Transparent Labs Fat Burner

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

When it comes to weight loss, nothing is better than Transparent Labs Fat Burner. Learn why this brand continues its triumph despite strong competition in this review.

Fat loss, weight gain, and fat loss – this cycle of life is quite normal for at least the majority of us who are reading this article.

The fact is that only a mere 20% of the population would consistently avail the gym facility, of which 70% are young bloods.

Ever since the beauty sense of a population started to become a concern, people seriously began to think about the stacks of muscles, and gyms became the second home, at least until the crush gives that long-awaited smile.

But weight loss1 is a much more serious reason for many to come gym and a decent percentage bags the results not just because of hard work, but the perseverance.

Natural weight loss is tedious and takes weeks or months to occur, even when coupled with a workout.

This is where products like Transparent Labs Fat Burner come in to play, which is a safer short cut that can speed up the fat-burning process.

In this Transparent Labs Fat Burner review, we will explore the product from head to toe, and we will help you decide if it’s the right weight-loss companion you have been looking for.

So without adding further, let’s move into the topic.

transparent labs fat burner

What exactly is Transparent Labs Fat Burner?

what is it

Transparent Labs is one of the most reputed supplement manufacturers based in the US and has a fan base all over the world.

The fat burner belongs to the ‘PHYSIQUESERIES,’ and it does what it says- reduces unwanted fat by utilizing it.

This fat burner helps to utilize the already existing fat deposit in your body and convert it into energy. Also, dietary fat coming is instantaneously used up by an increased metabolic rate.

Unlike therapeutic drugs, this is an organic supplement made using plant ingredients, and for that reason, it is safe to use.

This product is more similar to other fat burners, but the efficacy and its action are far superior compared to market competitors.

Transparent Labs have a wide range of products, and they have a dedicated cGMP facility to manufacture supplements, which ensures the quality and safety standards of the products.

How does Transparent Labs Fat Burner work?

how it works

Most of the fat burners today rely on one of the metabolic techniques which can utilize the stored fat.

Here, Transparent Labs Fat Burner helps in fat utilization by thermogenic effect, i.e., raising body temperature, thereby increasing the metabolic rate.

This increased metabolic rate targets stored fat deposits, and as a result, the body’s own machinery works to bring down this hiked temperature by burning fat to keep it at normal range.

Another modus operandi includes controlling the craving and appetite, which is one factor that can significantly reduce calorie intake.

When you are using Transparent Labs supplementation, the frequency at which you take mid-day meals drastically reduces, thus creating a drop in excess calories added.

While the above techniques help in direct fat burning, this supplement can fuel your motivation to work out consistently, which is another factor that can speed up the weight loss.

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How to use it?

how to use

Transparent Labs Fat Burner comes in a bottle of 120 capsules and is intended for one-month usage.

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules with a glass of water approximately 30 ~ 60 minutes before meals.

Morning, before breakfast, is the best time to take capsules; however, initially, you may split the dose into one capsule each before breakfast and before lunch.

In order to assess the tolerance, Transparent Labs recommends to start with one capsule a day and climbing to two, which can go to four pills a day.

Do not take more than 2 capsules in 4 hours or 4 capsules in a 24-hour time frame.

Also, do not ingest the capsule with alcohol, caffeinated drinks, or carbonated drinks. Water is the best choice, followed by fruit juice.

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Is Transparent Labs Fat Burner safe?

how safe it is

Yes, without a doubt!

These products are mostly made out of plant extracts and other organic ingredients and are devoid of synthetic chemical compounds.

Because of this reason, Transparent Labs Fat Burner is perfectly safe to use by any age category and gender.

To add authenticity and safety to their products, Transparent Labs doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners or coloring agents in their products.

Also, the plant extracts are acquired from non-GMO crops to eliminate any unwanted products, plus Transparent Labs doesn’t use any preservatives to extend the shelf-life of their products.

The user can get 100% information regarding the products from the Transparent Labs website, thus doing justice to the brand name ‘Transparent’ Labs.

From production to delivery, each and every aspect of the product undergoes a thorough inspection and quality control to give the customers the best possible service and satisfaction.

There are more than a hundred thousand satisfied customers worldwide, forming a stable fan base for this brand and its fat burner.

Mostly the fat burner users have given positive feedback, and no adverse health conditions are reported so far.

What are the ingredients?


Speaking of ingredients, Transparent Labs use some of the best and well-studied plant extracts to concoct their fat burner. Let us look at some of them.

Made from 10% forskolin, this compound can help in releasing fatty acids from adipose tissue which store them.
Green tea extract
Classically used for fat burning application and works by decreasing the fatty acid synthesis and increasing the fat-burning metabolism.
Extracted from Griffonia simplicifolia, this compound has brain activity and helps in reducing appetite and craving.
This amino acid is very crucial for stress-busting and helps in improving sleep.
This naturally occurring amino acid helps in releasing stress, both mentally and physically.
An excellent stimulant that has thermogenic properties and increases the metabolism to utilize the stored fat.
Salicin bark extract
Has the same action as that of aspirins and helps in inducing the thermogenic effect.
Cayenne Pepper Extract
Contains capsaicinoids, which are excellent lipolysis agents with can speed up and stimulate the fat burning.
Extracted from citrus fruits, this compound can help in increasing the resting metabolic rate, which eventually scavenges the fat reservoir.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner side effects

side effects

Side effects are usually rare with plant-based supplements because of the organic nature of their ingredients.

