Titanodrol Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Titanodrol is a muscle building supplement that is designed to increase your stamina and improve testosterone production and as a result, ultimately increases muscle mass.

Who wouldn’t prefer that arresting beastly muscles that would turn some heads in a crowd?

It’s charming on one side, but the other side is full of sweat, humongous diet and a ton of supplements1.

Though the dream body keeps your motivation fueled, it won’t that long for you to exhaust that fuel because that’s how human psychology has evolved over the years.

We need quick result but can’t afford to sweat much, well then good news folks!

You might have something that would fit that profile we just mentioned and it’s not just any supplement but the beasty Titanodrol!

There is no magic hidden inside this product, but rather sheer science and lots of tradition.

This Titanodrol review is a brief guide to shower an overview of this mighty product.

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What exactly is Titanodrol?


Titanodrol is your new age solution for muscle building with a ton of benefits in a capsule form.

Like most of the supplement, Titanodrol takes up a role in your muscle building metabolism and energize it.

The key factor that differentiates Titanodrol from competitors is its composition of ingredients and its herbal origin.

We have featured a bunch of different product from the same genre, and adding one more to shelf is this golden recipe for muscle building, the Titanodrol.

Since the product is of herbal origin, the good thing is the absence of any serious side effects.

After using the product for a while you find the following changes:

  • Faster muscle growth.
  • Increased stamina.
  • More energy to survive intense workouts.
  • Higher libido to boost manliness.
  • Trimmed and ripped muscles.
  • Good mental coordination.

How does Titanodrol work?

How does Titanodrol work

Titanodrol, unlike other muscle gainers, doesn’t employ harmful synthetic stimulants or anabolic steroids2 to beef up the user.

The mode of action is straight and 100% safe.

The key factor being regulated here is the male testosterone and human growth factor (HGF).

These factors when carefully and precisely handled could contribute a lot to muscle growth and that’s exactly how Titanodrol achieve the impossible result.

The results are even much better than those muscle building supplements employing anabolic steroids.

When male testosterone is increased to a healthy safe limit, the benefits it showers on muscle growth are numerous.

  1. Testosterone helps the muscle cells with protein synthesis.
  2. Reduce the stored fat content by increasing the beta-adrenergic receptors and also channels the uptake fat to move into metabolism instead of getting stored.
  3. Increases the blood flow into the heart and other parts of the body by improving vasodilation.
  4. Helps in brain signaling thus the user experience improved cognition.
  5. Testosterone helps in achieving the healthy sperm count and improves the quality of sperms making you more fertile than before.
  6. Improves libido by helping the brain signaling and mood enhancing.

HGH, on the other hand, acts on the liver and other tissues to increase the release of IGF, a factor that would boost muscle growth by cell proliferation.

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How to use Titanodrol?

how to use

One bottle Titanodrol comes with 60 capsules of their super formulae and manufacturer recommends taking 2 pills a day for best result.

One should take 2 pills a day, at least 30 minutes prior to the breakfast with plenty of water.

From our previous observation and studies taking 1pill at a time, before sunset might have a better effect on the user.

For example, take 1 pill in the morning 1 hour prior to breakfast followed the next pill prior to lunch or your mid-day meal.

This way body is getting a constant supply of nutrient throughout the day, also taking 1 hour to breakfast the contents of the capsule spend a good amount of time in the intestine to get absorbed.

Is Titanodrol safe?


Safety of any supplement shall be evaluated with three questions.

We feel if a product has a satisfying and reasonable justification to these three questions, it is well and good for use.

1. Is Titanodrol safe for consumption?

  • The product relies on the natural ingredient to boost muscle growth.
  • Presence of any chemical stimulants or steroids are unknown, thus it is generally safe for consumption.
  • The composition is optimized after years of scientific study and clinical data analysis in order to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum adverse effects.
  • None of the regular consumers have reported any adverse effects upon using Titanodrol.
  • An added advantage is the presence of this product on major bodybuilding forums.

2. Is this product part of some scam?

  • No, Titanodrol is one product that has some serious contents on it and works as they have advertised.
  • As the statistical studies show no supplement in the world is 100% efficient, and the same level of scantiness in the result is exhibited by Titanodrol as well thus imparting statistical correctness and ruling out the usage of any illegal substance.
  • All payments are routed through SSL servers to protect your card details and moreover, payment s can be made via PayPal as well.

3. Will I get promised results?

  • A good number of testimonials are circulating on the internet that vouches for the efficacy of this product.
  • And it’s highly likely that you’ll get experience muscle growth due to the nature of ingredients the Titanodrol uses.
  • Human physiology is different among different individuals and the onset of action and specificity might vary across individuals.
  • If you use the product as recommended by the manufacturer you will get the promised the results.

Titanodrol ingredients


Titanodrol sports 4 ingredients which in fact is the most popular and commonly used muscle gaining formula.

