Semenax Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Semen health is a crucial factor that determines male virility. This Semenax review explains how a tiny pill gives you the best moments by improving it.

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What I like about this product?

  • Herbal and Side-Effects Free: Semenax is a nutraceutical supplement made from herbal ingredients, ensuring that it’s safe to use without any known side effects.
  • Clinically Studied: Semenax is scientifically validated and clinically studied, with data available on the official website. The research supports its safety and effectiveness in increasing ejaculatory volume.
  • Improves Overall Sexual Performance: In addition to increasing semen volume, Semenax can also boost libido, sexual vigor, sperm count, sperm health, and overall fertility. Some users even report heightened orgasms and rock-hard erections as a result of using Semenax.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Semenax comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you can try the product without financial risk.
  • Reputable Manufacturer: Semenax is produced and marketed by Leading Edge Health, a trusted name in the field of health supplements.
  • Easy to Use: The supplement is simple to incorporate into your daily routine, with just four capsules to be taken daily.


Are you worried about decreasing ejaculatory volume?

Maybe this Semenax review can be that one magic solution you needed.

Ejaculation volume is one of the least bothered sexual characteristics until unless it affects the fertility of a man.

There are some medical treatments available to reverse this condition, but how many of you are willing to deal with side effects?

This is where a side-effects-free, herbal, and safe nutraceutical supplement comes in to play.

In this review, we are discussing the unexplored world of Semenax and how it can help you increase your masculinity.

So, without pouring more words, let us go straight into the topic.

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What exactly is Semenax?

Semenax bottle

Semenax is a volume booster pill manufactured and marketed by Leading Edge Health based in Canada. Like Climax Control, this product is very helpful in the bedroom.

This pill, when used as recommended by the manufacturer, will help you increase the ejaculation load and thereby your fertility. 

It works on a metabolic level to increase both sperm count and semen volume as well.

After regularly using this supplement for 3 ~ 4 months, you will see an increase in libido 1, sexual vigor, sperm count, sperm health, semen volume, and overall fertility.

Some users even felt heightened orgasm as a result of the testosterone boosting capability of this pill.

The nitric oxide property of this product helps in increasing the blood flow into the penis, and as a result, you will get a rock-hard erection a well.

Some users claim a 60% increase in ejaculation volume resulting in a hike up to 5 ~ 7 ml while the average is 3.5 ml.

Not just that, Semenax can become an overall sexual performance booster when used for an extended period.

How does Semenax work?

If you want to know how this pill works, you must understand the basics of sperm production and its mixing with semen.

A male reproductive system consists of testes, the duct system (epididymis & vas deferens), accessory glands (prostate gland and seminal vesicles), and finally, the penis.

The sperm comes from the seminiferous tubules inside the testicles and gets ready during its journey through the duct system.

When you ejaculate, this sperm gets mixed with the semen (a proteinous fluid) from accessory glands before becoming that white cloudy ejaculation load.

Semenax pills target the accessory gland, especially the prostate, to increase the amount of semen.

Also, it stimulates the testicles to increase sperm count and help them to properly mature inside the duct system.

This way, the sperm count is not lost in the transition, and the majority of the sperms will be healthy until it reaches the female system.

Other actions of the pill include stimulating the testis to increase testosterone 2 production, enhancing the libido, and helping you with a rock-solid erection.



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How to use Semenax?

One month’s supply of this product has 120 capsules in it, and you are supposed to take 4 capsules a day for the best results.

It is preferable to take 2 pills in the morning, at least 30 minutes the breakfast (so that the pills get easily digested and absorbed along with the food).

The remaining two pills can be taken before bed or after dinner, as you prefer.

Since this is an herbal supplement, there is no strict dosing pattern.

Even if you take 4 pills in one go, it is safe and effective.

However, make sure that you don’t exceed the daily limit of four capsules, as it might lead to overdose.

Longer you do the supplementation, more effective and prominent the result will be.

A minimum of 3 months is suggested by the manufactures to see the onset of the results.

Water or fruit juices are the best to ingest pills, but avoid alcohol and carbonated beverages as it might tamper the results.

If you are currently using any medication or have any medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc. consult your doctor before using this product.

Is Semenax safe and is it scientifically proven?

Most of the products from Leading Edge Health are scientifically validated and clinically studied by internal researchers before releasing them into the market.

Semenax is no different from the trend, and it well evaluated and clinically studied by scientists from Vedic Lifesciences led by Dr. Anuradha Kulkami.

The data of their clinical study can be found on the official website, and according to the findings, the product is safe and helped patients to increase ejaculatory volume.

You can google each of the ingredients used in this product, and you would stumble on at least 10 papers per ingredient, all of which might be explaining the effectiveness of it.

Also, an internal team of researchers keeps a close watch on the post-sales performance of their product, especially evaluating the customer feedback to further improve the supplement composition in the next version.

Semenax ingredients

Semenax ingredients

Semenax is a combination of six medical-grade herbal ingredients, all of which are cherry-picked from the traditional treatment regimens.