Mainly, the ingredients are used without any special refinement, and therefore the concentration of active compounds is relatively neutral when compared to the chemically synthesized alternatives.

So, these supplements are efficient enough to induce fat burning effect, but won’t cause any harm like therapeutic drugs.

Since caffeine is used in this product, the user might experience increased heart rate and restlessness on a rare basis.

Apart from that, if the user has an allergy to any of the ingredients, consult your doctor before using Transparent Labs Fat Burner.

All that aside, there are no other serious side effects reported with this product, and thousands of happy feedbacks and testimonials would vouch for that.

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Is this product scientifically proven?

transparent labs fat burner pills

Yes, Transparent Labs is a reputed manufacturer and has an in-house team of experts and scientists who have scientifically studied each iteration of this product over several years.

Plus, each and every ingredient in the list are chosen based on relevant clinical data and research studies to ensure safety and authenticity.

The manufacturer is open to accepting critical comments and feedback, which helped them perfect the product.

Also, each and every year, they do a thorough literature survey to asses the product quality and efficacy.

To wash away any skepticism in mind, one can browse the company website to find the ‘certificate of analysis’ and ‘certificate of composition,’ which gives a complete list of ingredients used in each of their products.

How good is Transparent Labs Fat Burner compared to other competitors?

Transparent Labs Fat Burner is undoubtedly one of the best in the market, but they face strong competition from PhenQ, Instant Knockout, Leanbean, and Hourglass.

While the competition is tough, some factors work in favor of Transparent Labs Fat Burner.

Firstly, the long list of ingredients with slightly more inclination for thermogenic agents to increase the metabolism by increasing the temperature.

Others in the same segment rely on controlling the hunger and craving while Transparent Labs focus on an actual working mechanism to shake off unwanted fat.

Plus, the Transparent Labs Fat Burner can increase the resting metabolic rate and all credits to the Synephrine in the ingredient list, this is a powerful fat burner.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner reviews


Generally, Transparent Labs products are top-rated in the internet market, and the majority of customers would prefer a product from this brand over a newbie.

The Transparent Labs Fat Burner is the second most preferred fat burner in the US, according to a local fitness society review.

Let us see some of the reviews written by certified buyers.

Aaron wrote in Transparent Labs website as:

Hey everyone, I’ve been using transparent labs products for more than six months now and I can easily say these are the best products on the market. You may be thinking they’re a little expensive, but you get what you pay for. I’ve tried their: Bulk Pre, Lean Pre, Stim Free Pre, ZMO, Argamine, Creatine and HMB, Betaine Anhydrous, etc. And might I say, I’ll testify to anyone that you won’t be disappointed in these products. Give it a shot. You won’t regret it.

Shaun is a fitness lover and he wrote in a forum as:

When I started weight training, I had excess of belly fat and thighs. LeanTech fat burner was my first companion in the gym, but failed to impress me. Two months into the training, I got a suggestion to try transparent labs fat burner and it took me just 6 weeks to trim down most of belly fat. That’s not all of it, my friend Ted also used this product and gave it a thumbs up. I would definitely recommend this without a second thought.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner: price & where to buy it

official website

You should buy a product at the official website:

It comes in 3 different purchase choices.

1 bottle (120 capsules): $49.00 + shipping

2 bottles (240 capsules): $89.00 (save $9.00 from original price of $98.00) + shipping

3 bottles (360 capsules): $119.00 (save $28.00 from original price of $147.00) + shipping

Shipping info

  • All purchases are eligible for ‘Route Shipping Insurance’ at $0.98.
  • Standard shipping throughout the US at free of cost ($150+).
  • Outside US shipping might takes 10- 14 days for standard delivery.
  • Transparent Labs ship to all countries except: Albania, Algeria, India, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, & Ukraine.

Payment options

  • Express checkout using PayPal is available.
  • Payment is powered by ‘Shopify’ and accept all major credit and debit cards.
  • Norton Shopping Guaranteed.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No money-back guarantee is offered on transparent labs products.

This brand is no longer a newbie struggling to bud in the market, and for that reason they don’t need to provide a money-back policy to create demand.

However, they give gift cards and discount coupons depending on seasons.

Also, you can return defective or damaged products as per their internal policy.

Pros & cons


  • Superior thermogenic property.
  • Contains golden weight loss ingredients like Forslean, 5-HTP, and Synephrine.
  • All the ingredient’s list can be found in the certificate of composition.
  • Scientifically backed formulation.
  • Doesn’t cause trouble in doping tests since the product is devoid of any illegal substances.
  • Cheap pricing.


  • Contains caffeine, which might be an allergen for some.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner review: conclusions

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly solution to trim some fat? Transparent Labs Fat Burner might be the answer you are looking for.

Thermogenic ingredients, scientifically-backed formulation, clinical data, and moreover the brand value, these are some of the factors why you should prefer this product.

Another thing worth mentioning is the transparency in their formulation, due to which anybody can access the ingredients list from the certificate of analysis and composition on the company website.

The competitive pricing made it an easy game for Transparent Labs, which when combined with their existing brand value makes them the segment winner.

So, in a nutshell, for a decent & pocket-friendly weight loss, Transparent Labs Fat Burner is the best choice.

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  1. Goldstein, David J. “Beneficial health effects of modest weight loss.” International journal of obesity and related metabolic disorders: journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity 16.6 (1992): 397-415.
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