce testosterone content in the body.

A person can, on the other hand, naturally enhance testosterone levels by engaging in regular physical activity and keeping a healthy weight.

The food that a person consumes can have an impact on many areas of their health, not simply their weight. Food provides energy to the cells and may affect some of the other components of the body, such as hormones such as testosterone.

A diet high in certain nutreints may cause the body’s hormone levels to become imbalanced or create difficulties for the system to use hormones properly if consumed in excess.

Let’s see whether soy reduces testosterone or not?

Can soy lower your testosterone?

Because it includes all of the amino acids, soy is a fantastic plant-based protein source. Thanks to recent advancements in the fitness industry, soy protein can now be found in a variety of places, from smoothie cafes to post-workout bars.

Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends consuming soy for its potential heart health advantages.

But soy is also criticized for what is considered to be its ability to cause man boobs while simultaneously acting as an estrogen-stimulating testosterone-depleting agent.

According to a study, a large number of investigations have failed to discover a link between consuming soy products and changing serum testosterone or estrogen levels.

Another study, on the other hand, found that after a guy quit taking soy, his breast discomfort and estrogen levels reverted to normal.

The researchers hypothesized believed phytoestrogens in soy could affect the body without altering the body’s levels of hormones, which could result in symptoms associated with excessive estrogen levels in the body.

Researchers need to conduct more high-quality studies in both men and women to determine the precise effects of soy on the body’s organs and systems.

How you can increase testosterone level?

The natural drop in testosterone levels in a male begins around the age of 25–30 years old.

To get optimal testosterone levels, everyone should adopt the essential lifestyle changes to achieve this goal. At the same time, you will see improvements in your health and physical appearance.

You can also get your hands on testosterone boosters like Testofuel, Testogen, and Testolan, among others.

The supplements are designed to either directly raise testosterone or associated hormones in the body or to inhibit the body from turning testosterone into estrogen in the body.

This list of the finest testosterone boosters includes a combination of herbs and naturally occurring testosterone boosters.


However, the exact effects of soy resulting in low T-levels are still not proved, thus you can consume it in limited quantity.

Testosterone boosters and supplements, on the other hand, can be used to ensure optimum hormone levels even at later ages, particularly when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and a well-balanced diet.

Written by Tom Knight