The truth about fat burning coffee

The Truth About Fat Burning Coffee

Coffee is a magic potion for concentration, but does coffee burn fat? Discover the fat burning coffee effect in this article and learn more about it.

Are you a coffee lover?

Then you have an advantage over your tea drinking peers!

You might have seen your beefy friend always going for coffee on a day out, and wondered why that choice of beverage is made?

Coffee has several benefits; keeping you energetic and focused is definitely is most discussed pros of all.

Drinking this black potion has several effects on our mind and body.

The fat-burning effect of coffee is something most of us don’t know.

But does coffee burn fat?

Science says it does, even though you never felt it in real life because the coffee was more actively branded as a stimulant than a fat-burning agent.

We devote this article to educate and clarify the fat burning coffee story, so that next time you could decide between a cup of coffee or coke!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the core of this article.

Why coffee makes you feel energetic?


Coffee is a stimulant factory that contains at least 4 compounds with the ability to significantly affect our metabolism.

The energy-boosting effect of coffee has been scientifically studied1, and it is not just an energizing effect, but the caffeine in coffee might be able to inhibit even cancer2.

The main four metabolically active stimulants are:

  • Caffeine: The primary psychoactive compound in coffee that affects the Central Nervous System (CNS) as well as Autonomous Nervous System (ANS).
  • Theophylline: Found mainly in coffee, cocoa, and tea; this methylxanthine compound is used in therapeutics to treat asthma.
  • Theobromine: A vasodilator compound extracted mainly from cocoa and coffee. It is used in treating high blood pressure.
  • Chlorogenic acid: An important biologically active compounds that help in slowing down the absorption of carbohydrate (good for weight loss).

Caffeine is the main compound of interest that inhibits a neurotransmitter compound called adenosine, thus leading to hyperstimulation of neurons.

This results in the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, which makes you energetic and awake.

Does coffee burn fat?

The fat burning coffee is not a myth; in fact, it works 90% of the time, and there are hundreds of studies to support the claim3.

Caffeine in coffee can stimulate the nervous system to activate the fat-digesting mechanism in fat cells.

For this purpose, the blood hormone levels of compound epinephrine are increased, which is secreted by the adrenal glands.

Epinephrine, a.k.a. adrenalin levels when increased, the circulation will take it to deposition sites, and directs the fat cells to start lipolysis.

These digested fats are absorbed by the blood, and resulting in an increase in blood fat content.

Technically, fat burning has occurred.

But in order for the fat to leave your body, you need to either exercise or limit your calorie intake.

Otherwise, the fat gets redeposited and neutralizes the effect of caffeine.

Here, a negative energy balance is created by caffeine, which can be translated into weight loss when you combine manual efforts by converting fat into energy.

This ability of caffeine makes it an essential ingredient in all major brands of fat burners.

It is better to take a caffeine supplement or a fat burner instead of drinking coffee so that you can reduce the intake of other stimulants.

Why should you include coffee in your weight loss diet?


The negative energy effect of coffee has been discussed above. But there is more to it.

The stimulants in coffee can increase the resting metabolic rate (RMR), which helps in burning some calories.

So even when you are idle, doing nothing, the metabolic rate is increased, which works internally in digesting fat and converting it into energy.

According to studies, caffeine can increase the RMR by 3 ~ 11%, and an average coffee consumer has 5-7% more RMR4 than non-coffee drinkers.

The weight loss effect of coffee is hence significant, but its impact on obese people is questionable.

In a 1995 study by Bracco et al.5, caffeine was found to accelerated fat burning by up to 29%, while it was just 10% in obese people.

The more profound benefits of coffee are seen in younger adults than the older generation.

Not just, with the higher metabolic rate, the stamina and strength are also increased, which gives an upper hand, especially if you are doing some exercise.

What happens when you use coffee for an extended period?

The long-term benefits of coffee are not so good.

Don’t worry; it won’t kill you, but the initial weight loss effects are not linearly retained.

