Penile Melanosis

Penile Melanosis: Are These Hyperpigmented Lesions Cause for Concern?

Penile melanosis is a rare skin disease found in men. But, there is nothing to worry about it. Here is everything you must know about Penile Melanosis.

Quick summary

  • Penile melanosis is a rare skin condition that can affect any man between the ages of 15 to 75, causing brown patches on the head of the penis.
  • There is no specific cause of penile melanosis, but severe injuries, age, genetic conditions, and skin treatments may contribute to its development.
  • While penile melanosis does not affect sex life, laser therapy or surgery can be used to remove the dark patches, and natural penis enhancement pills like Viasil and VigrxPlus can enhance penis erection.

Penile melanosis is one of the few rare skin conditions in men. It usually begins as a harmless disease that can affect any man between the age of 15 to 75.

To date, the actual reason for this condition has not been discovered. However, it is safe to say that penile melanosis does not spread through any form of contact, and neither is it infectious.

In fact, according to experts,  penile melanosis does not require any specific operation or treatment. But, a few people choose to get cosmetic surgery in order to remove the spots caused by penile melanosis.

This article will tell you everything you must know about penile melanosis, starting from its causes to how it can affect your lifestyle. So, keep reading to learn more.

How Can You Identify Penile Melanosis?

Penile melanosis is typically noticed when brown patches on the head of your penis begin to show. It is also known as hyperpigmentation. However, other than that, to identify if you have this rare skin disease, look out for the following symptoms:

  • Dark brown or black patches begin to show on the head of your penis.
  • You may also notice one or more than one dark spots all over your penis.
  • Patches on your penis that do change their color or shape over the years.
  • Big and dark patches that do not pain or bleed.
  • At times, these patches may be only a few centimeters tall.

Other than that, at times,  penile melanosis may be caused due to other conditions such as Ferrous Sulfate, Hemosiderin, and Lipofuscin.

When these pigments begin to affect the skin of your penis, you will notice a color change. However, this color change will not only occur in the head but also in the other parts of your penis.

How is it caused? What is treatment available?

Now you may wonder what causes hyperpigmentation of your penis? Well, as we mentioned before, there is no actual reason. Even so, the experts believe the following may be a few reasons that may cause  penile melanosis in your penis:

Severe injuries

If you have, by any means, injured your penis, it could definitely lead to Penile Melanosis. That is because when your penis is damaged, it begins to form scar tissue. This can lead to hyperpigmentation in the future.


Age may play a definite role here. Even so, only men between the ages of 15 to 72 tend to develop this rare skin disease.

Genetic condition

You may also develop  penile melanosis if anyone from your family background has this rare skin disease.

Skin treatments

A few skin treatments like PUVA therapy and anthralin contain different types of drugs. When you get skin treatments with the help of these drugs, it may affect you with hyperpigmentation or, especially, Penile Melanosis.

What are the best ways to get rid of Penile Melanosis?

Well, there are no specific treatments that will cure this condition. However, thanks to our medical facilities, you can try a few alternative options like:

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a great option you can try. This treatment will help you to remove the dark patches from your penis. However, you may need to attend a few sessions in order to make sure all the spots disappear completely.


You can also opt for a painless surgery that will remove the dark spots and give you the perfect erection you once enjoyed before.

Will it affect your sex life?

In simple words, penile melanosis does not affect your sex life. Because, as we mentioned earlier,  penile melanosis is not an infection that might spread from one person to another.

Instead, it totally depends on your lifestyle, age, and other certain factors. Even so, if you wish  penile melanosis to not affect your satisfying sex life, you may try the following penis enhancement products:

Vigrx Plus

Vigrx Plus is one of the best penis enhancement formulas. However, it not only gives you the perfect erection but also takes care of your overall sexual well-being.

Vigrx Plus balances your hormonal metabolism while supplying nutrients that enhance your sexual performance.

You only need to consume one pill per day for at least 30 to 60 days. Plus, it is made with herbal ingredients, so you can consume it for a long time without worrying about its side effects.


Viasil is super affordable yet one of the best natural supplements that sky-rockets your regular sex life. This penis enhancement pill for men works like magic and prevents premature ejaculation.

Besides, it builds up your stamina and gives you the perfect erection that helps you last longer than usual. Viasil is 100% natural and contains no organ-damaging chemicals.

The best part about this male enhancement pill is that you do not need to consume it on a daily basis. Instead, one pill with juice 30 mins prior to having sex is what you need.

However, make sure you do not consume more than 30 pills in a month. Nevertheless, Viasil is a scientifically-proven penis enhancement pill you must try.


penile melanosis is not a serious disease but a rare skin condition that can occur to anyone prone to it. Besides, it is absolutely unpredictable.

This condition will not directly affect your sex life. Even so, if you wish to enhance your penis erection, you can definitely try scientifically proven, natural penis enhancement pills like Viasil and VigrxPlus.

Other than that, to make sure  penile melanosis does not affect you, you need to keep a regular check on the overall health of your penis.

Plus, keeping a photographic record will also help you and your doctor keep an eye on its shape, color, and size.

However, do seek for professional help right after you notice a few tiny spots on your penis. This will allow your doctor to treat the early symptoms and make sure you are  penile melanosis free.

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