Weight loss motivation tips

Lose Weight Like A Boss With Our Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Diet and exercise help you get back on shape, but if you fall short on your weight loss motivation, then it matters. Learn how to manage your motivation.

All set for the weight loss 1, but are you losing your motivation instead of weight?

It is not uncommon for people to lose motivation on something they wanted so badly to happen.

It could even be life-changing or might bring a fortune to you, and you may even start off very well but then hits the biggest threat: loss of motivation!

This is the same in the case of people who are on a quest to lose weight, and there is nothing you could do to stop it from happening.

Purchase new joggers & trainers, do a few more reps in your workout, climb steps instead of the elevator, and whatnot.

But this weight loss triumph comes to a halt in a few months for many!

But the good news is that you can overcome that unmotivating vibe with a few tips and tricks to get back on track.

Without pouring more words, let us fil you with some weight loss motivation to rock in your weight loss journey.

How to stay motivated to lose weight?

fat man exercising

Here are some popular and working weight loss motivational methods to help you shred faster.

Determination before motivation

Before you start your weight loss journey, ask yourself why you wanted to lose weight!

Determining the reasons for your need is the first step that will wash away some clouds of obscureness masking your motivation.

Having a clear picture of the cause, ways, and results will give you the inner confidence to work for your dream.

If possible, write down the above three and paste it somewhere you can see every day, so that you get a visual fortification for your motivation.

Set realistic expectations

This is another caveat before you dive in.

Fat trimming isn’t what you think it is, and poor expectations can ruin your weight loss motivation 2.

It is influenced by several factors, and another person’s achievement cannot be replicated on yours.

Take the help of your gym instructor or a nutritionist to determine your weight loss needs and diet 3.

Don’t go behind magic numbers and impossible promises.

To start with, if you can control your diet by cutting 800 – 1000 calories and exercise for 30 ~ 45 minutes for seven days, you can lose anywhere between 1 ~ 1.5 pounds.

Process goals instead of the outcome

The diction might be new to you, but the concept behind it is old school and, in fact, an effective way to achieve the final outcome.

Simply put, don’t be too much concerned about the weight loss number, instead focus on each step it takes to reach there.

For example, if you want to lose 30 pounds, instead of checking your weight every day, focus on each step it takes to reduce that 30 pounds.

Eating a 1000 calorie deficit food, walking 5 km every day, avoiding high-fat foods, replacing regular beverages with green tea 4, etc. shall be the process goals for achieving the end result, i.e., 30 pounds of weight loss!

A weight loss journal

weight loss journal

Keeping a periodic track of your fat trimming is one of the best ways to fuel your weight loss motivation.

The psychology behind it is very simple; when you are at the brink of losing motivation, the past achievements can fire your dying motivation.

You don’t need to write down or record weight, photographing is the modern way of recording journal.

Also, it is a good seed for sowing motivation among your family or friends who can get a kick start from you.

Celebrate your achievements

Celebrate doesn’t mean to host a party for your family & friends, but to treat yourself.

According to psychology researchers, treating oneself for their own achievement would help to keep self-motivated.

Even the impact of this activity might look trivial, in real-life, it could also bring in positive changes.

For example, seeing that trainer, you self-gifted for your first weight loss milestone each and every day could help you self-motivate to move faster towards the next achievement.

Cheering society

This one factor is very important and crucial for your weight loss success; therefore, let know all your family and friends about this quest.

If people surrounding you fail to give your moral support, it is a ticking time bomb of demotivation.

Posting your weight loss journey on social media is a good way, but make sure that you don’t unnecessarily bother anyone for your needs.

You can take this piece of advice to help your fellow weight loss pal to stay motivated.

Fill positivity around you

Self-motivation 5 never come exploding in your mind, it is cultivated as a part of a long process, determination, and will power.

Being optimistic is the key for self-motivating your interest.

Always try to find positive reasoning for all shortcomings and downfalls.

Creating a positive mental contrast is an excellent way to keep yourself moving forward.

When you feel down, imagine the trimmed figure of yourself and fantasize about reaching your goal.

Doing this would help you stay positive even in the worst-case scenario.

Always have a plan B

Many people lose motivation half-way through something because they may not be prepared to face the shortfalls.

Say, you had to take care of some other things during your jogging 6 time, and that doesn’t mean you can excuse your workout.

Come up with a secondary plan like running on a treadmill, or do something to compensate for that lost workout.

Try to make exercises part of your life, instead of treating it as an extra job.


Weight Loss Motivation Pictures

Motivation is never a bottled formula that you can ingest as an when you need it.

It has to flow from within you!

But the good thing is that manipulating your weight loss motivation is really easy if you follow the right tips and tricks.

Playing with your own mind is the basis, and you make yourself believe that you are doing this for a cause.

Over time, exercising becomes a part of your life, and from there, things are more manageable, and all you need to do is to mind the diet.

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