According to a review published in Archiv der Pharmazie, the effects of coffee ween out exponentially, and people become more tolerant to caffeine.

This tolerance has a major caveat, i.e., you will consume more coffee to create the same kick you once had with it.

If too much caffeine gets deposited in your body, it might lead to overdose and creates a lot of issues like arrhythmia, severe insomnia, dizziness, hallucination, blurred vision, etc.

But controlled short term use of caffeine is a significant health booster, which can make you focused and helps in weight loss.

Fat burning coffee magic can only be expected for a short while, after which you might have to move towards a more sustainable choice.

The caffeine tolerance can be combated if you use it for a short while and gradually discontinue the use for a certain period.

Luckily, caffeine addiction is not a major issue compared to other stimulants; therefore, you can use it frequently.

Best fat burning coffee

There hundred different varieties of coffee out there, but we are interested in just four of them, and these are the basic kind of coffee or the regular coffee that you might drink daily.

Black Coffee

Black coffee

Coffee powder, water, and sugar (optional) will give you a black coffee, and it is the most favorite drink of all.

This drink is perfect for weight loss because there are no calories in it other than that of sugar.

Plus, a sip of warm coffee is an excellent refresher that will enlighten your mood and contributes to your weight loss mission by increasing metabolism.



An espresso is technically a black coffee, but the preparation is different and, for that reason, has higher caffeine content in it.

It differentiates itself from a usual homemade black coffee in terms of concentration, temperature, and type of roasts.

The regular black coffee has anywhere between 50 ~ 80 mg of caffeine, while an espresso variant has 180 ~ 210 mg of caffeine.

Chocolate coffee

Chocolate coffee

Again caffeine overlading is the mechanism here, and the weight loss effects of chocolate have been previously explained in many scientific studies.

A chocolate coffee powder can be bought from a grocery store.

Usually, the dark chocolate is used here for maximum health benefits.

The taste may not be the greatest, but the quality of effects are top-notch, and weight loss is guaranteed.

Skinny lattes


If you can’t have coffee without milk, then skinny latte is an excellent option without compromising your weight loss journey.

Calorie reduction can be created by using non-fat milk and sugar-free flavoring. The good news is that many retail chains nowadays have a wide range of skinny lattes.

You can even customize your skinny latte by adding your own fixings to keep the calorie count to the minimum.

Alternatives for fat burning coffees

Say, you belong to the other half of the population who doesn’t drink coffee.

Well, there are alternatives for you as well.

This time its caffeine loaded weight loss supplements that can give you refined coffee shot without drinking too much of it.

  • Instant Knockout – A caffeine packed weight loss pill made for pro-MMA fighters and boxers. This pill works by employing the thermogenic effect and thanks to the formulation for the appetite curbing effect [Learn more].
  • PhenQ – A one-shot fat burner made from herbal ingredients, and this product works by rising metabolism. Credits to its active ingredients like caffeine, alpha-LACYS RESET, and Capsimax [Learn more].
  • Fast Burn Extreme – A natural fat burner, which is made from organic ingredients. Caffeine in this capsule gives you strength & stamina alongside superior fat burning [Learn more].
  • Clenbutrol – This is a legal steroid alternative with excellent fat-burning properties. There is 22% caffeine in this product from Guarana extract, which makes it stand out in the league [Learn more].

These are some of the popular fat burners with a good amount of caffeine in them.

It is better to go with a fat burner instead of a pure caffeine supplement because the additional weight loss agents will accelerate fat burning by a great degree.


Weight loss diet

Coffee is undoubtedly the best beverage you can drink for weight loss.

And yes, coffee is an excellent fat burning agent as well.

The caffeine is the compound of interest here, while other stimulants in this drink have more of a nerve stimulation effect, while caffeine has a balanced action on nerve stimulation and increasing metabolism for fat burning.

It is better to drink the black coffee, or a skinny latte regularly, while espresso gives you a quick and concentrated punch.

So next time when you go to a restaurant for a drink, you have one good reason to order a cup of coffee.

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