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GenF20 Plus Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

How about revisiting your lost youth just by using a few natural pills? You are in the right place, read more about this GenF20 Plus review to learn more.

  • KryoLife Health’s SCORE: 4.2/5

What I like about this product?

  • Slows down aging: GenF20 Plus is designed to help slow down the aging process by naturally increasing the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH). This can result in a more youthful appearance, with reduced wrinkles, crow’s feet, and improved skin texture.
  • Natural and safe: Unlike synthetic HGH, which can have serious side effects, GenF20 Plus is made from natural ingredients that are considered safe and side-effect-free. It doesn’t contain any harmful steroids or chemicals.
  • Improves overall well-being: In addition to its anti-aging benefits, users have reported improved mood, increased sex drive, faster recovery after workouts, better sleep, and enhanced cognitive function.
  • Endorsed by doctors: GenF20 Plus is endorsed by respected medical professionals like Dr. Steven Lamm, Dr. Jeff Hill, and Dr. Anna Lepeley as a top natural HGH supplement.
  • Scientifically proven: The product is backed by scientific research and clinical data, giving it credibility and assurance that it works as intended.
  • 67-day money-back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the results, the manufacturer offers a 67-day money-back guarantee (minus shipping charges), giving you peace of mind in trying the product risk-free.


Are you wondering if there is a remedy to reverse aging?

Well, science is yet to be there.

But we have something that can slow down aging, and this GenF20 Plus review is all about making you younger.

Anti-aging products have been a great deal for some time, and millions of dollars are poured in R&D to develop one.

The best we have got so far is the human growth hormone (HGH) 1, which can bridle the aging, and it is available both synthetically and chemically.

But due to the adverse side-effects, the above couldn’t be the saviors we needed.

This is where herbal and organic supplements like GenF20 Plus, make their way.

They are safe, side-effects-less, and work 100% like its chemical counterpart that too without employing any steroids.

So, without more words, let us explore more about this magic product.

What exactly is GenF20 Plus?

GenF20 Plus booster

GenF20 Plus is an HGH releaser supplement manufactured by Leading Edge Health based in Canada.

This product helps you increase the HGH secretion, thus boosting many metabolic functions related to growth hormone.

It comes in two parts; one is an enteric absorbed capsule, and another is an oral spray that complements the working of the capsule.

Both of them have to be used simultaneously to increase the efficiency of HGH secretion.

One guaranteed benefit is the youthfulness that this product can restore in you.

When you use the pills for some time, the wrinkles start to slowly fade, crow’s feet disappear, and your skin becomes softer.

The physical benefits like increased stamina (both in track and bed), reduction in subcutaneous & visceral fat, improved memory are some of the few.

The enteric absorption ensures maximum nutrient intake into the bloodstream, and as a result, the entire metabolism 2 gets a facelift.

Improved mood, increased sex drive, faster recovery after workouts/sex, the reduction in age spots, and you can also get a better sleep when HGH levels are higher.

How does GenF20 Plus work?

The organic nature of this supplement has a different style of working when compared to the chemical or synthetic version.

Let us grab a brief idea on how the HGH is produced in our body.

The anterior pituitary located inside the brain is responsible for the secretion of this hormone.

It happens in a short pulse-like style every 4-5 hours, and the hypothalamus of the brain is one controlling factor that helps in this timely secretion.

According to science, the maximum amount of secretion occurs when you sleep and in a completely relaxed state.

This is where GenF20 Plus steps in.

Firstly, it helps the working of the hypothalamus gland by complementing all the vital nutrients it requires.

The formulation packs in some of the essential metabolites needed by the pituitary gland, thus aid the HGH production.

Lastly, you need to be completely relaxed in order for the system too secrete HGH.

The neurotransmitters are regulated to help you relax, which ensures proper hormone biosynthesis.

GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus

Try this supplement today.

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How to use GenF20 Plus?

GenF20 Plus tablets

A one-month supply of GenF20 Plus contains 120 capsules and the Alpha GPC oral spray.

The manufacturer recommends taking 4 pills a day along with the oral spray.

Take two pills in the morning before food and the remaining two pills at night after dinner or before bed.

The Alpha GPC oral spray should also be used twice a day, soon after taking the pills.

There is no known drug interaction for this pill, still to be on a safe side consult your doctor if you are using any other medications.

The manufacturers recommend using this supplement for at least 3 months to see the full benefits.

Is GenF20 Plus safe and is it scientifically proven?

Yes, this is a scientifically valid and safe product with lots of clinical data to support the product.

Firstly, the manufacturing occurs in a cGMP facility that follows the FDA standards to ensure top of the line quality.

Everything from ingredient procurement till product shipping follows a standard international protocol compliant with regulations of Europe and the US.

Secondly, each and every study related to this product can be found on a page called medical proof on the product website.

All the claims by this product are scientifically validated and cited on this page.

If needed, you can visit the journal website and download the research article to verify it.

Lastly, reputed doctors like Dr. Steven Lamm, Dr. Jeff Hill, and Dr. Anna Lepeley endorse this product as one of the best natural HGH supplements.

GenF20 Plus ingredients

GenF20 Plus ingredients

There are 15 ingredients in this supplement, and all of them are medical-grade stuff, graded, and extracted using the latest technology.

Let us see some of the main components:

Anterior Pituitary Powder

Extracted from the animal source, and this product helps in stimulating the working of your pituitary gland.

Astragalus Root Extract

This plant product is an excellent immunity booster that helps you balance the homeostasis of the body 3.


It contains several antibodies and metabolites that speed up the body’s healing process and increases bone density.