The composition and formulation are the secrets behind the success of this product.

Let us see one by one.

Swedish Flower

This flower is mainly used in male enhancers to increase the vigor.

It contains the precursor for the male sex hormone, which can boost the biosynthesis and improve the reproductive health in male.


One of the most common ingredients in male enhancement supplements.

They help in boosting sperm motility and semen volume.

Also, the nitric oxide activity of this ingredient helps in vasodilation for harder erection 3.


An essential amino acid that helps in boosting the biosynthesis of testosterone.

The sperm production, semen volume, and quality of sperms are also increased when lysine levels are increased in the body.

Epimedium Sagittatum

Popularly known as horny goat weed, this plant is an excellent aphrodisiac agent with libido-boosting capabilities.

It can also stimulate the testis to increase testosterone production, thereby increasing sperm count.

Butea Superba

This Asian plant comes from Thailand and is used in many male products because of its aphrodisiac property.

It can also help to increase the blood flow in the penis to give you a stronger erection 4.


A conditionally essential amino acid of great significance for sperm health.

Carnitine supplements are usually prescribed to people with low sperm count or motility to increase fertility 5.

Semenax side effects

Semenax bottles

Side effects are secondary reactions elicited by a drug /supplement which triggers an adverse health condition.

Most of the chemical drugs have one or more side effects.

This is because they are made of refined and enriched chemical compounds isolated from a plant or synthetically created in a lab.

Our body is designed to handle only a certain amount of chemicals, and when a higher load reaches our system, it can sometimes lead to complications.

Semenax is an herbal supplement composed of herbal medicinal plants.

There are no known side-effects associated with this product due to its organic nature.

It is more or less like eating a green salad made of medicinal plants; just the difference is that Semenax pills are capsulized.

To the worse, you might get a stomach upset if you have a natural resistance in digesting cellulose, but it can also go away when you get used to the pills.

Semenax reviews

Semenax is one of the best-rated products from Leading Edge Health, and it has a 5 out 5 stars in Leading Edge Health web store.

After a comprehensive review and comparisons, we give this product an excellent 4.8 out 5 in the male performance enhancers genre.

Here are some of the reviews by certified buyers.

George from PA wrote this on the official website:

My girlfriend is very satisfied. Yes, sex has definitely improved. I can come up with a storm now and my girlfriend is very satisfied. My come volume definitely increased as did my overall sex drive. I will be ordering more Semenax™ in the very near future.

This is what Steve commented on Leading Edge Health website:

This product has proven itself for aiding my body in recovering after each orgasm to produce more semen in short order. I am 69 years and just last weekend had 4 full-body orgasms with full ejaculation each in 2 days time. Yea!!



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Semenax: prices & where to buy it

Semenax official website

You can buy this product from the official website:

Comes in four purchase options.

12 month supply: $399.95 (save $559.45 from the original price of $959.40).

6 month supply: $289.95 (save $190.95 from the original price of $479.70).

3 month supply: $154.95 (save $85.00 from the original price of $239.85).

1 month supply: $59.95 (save $20.00 from the original price of $79.95).


  • You can get bonuses and free products when purchased from the official website.
  • Free shipping (within the US) for the 3-month supply and above.
  • Get a 50% discount during checkout and add one more Semenax bottle for just $29.95.
  • No auto-debiting or auto-shipping.

Shipping info

  • Free global shipping on the 3-month supply or above via USPS service.
  • Express shipping through UPS costs $9.00.
  • Overnight shipping through UPS costs $31.00.
  • You can insure your shipment for $3.99.

Payment options 

  • Accepts all major credit cards.
  • PayPal payment is accepted.
  • You can place an order via mail.
  • The payment portal is 128-bit SSL encrypted.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 67 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.

You will get a 100% refund, excluding any shipping charges incurred.

All you have to do is place a return order through the sales page or ping their customer care, and they will guide you.

With their empty container offer, you are eligible for a full refund when 2 empty bottles of Semenax are returned.

Any unopened bottles that are returned within the 67 days of purchase also qualify for money-back.

Semenax pros & cons


Easy, safe, and natural supplement to increase ejaculation volume.

No side-effects due to the herbal nature of ingredients.

Scientifically studied and resulted are documented.

The parent company (Leading Edge Health) is one of the best in the field.

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy and use this product.

Increase ejaculation volume, enhanced libido, and stronger erection.

67-days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.


This product is mainly sold through the official website only. Offline availability is a downside.

The price tag might not be customer friendly, but the results will compensate for that hefty price tag.

Semenax: conclusion

semenax bottle and pills

Undoubtedly, Semenax is one of the best volume boosters in the market, and we hope this review might have given you the necessary insight required.

If you think your ejaculation volume is decreasing or very low, you can safely start using this supplement.

The effects are not just confined to the ejaculation load, but extends to libido, erection, and orgasm control.

In a nutshell, you can call this a complete male enhancer with a knack for increasing ejaculatory volume.



Try this supplement today.

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