Fat Burning Home Exercises

Beat Coronavirus Fear With These Fat Burning Home Exercises

Is coronavirus your greatest fear? Stay home and fight the fear by getting into shape with these coronavirus special fat-burning home exercises.

All of us might be stuck home because of Coronavirus’s fear. But let us make it productive by shredding some fat with these fat-burning home exercises.

It is highly likely that 90% of the world has a sedentary life today due to the wrath of a tiny germ.

If that’s the case, all of us might be putting on a lot of weight, and once everything is over, you would probably find it difficult to fit your office pants.

Luckily, we have a lot of time in our hands now and let us utilize it meaningfully by taking good care of our bodies.

In this article, we will give you some of the best workouts that will help you lose weight and maintain a good shape, all of which without leaving the comfort of your home.

So, without adding more words, let us explore some of the effective and easy to do the fat-burning exercises.

Coronavirus special fat burning home exercises

burpees at home

Not all workouts help you lose weight. That’s why we ran through a lot of professional recommendations to present these workouts for you.

Make sure that you do them rightly, and carefully as per our instructions or refer any standard workout manuals.

A warm-up session before starting the exercise is always necessary to raise the body temperature and to avoid chances of injuries.


This is one exercise that is used by all athletes around the globe because of multiple benefits and fat burning capabilities.

You could burn almost 10 calories every minute doing just burpees, and with little more pace & persuasion, you can even burn more calories.

Plus, you don’t need any fancy gym equipment, and this workout is excellent for body toning as well.

How to do?

  • Stand straight at shoulder distance apart and do a squat.
  • Before finishing the squat, pull your legs back and fall into a push-up position.
  • Touch your chest to the ground and rise back to the squat position.
  • From the squat, slowly rise and jump high as possible into air and land back on the original position.

Reps: 20 – 25 reps followed by 2 minutes rest and repeat until you fail.

Jump lunges

This here is an upgraded version of walking lunges and has more calorie-burning properties compared to other variations.

The plyometric transition in this workout makes you jump in the air while switching the leg, and it helps with agility.

A jumping lunge can be included in a high-intensity routine or can be done on its own for increasing the heart rate to initiate fat burning.

How to do?

  • Stand at shoulder-width apart and pull either of you leg one step front.
  • Now do a normal squat by engaging your quad and glute muscles.
  • Now for the transition, put extra pressure and jump in the air.
  • During the jump, switch to the other leg and make the next lunge.

Reps: 10 reps per leg without any break.

Jump squats

Unlike regular squats, this variation is very useful for fat burning and to tone glute, hamstrings, and ab muscles.

Not just that, the core stability and muscle mobility are increased over time and helps you control the shape of the hip.

Jump squats are sometimes included in power sets, or high-intensity workout sessions to increase the cardio input.

How do to?

  • Stand with legs at shoulder-width apart and do a regular squat.
  • When raising from squat, utilize the hamstrings and quad muscles to explode in the air.
  • The jumping can be limited to mild or high, depending on your preference.
  • As soon as you land, do another squat and repeat.

Reps: 20 reps without any break

Crab plank

A carb plank or sometimes called a carb walk is an exercise that is a bit unusual and makes you sweat more than other exercises.

It might seem easy at first, but for beginners, this exercise can be a tough deal, especially in the last few reps.

This workout focuses on thigh muscles, arms, muscles, and abdomen muscles.

There are other variations like supine crab plank and traditional crab walk, which shifts the focus to other muscle building groups.

How do to?

  • Go into a push-up position, and prepare to start the walk sideways.
  • You can either do it from left to right or vice-versa. Let us assume you are walking right side.
  • Shift your right leg to the right side and simultaneously move your left hand to the right side.
  • Do the opposite on other pairs as well, i.e., move your left leg to the right side and simultaneously move your right hand to the right side.

Reps: Three sets with 10 reps each and a 2-minute break between each set.

Jumping jack

An effective plyometric workout that you can easily do without the need for any pieces of equipment.

It’s a combination of resistance workout and aerobics, which pumps your heart rate and increases breathing rate.

This workout engages glute muscles, quadriceps, ad muscles, shoulder muscles, and hip flexors.

How do to?

  • Stand straight with your arms and legs, ready to get stretched sideways.
  • Make a jump and simultaneously split your legs side way to land on it.
  • At the same time, arms are stretched away from the torso to above you.
  • The stretching and jumping have to be synchronized to happen in a single move.

Reps: Do 30 reps of jumping jack before taking a 1-minute break and continue until you fail.

Running stairs

There is nothing better than running for fat burning, and when you do a climb along with it, the benefits are double.

Plus, this one cardio could increase your stamina, strength, and endurance while improving your VO2 max.

You can make use of the stairs at your home or apartment, but make sure that you run carefully at a steady pace.

How do to?

  • Find a straight staircase, possibly the one on a flat or multistory apartment.
  • Do a warm-up by stretching the leg and giving movements to leg muscles.
  • Start climbing slowly, and once you find the proper balance, run through steps.
  • The decline can be slowed down, but climb by running.

Reps: 20 ~ 30 mins of running with 1-minute breaks between every 2 ~5 minutes session.

Jumping rope

Another all in one workout that is excellent for fat trimming. This exercise can burn more KCAL/hour than any other workouts.

A lot of muscle groups like quads, hamstrings calve, glutes, core muscles, arms, and shoulder get engaged when you do jump rope.

Not just that, this workout improves your coordination, strengthens the ankle and foot muscles, helps to increase bone density, and improves your cardiovascular health.

How do to?

  • It is a bit tricky at first to get the synchronization of jump and rope movements, but you can learn it quickly.
  • Keep your feet closer and do a mild jump with midsoles and land with the front of your feet.
  • A 1-inch long jump is enough; perhaps you can slightly bend your knee to cushion your body.
  • Swing the rope by holding the handles close to the hip and make it pass when you jump.

Reps: 20 minutes of jumping split into multiple sessions of 2-5 minutes with a 1-minute break between each session.

Mountain climbers

You engage your glutes, quads, ab muscles, triceps, and shoulder muscles when you do this exercise.

This particular workout helps you improve your core stability and increase the strength of the lower body.

Plus, this is a great workout for cardiovascular health and increases your coordination & mobility.

How do to?

  • Go into a push-up position and hold with flat back and straight abdomen.
  • Now try mimicking running (without moving) by pulling either of your legs close to chest and return.
  • Do the same for another leg as well.
  • Make sure you don’t bounce your buttocks too much while doing this exercise.

Reps: One set can be a non-stop 3-minute workout with 30-sec rest. Do 5 such sets.


Now that’s a long list of fat burning exercises you can do at home during this coronavirus outbreak to stay in shape.

Fat burning is relatively difficult, but with persistence and hard work, you can definitely build a good physique with home exercises.

As a matter of fact, even at the gym, you would do most of these exercises as a part of your fat-burning program.

But diet is the crucial thing to watch for, especially if you are fat lose seeker.

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So, try considering fat burners like the ones mentioned above to speed up the weight loss process, and together with the home exercises, your goal is definitely achievable.

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