Deer Velvet Antler

This product is a natural source of glucosamine and collagen, which is very important for joint health, healthy skin, and nails.


A powerful anti-aging agent that can triple that amount of HGH. Also, this compound increases testosterone and has nitric oxide activity as well 4.

Phosphatidyl Choline

Another crucial ingredient which can burn fat, and facilitate the nutrient intake 5.

GTF Chromium

A trace element of significant importance which helps you increase stamina, boost metabolism, and enhances fat burning.


A naturally occurring amino acid derivative that triggers brain signaling to increase HGH production.

Amino Acid Combination

Apart from L-Arginine, other amino acids include Glutamine, Glycine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Ornithine, Tyrosine, and Valine, all of which helps in HGH production.

GenF20 Plus side effects

Side effects are pervasive for enhancer supplements, but one main difference here is that GenF20 Plus is not a pharmaceutical drug; instead, it is a nutraceutical supplement.

Plus, the formulation is 100% organic and doesn’t contain harmful steroids or chemical ingredients that invites trouble.

Some of you might be allergic to certain ingredients used; in that case, consult your doctor before using this product.

Apart from that, in general, this supplement is side-effects free and doesn’t cause problems like its synthetic counterpart.

For example, synthetic HGH may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc.

In the case of the GenF20 pill, the worst you might get is a bad stomach, which will go away on its own.

While the synthetic version of HGH acts as a substitute for natural hormone, the natural supplement helps your metabolism make its own natural HGH.

To be on a safe side, those people who are currently under medication or have some cardiovascular, kidney, or liver problems, etc. should consult a doctor before using this product.

GenF20 Plus reviews

GenF20 Plus is one of the best-rated HGH releasers in the market.

It scores an excellent 4.9/5 stars in Amazon and 4.8/5 on Walmart’s online store page.

In our primary analysis, this product turned out to be a top-class HGH supplement and based on user reviews, we give this product a 5/5 in this segment.

Check out these comments from certified buyers.

Sylvia Denonna posted this testimonial on the official website:

Incredible product! My skin, hair, nails are greatly enhanced (locks are thicker!). I’ve reduced cellulite on my small inner leg which i have attempted, so far, to enhance for a long time! My energy and libido are incredible! I recommend GenF20 to all my buddies and my loved ones already included a supply. My mother has bronchial asthma and today has more energy than ever before!

This is what AndyB posted on Amazon:

Feels Great. I’ve been taking them for about three weeks now. In the second week it felt it like a light switch had been turned on and after that I felt great. Just ordered two more boxes will let you know more in a couple of weeks.

GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus

Try this supplement today.

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GenF20 Plus: prices & where to buy it

GenF20 Plus official website

You can buy this product from the official website:

Comes in six purchase options.

1 month supply: $82.99 (Save $16.99 from the original price of $99.98).

2 month supply: $159.99 (Save $39.97 from the original price of $199.96).

3 month supply: $220.99 (Save $78.95 from the original price of $299.94).

4 month supply: $287.99 (Save $111.93 from the original price of $399.92).

5 month supply: $349.99 (Save $150.00 from the original price of $499.90).

6 month supply: $399.90 (Save $199.89 from the original price of $599.88).


  • The best value for money given by the 6- & 12-month supply pack.
  • Free $25 NHS Gift Card and Free Shipping for 4-month supply and above.
  • You can also individually buy the pill or oral spray.
  • Promo codes are offered when purchased from the official website.
  • Those who participate in their before-after program can get a free one year supply.
  • You might get a chance to purchase discounted products from Leading Edge Health during the checkout process.
  • No auto-debiting or shipping.

Shipping info

  • Free express global shipping for 3 months or above supply.
  • Standard shipping (7-10 days) costs $5.99 (within the US) and is handled by USPS.
  • Other than standard shipping, rest is handled by UPS.
  • You can also insure your shipment for $3.99.

Payment options 

  • Accepts all major credit cards.
  • You can also make purchases through postal order, or phone.
  • PayPal payment is accepted.
  • The payment portal is 128-bit SSL encrypted.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 67 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.

You will get a 100% refund, excluding any shipping charges incurred.

All you have to do is place a return order through the sales page or ping their customer care, and they will guide you.

You might have to return any unopened bottles back to the return address as per the policy of the seller website.

For more details, check the return section on the official website.

GenF20 Plus pros & cons


A working solution to slow down aging, reduce dark spots, crow’s feet, and make your skin glow.

The effects are reflected in your physique as increased stamina, lean muscle formation, reduction in body fat, etc.

Since this is a natural product, you don’t need a prescription to buy and use it.

Endorsed by top doctors like Dr. Steven Lamm, Dr. Jeff Hill, and Dr. Anna Lepeley.

There are many scientific studies associated with the product, and all of them can be found on the website.

67 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.


The price tag is a bit on the heavier side, but when compared to synthetic HGH, it is a far better deal.

You need to use 4 capsule

GenF20 Plus: conclusion

GenF20 Plus boosters

So, we hope this GenF20 Plus review gave you an in-depth idea about this product.

One thing is clear, this HGH supplement is unparalleled in the organic supplement segment, maybe it is safe to call it the best.

Internet reviews and customer feedbacks only speak about the unbelievable rejuvenating capability of this tiny pill.

That doesn’t mean you start to reverse age, but the effects of aging will begin to slow down, and that makes you feel more energetic.

And definitely, the sexual benefits are real, and you would rock in bed with your partner for sure.

So, if that price tag doesn’t bother you, then go purchase and start using it right away.

GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus

Try this supplement today.

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