How To No Get Scammed? A Buyer’s Guide for Vacuum Penis Pump Devices
A Buyer’s Guide for Penis Pumps

How To No Get Scammed? A Buyer’s Guide for Vacuum Penis Pump Devices

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among men after crossing their 40’s. As per the statistics the prevalence rate of ED is around 52% according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study. It was a bit uncommon in the past century for men to experience ED by 40, but then changed lifestyle, sexual habit, diet, […]

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among men after crossing their 40’s.

As per the statistics the prevalence rate of ED is around 52% according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study.

It was a bit uncommon in the past century for men to experience ED by 40, but then changed lifestyle, sexual habit, diet, and lack of exercise somehow influenced the male erection potential in an adverse way.

According to the latest statistics, 70% of men lose their libido and experience ED by the age of 70.

Though the reason could be many, ED has a lot of solution in the current medical science.

Sildenafil, Avanafil, Tadalafil, etc. are some of the chemical drugs to combat ED, but then the side effect caused by this allopathic drugs keep them at bay.

There are many testosterone, nitric acid supplements for bridling ED, which by far is one reliable solution but then the results are not 100% guaranteed.

This is when we need a complete solution for managing ED to bring the sex life back to normal and it is when the penis pumps come for the rescue.

They are by far the most effective and working solution for combating ED irrespective of the cause.

If your libido is healthy and ED is the only problem, then penis pumps are the best option to grant a majestic boost for the penis.

Without stretching further let us see more about penis pumps.

What are penis pumps?

penis pumps

A penis pump is a device that helps males to produce an erection and sustain it for a certain duration without the need for supplements, chemical drugs or other medicines.

It is purely a mechanical device that works by using vacuum pressure to make an erection.

Like penis extender, most of the penis pumps work exploiting the same principle, and some of the products have advanced the level of comfort by offering water based penis pumps which benefits a tad bit more than air pumps.

They usually consist of a hollow plastic chamber with one open side and other side being closed with a tip valve.

The mouth of the penis pumps has a bellow gaiter made of silicone which ensures an airtight seal with the pubic region.

After inserting the pump into the flaccid penis the user can create a vacuum inside the chamber by pressing the chamber towards the pubic bone and as the vacuum level increases, the penis starts to experience an erection.

Water-based pumps give a more controlled and comfortable erection, and they are usually equipped with a handball squeezer to eliminate physical stroking motion.

A penis pump is a good exercise tool to maintain penis health and to improve erection quality.

How does penis pumps work?

how penis pumps work

The vacuum is the governing factor in any penis pump, and as the name suggests here you pump out the air in order to create a vacuum.

To understand more let us take the help of physics.

The chamber with the penis pump creates an airtight seal after inserting the penis into it, thanks to the silicone bellow gaiters.

Next job is to push the air out of the chamber and in order to achieve this the user has to pump the device and air exits through the one way valve at the tip.

As the vacuum increases, the pressure gradient inside the penis tissue is higher than its exterior, thus pushing the blood towards the exterior of blood vessels resulting in a temporary expansion.

As blood vessel expands, more and more blood arrives until the pressure of exterior creates an equilibrium with internal pressure, by then the penis might have fully erected.

A penis ring is used at the root of the penis in order to slow down the blood flow back, thereby slowing down the flaccidity.

The chamber is usually designed to accommodate a fully erected penis, and after achieving a complete erection the pressure valve at the tip is released and the chamber is removed.

Usually, it takes around 10 ~ 15 minutes for creating an erection, while a fully erected penis can stay as such for 5 ~ 25 minutes depending on various factors like penile health, auxiliary medication usage, level of erection, libido, etc.

Water is sometimes used which displaces air completely and maintain a density gradient other than pressure gradient thereby giving a stronger erection and a guaranteed result.

What are penis pumps benefits?

penis pumps benefits

Though penis pumps are labeled as a groundbreaking solution for ED, the benefits accorded by this stuff is way beyond that.

All thanks to its design features and careful engineering, penis pumps one of the biomedical marvels in the current trend.

