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Gorilla Mind Turkesterone Review: Is It A Monster Supplement?

Do you know that turkesterone improves your gains by up to 35%? Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is a top product you might want to know about. Check the review here

Turkesterone plays a really crucial and undeniably important role in bodybuilding and the stamina development of a person.

An adequate amount of this adaptogen in the body can help drive you towards better outcomes and results from your exercises and workout activities. Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is an obvious choice for many when it comes to this compound.

If a person lacks the volume of nutrients in their body, this product will perfectly fine-tune it to help stabilize that volume. It is not illegal or unhealthy to use supplements. In fact, it is proven to be beneficial for the body.

This product reviewed here is one of the best suppliers of turkesterone-based supplements, and in fact, out of a handful of supplement manufacturers, Gorilla Mind will stand aside for many reasons.

So, want to know what makes this supplement special? Let us dive into the crux of this article.

What is Gorilla Mind Turkesterone?

Gorilla Mind Turkesteron is a supplement, not a drug, a synthetic steroid, or a hormone, but just a simple supplement. It can be classified as a plant steroid, which is, in fact, widely used in traditional medicine and Ayurveda.

This works along the line of the testosterone that is present inside your body. It means that if a person is lacking in testosterone levels within his/her body, it won’t be wrong to use this product.

This product is produced and manufactured by Gorilla Mind (LLC), located in Boise, USA, and all the safety protocols are on par with international standards.

Being a facility recognized by the related health authorities, this in itself gives strong enough proof of the safety standards that are associated with the product.

This product can prove to be extremely helpful in exercises that require the use of great brute force or power—namely, anabolic activities.

Along with gaining the benefits offered by these exercises, you will also be able to perceive the benefits associated with a higher level of testosterone, like faster fatigue recovery, increased muscle mass, and increased energy level and stamina.

How does Gorilla Mind Turkesterone work?

Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone is a compound that works similarly to that of testosterone. This product can provide you with the same benefits that are offered by testosterone to a person.

This means that the supplement can help you get lean and stronger muscles in a relatively shorter period.

Using this product, you will be able to increase your muscle mass rather effectively, and the outcome is sure to benefit you better than your expectations.

Along with helping in the process of bodybuilding and increasing physical capabilities, this product is also helpful in promoting weight loss.

As a result, your fat will be converted into energy. Therefore, the person in question will be able to exert more power during his workout and will have relatively higher energy levels.

Also, this supplement works to increase the endurance of a person. As a result, after opting for this product, you will be able to do workouts to a higher extreme, for a longer period, and of high quality.

Moreover, you will have an improved recovery rate from fatigue. This is sure to benefit your body in the long run.

Not just that, turkesterone can help in faster recovery by increasing thermogenesis and glucose production, which will down cascade activate the amino acids that are needed for faster recovery.

How to take it?

Each container of Gorilla Mind Turkesterone contains 60 capsules. It is recommended to take one capsule twice per day for the best results.

It is suggested to take the dosage 15-30 minutes before the workout sessions. Within the recommended cycle, it is sure to show positive and desirable effects on your body.

Individuals who want to gain the maximum benefits from the product can take a maximum of 4 capsules per day.

But, keep in mind to support a workout of that extreme too. To see the best effects of the supplement, the physicians suggest completing the three-month cycle for the product.

Is Gorilla Mind Turkesterone safe to use?

Without a doubt, Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is a product that is 100% safe for use. This product contains no ingredients that can prove to be harmful to a person in any way possible.

Moreover, this is a product that has been tried and tested by human volunteers. And as expected, no significant harmful effects were observed in the people. That in itself ensures the safety of the product.

Also, it should be noted that the HQ of the product is stationed in the US. And there is no second-doubting the health regulations and standards that are offered and imposed by the government of the USA.

Being 100% natural and organic, this can be regarded as a completely safe product.

How long does it take to work?

For many of the satisfied customers, it has been stated that they were able to observe the effects of supplements in 2-4 weeks.

Therefore, it can be said that this is the due time within which the product is likely to show visible effects on your body.

Besides this, if a person is not able to observe any significant changes in his body within the due time frame, they are still recommended to continue the intake of the product.

In addition, they are advised to follow the three-month cycle. Within this period, they are sure to observe significant changes in their physical frame.

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone ingredients

The following are the ingredients of this pre-workout supplement:

  • Ajuga turkestanica Extract – increases muscular strength and promotes muscular recovery.
  • Gelatin – enhances the digestive system and strengthens joints and bones.
  • Rice Flour – helps in improving the digestive system and promotes the fat loss.
  • Silicon Dioxide – increases mental sharpness and intensity.
  • Magnesium Stearate – this ingredient has anti-anxiety effects.

