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How Do I Stop My Testosterone From Getting Converted Into DHT?

Higher DHT can cause baldness and undo the benefits of testosterone. So, how can you prevent the conversion of DHT to testosterone? Learn here.

Before understanding how you can prevent testosterone from getting converted into DHT, let’s know more about DHT?

When a male child reaches puberty, dihydrotestosterone, a substance with high androgenic properties, enables the body to mature and is accountable for several physical traits associated with adult men.

When testosterone gets converted to DHT, the usable t-hormone in the blood that contributes towards your sexual and athletic performance gets lost.

Let us try to find out how to prevent this from happening.

How to stop testosterone from getting converted into DHT?

The level of DHT present in the human body from one day to the next is defined by the level of testosterone present. So let’s understand some of the best ways to stop testosterone from getting converted into DHT


In addition to supplements, some foods are natural DHT blockers. For example, phytosterol is found in high concentrations in zinc-rich vegetables, which inhibits DHT formation and reduces the number of spots on the scalp & hair follicles where this DHT can adhere itself.

Use 5AR Inhibitors

DHT is produced by the body when testosterone is converted to DHT. 5AR Inhibitors prevent this from occurring. Male pattern baldness medication like Topical Minoxidil, Dutasteride, and Finasteride has been approved by medical specialists to treat this condition.

DHT blocker shampoo

DHT blocker shampoo is made up of chemicals that prevent the generation of DHT. It also has the additional effect of decreasing the development of this Alpha 5 Reductase, an enzyme that transforms testosterone into DHT.

Lifestyle changes

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle might aid in the reduction of DHT levels in the body. Regular exercise, quitting smoking, reducing stress, taking time to rest, and performing scalp exercises such as massages to relieve tension and enhance blood flow are all recommended.

Other ways to stop testosterone from getting converted to DHT

There are some easy ways to prevent testosterone from getting converted to DHT; this includes adding testosterone supplements to a daily diet.

The popular testosterone supplements that can offer desirable results in less time are Testogen, Testofuel, and Prime Male.


A simple 4-capsule every morning of Testogen can be consumed to achieve rapid results. This product can increase testosterone fivefold, thereby overcoming the DHT cycle.


It is considered one of the most effective testosterone boosters, with many consumers reporting positive results.

It makes no difference whether low testosterone is generated by inheritance or aging; TestoFuel‘s powerful formulation is completely risk-free.

Prime Male

This Prime Male testosterone supplement recommends taking one capsule 4 times a day after every meal, and it contains numerous natural substances that have been shown to be effective in clinical studies.


Because dihydrotestosterone is hundreds of times more strong than testosterone, it is responsible for many of the impacts that testosterone exerts on the body, which occur only after testosterone has been converted to dihydrotestosterone.

Thus, it is important to stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Make use of the ideal testosterone booster, and achieve impeccable results soon.

Written by Tom Knight