The ingenious design and science behind penis pump make it a safe and effective solution for creating an erection, apart from which there are several other benefits with this contraption.

  • Treats ED: Though the penis pumps are labeled as a temporary solution for ED, they can treat ED as well. When the blood vessels get a constant exercise on a daily basis, over time the tissue adapt with the change and can work on even the tiniest parasympathetic signal (if it’s a nerve disorder that causes ED).
  • Helps to sustain an erection for a longer duration: As the penis tissue learns the stimulus, over time they can adapt to sustain the erection for a longer duration.
  • Penis size enlargement: When the penis gets mechanically erected and de-erected tiny painless micro tears occur in the tissue and its healing process over time creates a new cell mass, thereby increasing penis size.
  • Prevents premature ejaculation: When the penis cannot hold on during climax the entire event gets spoiled because the mental orgasm couldn’t sync with physical orgasm. While the exact cause still under study, using penis pump trains the penis tissue to adjust in response to nerve signaling.
  • Can be used as an exercise tool: A penis pump can be used as an exercise tool on a daily basis which helps the penis health to stay top notch.

Are penis pumps safe?

A penis pump is one of the premium male enhancement product that has a good fan base.

The earlier models had a lot of design flaws which overtime got fixed and today they are in their prime utility.

A penis pump based on water is by far the safest choice in this category due to a number of reasons:

  1. Water-based penis pumps render a level of control over the erection compared to air based pumps.
  2. Water-based penis pumps reduce the need for lubricants.
  3. Comparably they are more popular due to its scientific efficacy.
  4. Water-based pumps are usually used during bath and bathroom ambiance creates a hormonal surge aiding erection.

Modern-day penis pumps are equipped with a dual safety/ pressure valve which can be used at time of emergency if the user feels too much of suction on penis.

They are made from top grade ABS or polycarbonate plastic with bellow gaiters made from silicone, all of which are medical grade and FDA approved biocompatible materials.

Since a lot of technicalities are involved in penis pumps, they often go for medical board approval or ISO certification in order to make the users feel comfortable.

How much penis pumps cost?

using penis pumps

The cost might be one factor that makes penis pump on the top of the ‘non-affordable product’ hierarchy.

An average penis pump cost anywhere from $750 ~ $1000 without any offers or waivers.

But the good news is that the manufacturer understood that the leaning curve for people to prefer penis pumps is the cost.

As result penis pumps are flushed with offers all around the year reducing the cost to an affordable $60 ~ $400.

Water-based pumps often cost more than air-based pumps since the sealing has to be proper in order to create a perfect vacuum inviting flawless design and top-grade waterproof materials.

Accessories and add-ons shoot the price higher since there is a lot of scopes for them to improve the performance of penis pumps.

For instance, Hydromax 7 series water based penis pumps come with handball utility squeezer and it is the high-end product in their line.

Since the chamber is size specific, the standard 5 ~7-inch models are priced slightly lower than larger 8 and 11 + inch penis pumps.

The body alone comes around $150, and a decent package comes for $249.

If you prefer little more comfort an extra $50 can add more a lot of attachments.

How to choose the best penis pump?

best penis pumps

When purchasing a penis pump, the first and foremost thing to take care of is the vacuum pressure level.

Since most of the manufacturers don’t publish a number to estimate the vacuum, it is safe to read reviews and testimonials to learn if users are able to achieve a complete erection in under 20 minutes.

If that happens then it is safe to say the penis pump can deliver ample vacuum pressure to completely erect your penis.

Secondly, it will be a great choice to go with water based penis pumps, as they have a much superior vacuum control over the erection.

Never go for products that don’t display the type, and grade of materials used in their product.

Since the penis pump is used directly on the body, material induced allergy might occur especially if it is not medical grade.

Always take the aid of review websites and testimonials to confirm the popularity, effectiveness and alternate brand choices in penis pumps.

Penis pumps are size specific and if they don’t fit your erected penis size then it is waste purchasing it.

To ensure this, measure the size of your erect penis (if possible) or flaccid penis and compare it with the manufacturer’s specification to see if your penis fits on the chamber.

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