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Will Heavy Squats and Deadlifts Affect Testosterone Levels in Men?

If you are good at squats and deadlifts, then here is good news, your testosterone levels are at a safe range. Learn how to make it more prominent here.

Exercising is undoubtedly the best medicine for 90% of your problems, but can you believe if someone says that doing a certain workout at your gym can further increase it?

Well, it is believed that squats and deadlifts can boost your testosterone. But is there a scientific background for this claim?

This article will let you know everything that you need to know about the relationship between your manly hormone and the lower body workouts that you do.

So, let us get into the depth of this article.

How do squats and deadlifts impact testosterone levels?

Simply answering this question, yes, lower body workouts can increase your testosterone by a significant amount.

In a 2014 study published in the journal of strength and conditioning research, men who used heavier weights for their squat and deadlift exhibited higher testosterone levels than their gym mates who used relatively lower weights.

The possible explanation is that lower-body muscles are one of the well-developed and biggest in the human body. Any workout given to the muscles will result in microscopic tears, whose healing growth hormones are needed.

So, the more the microtears, the higher will be the growth hormone produced, and comparatively higher will be the testosterone production.

How to further increase this testosterone boost?

Well, if you aren’t satisfied with workouts alone, how about adding some rocket fuel? Yeah, you heard it correct.

There are testosterone boosters made from natural ingredients which can give you  a t-hike to make your gains more prominent.

While squats and deadlifts can give you a hike, try products like TestRX or Prime Male, which are specifically designed to provide you with a t-boost for higher endurance.

Testolan, Testogen, and TestoFuel are three other recommendations if you prefer a steady but constant t-hike.

The best part is that these products guarantee you assured results without causing any side effects.


Yes, there are clinical citations that suggest that deadlifts and squats can help you increase testosterone.

The lower body muscles can demand more growth hormone for repair, thereby increasing the testosterone levels in the process.

But if you want to crank it up a little, then try adding natural testosterone booster to gain without putting your health at risk.

Written by Tom Knight