Back Fat

Lose Back Fat For A Sexy Physique

Do you know that back fat compromises your beasty look? Here is everything you need to know about it and learn how to lose back fat through smart work.

A trimmed physique with golden rations, carved muscles, lean frame, sharp face, and tall stature, this is the dream of an average adult man.

But, only a few of them would work towards this goal and of which only half of them succeed.

Belly fat is one of the most discussed threats that can stop from materializing your dream, but there is something similar that most of us miss.

It’s the back fat, which can equally ruin your shape.

The fact that you cannot see your back fat makes it difficult to assess it.

But unlike visceral fat or belly fat, the back fat can be controlled and burned away, but it is not very easy, though.

You might need a serious workout strategy and dieting plan to put it under control.

The more profound understanding of human anatomy has helped scientists to devise many workouts that focus on back muscles, and thanks to the modern-day boom in aesthetic awareness, you have lots of ways to get rid of it.

Let us dive deeper and learn more about back fat and some strategies to get it out of your system.

Let’s get started.

What is back fat?

Back fat

It is the fat deposit in the mid-lower regions of the thoracic spine or on the oblique area.

Back fat is classified into mainly three regions:

  • Upper back fat – the excess fat deposit on the back, falling on the chest line.
  • Mid-back fat – the fat that extends from oblique and the one from the waist region.
  • Lower back top fat – the folds of fat deposit that projects out of your pant line.

The back fat becomes a problem, especially when you wear tight outfits and slouch.

If there is too much fat, then folds of skin might project out through the pant-shirt boundary.

Men with a less oblique deposit will get a natural V-shape, and expanding the shoulder muscles can also contribute to the upper body aesthetics.

A topless moment will become literally harder for those men with lots of back fat, especially during beach days and swimming.

If not controlled, the back fat can outgrow the body’s proportion and becomes thick layers of thick folds, from where it will be challenging to get back into shape.

What causes of back fat deposits?

The causes can be a plethora of factors, starting from genetics, food habits, lifestyle, and many more.

Some medical conditions can lead to excess fat accumulation on the backside, but apart from that, the major reasons are because of poor lifestyle and diet.

Sedentary workers are the most affected by back fat because of fewer physical activities and fast food reliance.

The body works 24×7, and it feeds on sugar (glucose) from carbohydrate for all immediate and vital metabolic functions, once depleted, it scavenges energy from fat.

Taking an inventory of your diet, carbohydrate and fat are the most consumed macronutrients, and here fat is mostly unutilized due to lack of physical activities, and it gets stored.

The upper body is the perfect location to store fat because physical exertion is less there compared to the lower body.

Back fat doesn’t come isolated.

Your entire BMI has to be higher, and it is highly likely that you are overweight.

Are you struggling to lose back fat, here is why?

Are you finding it difficult to trim away your back fat and sculpt a feature-packed physique?

You might be having some problems with factors governing fat storage.

Let us see a few of them.

You are new to workouts

If resistance training or weight training is new to your body, then it’s the inexperience to be blamed.

Visceral fat, abs, back fat, and thighs are some of the regions in your body, which might take a while to get used to the new workout strategy you have adopted.

Diet isn’t favoring you

Diet is a crucial factor for both weight loss and weight gain.

If your back fat is not reducing, your dieting strategy might need a revision.

The idea is to reduce maximum carbohydrate & fat intake so that when your body runs out of carbs, it will switch to fat for energy needs.

Missing focused workouts

Back fat is generally challenging to focus like visceral ones.

Usually, the surrounding muscle groups like rhomboids, trapezius1, and latissimus dorsi are targeted.

Make sure that you are giving focused workouts to these muscle groups and try to include an additional exercise for back in your routine.

Stress is a monster

Stress isn’t just a mental thing; it can even ruin your physique and mess with your physiology.

In a 2018 study2, scientists have found that stress management significantly increased the fat-burning ability of the body.

So calm yourself and stop too much of mental cooking about your body.

How can you lose back fat?

Back fat is challenging to lose, but not impossible.

We have gathered some of the best in class techniques to lose back fat.

Let us dive in see what they are



The first and foremost factor that needs to be regulated in order to lose not just back fat, but the entire unwanted mass.

Simply put, your back fat might accumulate even after strenuous effort just because your diet is rich in carbs and fat.

Protein is the must include essential macronutrient, while carbs and fat can be minimized to the lowest extent for losing unwanted fat deposits.


Body building exercise

Dieting can help you reduce calorie consumption, but exercise is the critical factor that burns the already accumulated back fat.

Also, there are targeted workouts that focus on the core muscle groups near the back-fat deposit for easy trimming.

Some of the best back fat workouts are discussed in detail in the next section.

Medical Help

There are some medical procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, to help you lose back fat.

Some of the popular techniques are liposuction, laser lipolysis3, CoolSculpting, UltraShape, etc.

These procedures have specific side effects and are usually very expensive, but the results are quicker and guaranteed.

Fat burner supplements

bodybuilding supplements

These are organic supplements made from herbal extracts and helps in burning fat using thermogenics4.

Organic fat burners (made from plant products) are usually consumed daily for several weeks, and over time the fat shredding increases, and you lose unwanted mass.

These products don’t have any side-effects due to its herbal nature, and you can procure it online or OTC.

Workouts to lose your back fat

These are the workout that will help you lose back fat quickly.

Try to include these in your routine or ask your trainer to give you a back muscle focused split.

Let us divide the back muscles into four regions and check the best workouts that will give you a sculpted figure.


This is a muscle packed region on your back, and getting a V-shape is mainly contributed by the expansion of shoulder.

Lateral raises are the best workout for expanding your shoulders.

It involves the movement of front and back deltoids, as well as the upper part of the back.

Another class of workouts suiting shoulder muscles is overhead press using a dumbbell, which acts on deltoids, and shoulder muscles directly.

Not just that, shoulder exercises, especially the overhead press, can increase the core stability and helps you determine the muscle strength.


Mid-back is the region where the blobs or layers of fat will form first.

The wing-like muscles located there are called as latissimus dorsi.

Specific workouts help you make these muscles groups stronger, which adds strength to the V shape frame.

One of the best workouts for mid-back includes lat pulldown, which targets the latissimus dorsi5 to expand it like wings.

Lat pulldown is an adjustable resistance workout, which, in general, is suitable for strengthening the entire upper body.


The waist is one vulnerable region for fat deposits and leads to the formation of love handles.

If you want to precisely trim down your waist, oblique -abdomen group, and erector spinae are the two muscles to focus.

These muscles, when trimmed and shaped forms that contour for a perfect V shape starting from the oblique abdomen.

Oblique crunches is a floor exercise that can help you tone your waist, and a side bend exercise is also perfect for these muscle groups.

Lower back exercise

If you slouch too much, then this fat deposit is going to be a problem.

In overweight people, a thick layer would form in the lower back.

Also, the muscles here are essential for maintaining posture.

Erector spinae is the major muscle group in this region.

A back extension is the best workout for the lower back.

But there is a catch; the beginners might find it really difficult due to the weaker muscles.

Over time, back extension becomes more comfortable, and even beginners will be able to load weight while doing it.


Back fat before after photo

Now, lose back fat in style.

You have been enlightened about everything you need to know about back fat.

Simply put, control your diet, do specific workouts, and stop stressing out.

These three things are the essential requirement for any weight loss program.

Back fat is a tricky spot to sculpt, but with constant efforts, you can carve wonders on your shoulder and mold the manliness.

You can assess your back fat using two mirrors, where the smaller one faces you, and the larger one faces your back.

Keep faith in your efforts, work harder, and wait for it.

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