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How To Lose Weight Fast?

Weight gaining is a major threat to your aesthetics, physique, and good health. But chill, here are some of the ways to lose weight faster. Read more here.

Fattier you go, bulkier it gets, and sooner you lose your appeal! This article will trade some info on how to lose weight fast and get back into shape.

Lifestyle is not the only reason why people started to go obese, but it is the shift in food quality, nutritional value, scientific intervention, overdependence on meat, easy availability of food, and a lot more.

According to studies, nearly 80% of people are overweight around the world, which means they have a BMI higher than 25.

In the long run, this disproportion of BMI will turn in severe cardiovascular, hepatic, or kidney disorder, which by then will become out of hands.

Without going into all those stages, here are ways to lose weight faster, so you don’t want to spend on hospital expenses later.

Without further ado, let us get started.

Why is uncontrolled weight gaining not a good thing?

This is a highly subjective matter because 50% of people who hit the gym need to gain weight, while the other 50% needs to shed weight [adelgazar].

There is a healthy range depending on your body structure, within which gaining or shedding weight is not a big deal.

But once you step out of that boundary, you need to be extremely careful because both gaining as well shedding affects your body drastically.

For example, if your BMI is within the range of 25 ~ 29, you are technically overweight, which itself can have a lot of negative impact on your life.

If it crosses 29, then the severity of your obesity goes exponentially high, which could drastically affect your quality of life and might turn life-threatening.

Weight loss is more complicated than gaining weight because the fat-storing is an evolutionary failsafe by the body. Losing 1 pound of fat takes twice the effort compared to adding 1 pound.

Is diet the only culprit?

When it comes to weight loss, everyone pins the diet as the major culprit behind weight gain, but is that so?

Technically, it is not the diet or what you eat, but how much you eat, and the quality of food that you eat becomes the major point here.

You won’t become fat just by eating a scoop of ice cream, but how frequent you does it matter.

The easiest way to track this problem is by having a basic idea of the calorie count of each food you eat.

Say, if you have a high-calorie food item that exceeds your daily limit, try to lose it by exercising.

The thumb rule is to eat such a way that, at the end of the day after exercising, you are a few calories ( 50 ~ 100 cal) short of your daily requirement.

How to lose weight fast?

Mind the carbs

Carbohydrates or carbs are the bulk source of calories or energy we need, but if you are already fat, then you need to cut back carbs.

When the carbs are reduced and compensated with fibers & protein, your appetite reduces, resulting in decreased calorie intake.

In the absence of excess carbs, the body will turn to stored fat for energy. Plus, low carbs mean low insulin levels, and this makes your kidney drain the excess sodium and water.

Eat to lose weight

Simply put, forget high-calorie savories and crunchies that once filled your tummy. Instead, focus more on veggies, fruits, and other balanced food items.

Try to replace extra carbs with protein, fiber, and minerals (use low carb veggies like broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage, etc.)

Protein is a must needed nutrient and try to gather it from beans legumes, soy, or dairies like whole egg or milk.

When it comes to cooking oil, give preference to olive, coconut, avocado, and canola. If possible, go with the virgin oil instead of the processed ones.

Exercises matters

Your aim is not to build muscles, but exercising is an excellent way of speeding up metabolism, which ultimately will result in fat loss.

Exercising 4-5 days a week for at least 30 minutes has proven to be a great way 0f keeping your weight under check.

Sweating during workouts can maintain homeostasis and bring a balance of electrolytes in the body.

Also, when you are in a low carb diet, exercising can help you build a good physique and aid muscle growth.

Do it smart with natural supplements

Natural supplements are the smart way of losing weight, which is a combination of organic or herbal products in a stoichiometric proportion.

Most of these diet pills are organic in nature and contains herbal products as their main ingredients. Therefore, they don’t have any major side effects.

1. PhenQ



This pill contains industry best α-LACYS RESET, Capsimax, Chromium, etc., which gives a superior fat burning. The manufacturing is done in a cGMP approved by FDA, so no worries about safety.

2. Fast Burn Extreme

fast burn extreme


A side-effects-free fat burner that targets the stored adipose, visceral and subcutaneous fat. It slows down the biosynthesis of extra fat using its herbal formulation, thus preventing fat surplus.

3. Keto Actives

keto actives

Shed off your extra pounds with Keto Actives and built a lean figure. Couple this dietary supplement with an excellent exercise routine and fuel your body with fat-induced energy, stamina, and endurance.

4. Clenbutrol


Retain your lean muscle mass with the mind-blowing weight reduction properties of Clenbutrol. A powerful and a legal alternative to AAS steroids, this product boosts your training and motivates the dissolution of stubborn fats.

5. Instant Knockout

Instant KnockoutExplicitly designed for MMA fighters and boxers, this product can give you a professional level performance and weight shredding using its thermogenic effect inducing ingredients.

6. BurnBooster

burn booster

Endorsed by top dieticians, this product combines various proven weight loss mechanisms into a single pill. Thermogenic and appetite curbing is how it works, giving up to 17lbs loss in 1 month.

7. Piperinox


One of the best pills with thermogenic effect, and it prevents weight gain by reducing the lipogenesis and appetite curbing. It contains Bioperine to improve the absorption of the formulation into the body.

8. Anvarol


Anvarol stimulates phosphocreatine synthesis to optimize your cutting cycles and shred off extra fat deposits. It helps you in weight reduction to maintain a standard BMI (Body Mass Index) and convert the stored fat into ready to use stamina.


So, there you go! We have given some tips that will speed up the weight loss process.

Try to minimize carbohydrate intake and replace it with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and good fat.

Also, the focus of eating should be shifted to staying fit rather than satisfying your taste buds.

Include more veggies, fruits, dairy products, and go with healthy oils like olive, canola, coconut, etc.

Exercising is by far the most effective catalyst in weight loss, and make sure you sweat at least 30 minutes daily.

Lastly, are you lazy and would compromise on some of the above? Then start using a weight loss pill like the ones in our list to keep up with your goals.

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