Weight Loss Overnight Oats

Best Fat Burning Companion: Weight Loss Overnight Oats

Do you know what makes weight loss overnight oats the best breakfast? Learn more about the fat burning & other health benefits of overnight oats here.

Weight loss is the primary concern of half of the population, while weight gain is worrying the other half.

Either way, the solutions to both problems come down to two things: diet & exercise.

Consider your body as a weighing balance; the needle has to be at the center for things to go smooth.

If it tips on either side, it is not good for your health.

Weigh loss 1 is slightly tricky, considering that factor the body has a natural mechanism to prevent fat draining.

You have to overcome this natural barrier to trim away extra fat deposits from your body.

Overnight oats are the new thing in the weight loss world; it has gained popularity as a perfect breakfast meal for weight loss seekers.

But are the claims valid?

And does the weight loss overnight oat thing even real?

Let us dig about it in this article and grab some insight about overnight oats and its weight loss influence.

Without further ado, let us jump into the crux of this article.

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What are overnight oats?


If you are hearing it for the first time, you might think it as a new variety of oats for overnight eating.

Well, no complications.

Overnight oats are simply the standard oatmeal you have in your kitchen cupboard, but with a slight change in the method of preparation.

While you cook the regular oatmeal with milk or whatever you take it with, in this technique, you leave the oats in milk overnight and eat it for breakfast.

This way, you give enough time for the milk to soak the oats and absorb the nutrients in milk.

There is a couple of convenience benefit for this technique; one is that you don’t need to cook the oats every morning, which one less headache and more time to get ready for work.

Secondly, oats will taste delicious when soaked in milk compared to the hot oatmeal breakfast that you are used to having.

Also, the fact that you leave it in the refrigerator overnight adds to the creamy consistency and will save sometime eating it.

How do overnight oats help in weight loss?

Overnight oats are made from uncooked, rolled oats, which has several health benefits, especially when it comes to weight loss.

The amount of healthy carbs and vitamins packed in this stuff has found to be the perfect recipe for weight loss.

The resistant starch (RS) 2 in overnight oats is not easily absorbed into the body; at the same time, it makes your stomach feel full and prevent the further inflow of food.

The RS helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and reduces the risk of diabetes in individuals.

Also, the higher levels of RS in overnight oats help in maintaining the positive energy balance, which favors weight loss.

Biotin is another compound in the oats, which can enhance metabolism, and when your internal metabolism is higher, there is an increased chance for fat burning.

Some studies 3 have found that certain chemical compounds in oats-carb have the property to improve metabolism by inhibiting the harmful effects of hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.

Not just that, the fiber in overnight oats takes the game to the next level by making you feel full until the next meal.

The viscous fiber in oats will slow down the movement of food through the intestine and thereby suppressing your appetite.

Untold health benefits of overnight oats

If you think that overnight oats are just a weight loss aid, you are mistaken.

There is more to it.

Check out some of the health benefits of overnight oats 4:

Bridles type diabetes

Type 2 diabetes 5 can be controlled by eating lots of plant-based proteins, which is, in fact, higher in overnight oats.

Not just that, making overnight oats your regular breakfast can help your metabolism linearize, which reduces the risk of diabetes in the future.

Protects cardiovascular health

The richness of plant-based nutrients on overnight oats makes it an excellent remedy for combating obesity.

The cardiovascular benefits are mostly seen in children whose fast-food inclination is directly related to high blood pressure and cholesterol at a very young age.

Excellent food during diarrhea

When you are suffering from diarrhea, overnight oats meal is an excellent food to consume.

Firstly, the higher fiber content in this food helps to regulate the bowel movement.

Secondly, the fiber helps to reduce oxidative stress in the gut, which helps to eliminate the infection.

Brain booster

Overnight oats are rich in vitamin B, which might have the ability to enhance brain function.

Some studies show the deficiency of vitamin B leading to cognitive impairment, which, when supplemented found to restore and improve brain function.

How to prepare weight loss overnight oats?

Well, the recipe is simple; you’ll need the following things:


Overnight oats

Not just any oats, you need rolled plain oats (possibly gluten-free) for better consistency.

Quick oats are not recommended usually, and using flavored oats is up to you.



If you want, you can use even water, but milk gives better taste and nutritional value.

Low-fat milk is best for overnight oats, and it is not mandatory to use animal milk, coconut, almond cashew, or even oats milk can be used.

Greek or vegan yogurt

Greek yogurt

You can use yogurt to add a bit of tangy flavor and a creamy texture to your oats.

Vanilla flavor

Vanilla is the most preferred flavor of all, but feel free to try strawberry or pineapple, etc. to enhance savor.


Dried fruits, nuts, fresh-cut fruits, seeds, or even spices can be used as toppings in overnight meals.

In order to prepare a simple overnight oatmeal recipe, combine 1-part oats with 1-part milk and 1/8 part of topping of your choice.

Rest can be added depending on your choice.

A sweetener can be also be used if you need a sugary taste, but might interfere with weight loss.


Weight loss diet

Weight loss overnight oats are an excellent breakfast if you are looking to lose some extra fat.

The ease of preparation, no-cooking, different topping /flavors, and cold serving makes it an easy and quick breakfast.

There are so many health benefits using overnight oats, but the most relevant of all is its weight loss property.

The ability to increase metabolism, high fiber content and richness of resistant starch are a few factors that contribute to weight loss.

Also, there are several vitamins and minerals in this oatmeal, especially vitamin B, which helps in improving brain function apart from weight loss benefits.

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