8 things you can do for weight loss in face

8 Things You Can Do For Weight Loss In Face

Machismo is not just a well-built physique, but a feature-packed face is essential for it. Here are some of the best methods for weight loss in face.

Is looking chubby not your thing?

Well, fat on your face is what you need to get rid of first!

Well, don’t worry.

There are millions around the globe now thinking about burning fat on their face.

Even a few thousand might be googling about different ways to do it, and that’s why even you are reading this!

Luckily, Schwaebische Post gathered the best methods to trim away unwanted fat from your face and make you look feature-packed.

Without stuffing more words, let us see why weight loss in face is a great deal and how you can do it in the comfort of your room.

Why weight loss in face matters?

Weight loss in face

Fat on the face is all about aesthetics, and you wouldn’t probably get concerned about your weight gain until your face gets fat!

A rounder and chubby face is a classic hallmark of weight gain, and it is, in fact, the most straightforward parameter to assess if you are gaining weight or not.

There are several reasons why fat on your face matters.

Firstly, a fatter face is easily picked by others and leads to the weight gain cliché conversation.

Secondly, as your cheeks and neck go out of proportion, it affects your aesthetic and makes you less attractive.

Not just that, having a larger and thick face makes you uncomfortable in many ways, especially when you try those old attires that you once used to be perfect on you!

Being chubby has its benefits, especially for women, but men have a different take on it.

Masculinity is largely defined by the sharp features of the face, and definitely, a rounder chubby face doesn’t improve their machismo!

How fat gets deposited on your face?

If you want weight loss in the face, then you must understand how it got there in the first place.

There a multitude of factors that can cause fat deposits on the face, but the most common reason is weight gain due to dietary habits and lack of exercise.

Hormonal factors are the usual reason why fat deposit occurs in the face.

Certain medications and stress are the typical reasons that trigger this change.

If you frequently dehydrate yourself, your body tends to overcome the water scarcity by retaining some of it on reserve regions, and face is defiantly one small reservoir.

Alcohol and smoking are also identified to be some reasons that could accelerate the fat deposit in the face1.

Genetics makes your face vulnerable to look thicker.

The bone structure and the frame of your skull can hugely vary and result in an optical illusion of a fat face, even when there is little fat deposit.

How to lose fat on the face?

Here are eight best methods that will help you with weight loss in face.

All you have to do is, read it, understand, and try to include them in your routine.


Cardio exercise

Cardio might seem trivial, but its health benefits are substantial, and the effect can be seen in the face as well.

In a 2012 study2, it was observed that people practicing cardio exercises had excellent weight loss in face compared to other forms of workout.

Facial exercises for your rescue

Facial exercises3 are a great way to improve blood circulation into the facial muscles and thus helping in faster fat burning.

Not just that, it also strengthens the muscles and gives a firmer look with a more toned cheek structure.

Hydrate yourself

Drinking water

Drinking water is not just for your general well-being, but for your face as well.

In a 2016 study4, it was found that there is a strong link between the breaking down of fat and hydration.

Even if not, drinking an extra few cups of water would do good for you!

Sleep like a baby

man sleeping

Sleep has a lot of profound effects on your general well-being.

Not just any sleep, but quality sleep for a minimum of 7 hours is recommended by the NSF.

This promotes weight loss and helps your body process extra fat in a much effective way than to deposit it on unwanted regions like your face!

A face sauna

This might be a parlor trick, but steaming your face has some amazing benefits.

Steam helps in cleansing your face by opening up the pores and removes dead cells.

But apart from the fact that it directly hydrates the cells and face sauna can improve the blood flow into the cells and helps in faster digestion of fat underneath.

Check your diet


If you feel that your face is getting bulky, then you might need to check your diet.

Eating lots of oily, fried, and high-fat foods could lead to excess fat in the face and cause other health problems.

Weight loss in face has to start from your diet. Make sure you load veggies and fruits instead of meat.

Little less alcohol

Alcohol is a classic factor that leads to excessive dehydration, and that is one reason why you are asked to drink a lot of water after consuming alcohol.

In a 2015 study5, it was found that alcohol is linked to obesity and weight gain.

As mentioned above, water retention makes your face look fatter. So, keep alcohol consumption to the minimum.

Reduce salt intake


Salt is another compound that creates water retention in the face and makes it look fatter.

If you want weight loss in the face, it means you need to reduce water retention, and for that, you need less salt in your diet.

The best way is to reduce all junk foods, and this step is easy and will give you guaranteed results.


Weight loss in face - before after picture

Fat on the face has a lot of implications, and trimming it away it not an easy task, but definitely not tricky like visceral fat.

Try to include some of the methods on our list in your daily life, and you can see the change within a few weeks.

Limit your overall fat intake, and that alone should contribute significantly to the cause.

Some of the weight loss supplements are useful when it comes to weight loss in face but use with caution.

Always the best way is to limit fatty foods, do your regular exercise, and sleep well!

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