The USP is their secret formulation and varying dosage of each ingredient in order to fine-tune the delivery, release, absorption, and action of active compounds.

Titanodrol is made of:

Aspartic Acid (DAA)
Since testosterone is the major focus here there should be something that can boost the t-hormone and that’s what DAA do. Added advantage apart from buffed physique will be your active sex life.
Beta Alanine
This amino acid plays a major role in improving stamina, which is the most needed factor for a physically active person. Beta-alanine reduces the lactic acid production and balance the acid-base balance in muscle thus helping you recover faster.
An important precursor for nitric oxide which is a major factor that will help in vasodilation and enhanced blood circulation. This is very important for the muscle to get enough nutrients at the right pace for enhanced recovery and growth.
Tribulus Terrestris
Another natural ingredient long used by men for boosting testosterone production and thereby sexuality. The added advantage is its ability to boost muscle growth and growth factor production.

Thus they brilliantly made use of amino acids and a herbal extract to deliver the right dose of boost needed for the body to unleash the muscle growth!

Titanodrol side effects


Side effects often occur when a product contains an illegal substance which is not advertised in the product label or by using the known hazardous chemical/synthetic substance to achieve the desired effect but creating havoc in other parts of the body.

As far as Titanodrol users have reported there are no major side effects associated with this product.

There are occasional reports for hairless, and acne, which is by default common with all testosterone boosters.

Since no steroids are being used, none of the body parts especially kidney or liver are being affected thus ensuring a homeostatic muscle anabolism.

It is highly recommended that people with any previous history of heart diseases, strokes, kidney/liver disorders, currently under medication, allergies, etc. must consult a doctor before using this product.

Apart from that Titanodrol has no side effect and can be procured from a pharmacy, supermarket or online market without any legal or medical complications.

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Titanodrol reviews

Titanodrol reviews

Customer satisfaction index is scale to measure the user satisfaction by evaluating the product on the context of value for money, delivery of results, the onset of action, the versatility of the product, and its efficacy.

Titanodrol scores an overall of 92% among bodybuilding professionals. It is rated 4.0 out 5 across various forums and customer reach of this product is moderate.

However, many of the users have shared their broad and frank opinions about this product. Some of which are quoted below.

Ashton from Virginia says:

60 capsule was all it took for me to change from 120 lbs skinny frail structure to 150 lbs decent figure and another bottle of 60 capsules took from 150 to brute looking 180 lbs herculean figure. Stop wasting time on google, just try this product instead and feel the change.

Mark Stonis manages a fitness club in Dallas and he says:

The first and foremost question I get from my trainees are regarding supplementation. Many prefer mass gainers loaded with whey and creatine. But the fact is that those macronutrients alone wouldn’t make you muscular instead push you into a plateauing phase. Titanodrol is a really good co-supplement that all bodybuilders should take in adjunct with other mainstream supplements and you’ll notice how muscles get ripped and toned into perfect grooves.

Ben wrote in bodybuilding forum:

personally I would prefer having a good testosterone level in my body before I would start my workout. Titanodrol is a decent but bit sloppy product; however, you will result with this.

Titanodrol : price & where to buy it

Titanodrol Official Website

You should buy a product at official website: www.titanodrol.com.

There are 3 purchase choices for Titanodrol:

Titan’s Rage (6 month supply) – Buy 3 and get 3 free: $149.00 (you save 50% from the original price of $300.00).
Power Surge (3 month supply) – Buy 2 and get 1 free: $100.00 (you save 33% from the original price of $150.00).
Start (2 month supply) – Buy 1 and get 1 free: $50.00.

More info

  • Additional shipping charges of $53.00 outside the US.
  • Order can be placed via telephone other than the website.
  • Payment can be made through all leading credit cards and PayPal.
  • All shipping and handling is done with discreet packaging.
  • Prices as on 25th April 2019.

Titanodrol pros & cons


  • Amazing formulae that deliver faster results in 4 ~ 6 weeks.
  • Fine-tuned for testosterone boosting.
  • Minimal ingredients but maximum efficiency.
  • No side effects.
  • Ingredients are of herbal origin.
  • Contains Beta-alanine, which is an amazing muscle recovery agent.
  • Good customer support.


  • No money return policy, but if you have a problem their customer care agents will take care.

Titanodrol review: conclusions

Titanodrol review: conclusions

Titanodrol is worth spending your money because the product is one great deal for bodybuilders and athletes.

The mode of action relies on boosting testosterone and enhancing HGH3 for promoting muscle growth.

Plus the value for money is a great factor here with their 6 month supply costing only $149 (as of 24th April 2019) and starter’s package offering buy1 get 1 free for just $50.

One downside might be the lack of money back policy, which in the future might be added.

However, if you need some clean muscles with a quick result, Titanodrol is the best bet.

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