Does it cause and side effects?

Looking back at the hundreds of satisfactory reviews that have been left behind by the customers on the official website, it will be perfectly fine to state that this product has no side effects.

This can be stated and observed just from the fact that there are no ingredients present in the supplement that are likely to produce any kind of harmful reaction within the body of a person.

Besides, this is a product that is manufactured only in a certain few good quality manufacturing facilities, and that fact adds up with the equation to make the product seem even more reliable to the customers.

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone real users reviews

This supplement is derived from natural sources and therefore has no hesitation to be tested among the customers.

Its guaranteed results have earned a lot of praise from its users, and it scores an excellent 4.5 out of 5 stars according to various surveys.

Here are some of the real-life comments from its certified users:

Marc wrote this on Amazon after trying this product for four weeks, and it seems he had some  unexpected benefits using this product:

This works for real!!!!

HAPPY!!!!!! WILL BUY AGAIN!!!! I rarley write reviews I am one of those people that read reviews before I buy anything and do weeks of research. I often think most reviews are fake. This product had the most reviews it cost a little more than the others but I would rather it work than waste my money.

Anyway, I am 48yr old and workout 5-7 times a week (1 to 2 hours), I coach sports year around for my 3 kid so I am on the field or court at least 5 days a week. As I have gotten older I have found it difficult to keep muscle mass on even with taking in 2000-2500 cals a day. I have worked out since I was in my teens. I have always had bulk with some cut. Trying to keep a happy medium has been difficult for the past 5 years.

Week 4… I am seeing size, thicker shoulders, and arms and more definition. Veins are starting to surface I have not seen in 10 yrs. I never weigh myself but if you workout you know if veins are showing you are cutting fat.

****I can even say I feel a mood change and I am normally a happy guy. So that says a lot to me.

****Lastly, I did not buy this for sex, I mean I ain’t 20yr old no more but everything works pretty good. I would say this has increased my hang time. Thats a bonus!!!!!!”

Luis had a different output after using this supplement. He seemed more mentally fit and could feel an improvement in his recovery and fatigue resistance. Here is his complete review:

Pretty satisfied with my first 2 weeks

Don’t know exactly if it were the turk that helped accelerate my progression or just the mentality of it working but I’ve had a significant increase of strength in both bench and squat. I’ve been training for around 3 years and all I can say is that I’ve noticed some rapid differences. I put 20lbs on my bench and around 30-50 on my squat in 2 weeks. And before this, this type of progression would take me more than a couple of weeks or even months. I don’t feel as sore as I did and as for hunger, I would say I’ve been feeling hungrier. Body weight is around the same ~+2 lbs and I feel like my fitness has improved in terms of cardio. Overall, recovery time, strength, and cardio has been superb compared to my prior self so I would say give this supplement a try IF you have the money.

Oh and also, anything else like hormonal changes hasn’t been an issue as I’ve been feeling the same. Don’t relly have any blood work so idk how else to prove that LOL”

What’s the price and where to buy it?

You should buy this product from the official website: https://gorillamind.com/products/turkesterone

Comes in single-purchase options:

  • 1 bottle (60 capsules) – $59.99 

Shipping info

  • Shipping charges are extra.
  • Worldwide shipping with USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
  • Fast delivery within 24- 48 hours after ordering for eligible orders.
  • Packaging is done in discreet boxes.
  • 24 hours shipping assistance and tracking.


  • Accepts all major debit and credit cards.
  • Express checkout with ShopPay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.
  • The payment portal is 256-bit encrypted.

Pros & cons


  • This is a tried and tested product.
  • The product is verified by the health organizations and sports authorities of the USA.
  • It helps in promoting physical growth and fat loss and increases endurance.
  • It can be taken without any prescription from a professional health physician.
  • Made from pure plant extract and, therefore, safe for consumption.
  • Manufactured from pharmaceutical grade plant products.
  • One of the highest-rated turkesterone supplements on Amazon.


  • The maximum dosage per day must be considered for maximum gains, which may cause adverse health effects.


To get the best results and the maximum amount of gains from a workout session, it is highly recommended to consider this product.

They can prove to be helpful by making up for the hormones or stimulants that are lacking within your body.

Therefore, after using these supplements, you will be able to observe significant changes in the physical characteristics of your body. And this is all for the better.

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is one such product, and undeniably one of the very best ones that you can find in the market.

This product can provide all the benefits you seek from a workout. Moreover, this product is 100% natural and organic, making it perfectly safe for use!

Written by Lukas Weier
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