Winstrol review

Winstrol Review: Is This Anabolic Steroid Safe To Use?

Winstrol is that ultimate performance booster than most bodybuilders would love to carry in their gym, but they are no longer licit. But don’t worry, check out this excellent legal alternative for Winstrol here.

Are steroids1 the ultimate solution for a perfect physique?

The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ depending on the perspective and the background of the question.

If you are a hard worker with abundant knowledge in sports nutrition and has access to a tremendous variety of foods, then steroids aren’t the last word.

However, lazy lads who are looking for a shortcut in muscle building and those depending entirely on supplements for their nutritional needs shall take it as a ‘yes.’

For a flawless muscle building, you need a perfect harmony between hormones and nutrients, which unfortunately is difficult to meet with current diet trends filled with junk foods.

Steroids are a one stop solution for your muscle needs; however, they are notoriously famous for the side effects as well.

It is undeniably true that the majority of the steroid-associated adverse conditions reported are either due to drug abuse or improper use.

Winstrol is a famous steroid brand that made an earthquake in the bodybuilding industry with its unparalleled performance inducing capability.

However, the triumph couldn’t be continued due to its adverse effects on the user and got sidelined over time when new generation supplements were introduced.

Crazy Bulk’s Winsol is one of the major competitors, which is a legal steroid alternative for Winstrol.

In this Winstrol review, we shall take a glance at the lost legacy of this steroid, its abilities, and a little in detail about its new-gen competitor ‘Winsol.’

What is Winstrol?

Winstrol2 is the brand name for the drug stanozolol, which is structurally similar to the human male hormone testosterone.

It is used to treat various conditions, especially angioedema resulting in swellings on body parts.

This steroid could dissolve the blood clot and be used to treat several other conditions related to the skin.

Apart from above, they were used to treat lipodermatosclerosis, ulcer healing, and to improve skin thickness.

But the application that made this steroid the all-time favorite is its performance enhancing ability.

Winstrol was first formulated by Winthrop in 1962 and acquired FDA approval in the following years.

They continued their triumph until 2014, before being withdrawn from the market for all kinds of therapeutic application.

In 1974 this drug was banned by the International Olympic Committee and International Association of Athletics Federations.

However, till the day, people illegally acquire this steroid and use it for performance enhancement due to their excellent androgenic effect.

How does Winstrol work?

How does Winstrol work

Winstrol is a perfect cutting cycle steroid with excellent fat burning capability contributed by the superior androgenic effect.

This steroid has similar functionality as that of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, thus perfectly mimicking the natural testosterone activity.

The A-ring modification in the Winstrol made it an ideal steroid which, unlike others, doesn’t get converted to estrogen inside the body.

Apart from fat burning, Stanozolol regulates the lipoprotein production by reducing the HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and increasing the LDL (low-density lipoprotein).

Another interesting function of Winstrol is its ability to lower sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) because of which there are two advantages

  • SHBG binds to steroid molecules and neutralizes them.
  • SHBG binds to natural testosterone, thereby reducing its bioavailability.

With lower levels of SHBG, both steroid molecule, as well as available testosterone, can function correctly.

Improving the calcium release in muscle cells, nitrogen retention, and enhancing parasympathetic signaling cascade are some other functions taken care of by Winstrol.

What results can you expect after using Winstrol?

Winstrol delivers promised results, provided you have used it correctly as per the instructions of your doctor or nutritionist.

Lean muscle development is one guaranteed result that you achieve with Winstrol. Excess adipose fat, under the muscle skin, is used up during the hard work out session, leaving tight muscles with a lot of veins adding aesthetic elegance.

Winstrol, like all steroids, has bone marrow stimulating ability, thus enhancing the RBC production which improves the nutrient flow into muscle tissue.

Improved quality of oxygenation, increased circulation, and enhanced muscle contraction contributes towards endurance and stamina.

The user can experience a sudden outburst of energy and mental push within oneself a few days after Winstrol usage.

Muscle fatigue is significantly reduced upon Winstrol usage, thanks to its cortisol elimination capability; this muscle eating compound is not allowed to build up after vigorous exercise.

Depending on the cycling, dosage, and exercise the effects might start to show up anywhere from 1st week ~ 4th week.

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Are there any Winstrol side effects?

Most of the steroids inflict some degree of adverse health effects and Winsol in no different from others.

Some most common side effects associated with this drug are acne, hair loss, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, and liver problems.

There are reports which suggest the possible hepatotoxicity of Winstrol which in some instances could be fatal.

Cardiovascular impact of this drug also looks problematic due to its effect in forming edema leading to congestive heart failures in rare cases.

Other than above-mentioned side effects, they have a renal indication of calcium retention leading to renal edemas.

Also, spermatogenesis suppression is found to be a negative result in people who administer large doses of Winstrol.

Some studies elucidate the oncological effect of Winstrol in inducing hepatic carcinomas, which are not very prevalent though.

Is Winstrol legal?

The legality of Winstrol is limited to treat certain conditions in humans like lipodermatosclerosis, ulcer healing, and angioedema. It can only be procured and used under the supervision of a clinician.

This steroid was actively used in medical therapeutics but has been banned from using as a sports supplementation.

Winstrol is classified under the ‘schedule III’ drug due to its potential for abuse, and the user might develop an addiction because of which it is under ‘controlled substance’ category in many countries.

The androgenic property of Winstrol has made it a suitable choice for bodybuilders, and it is one of the most abused sports performance drugs.

World anti-doping agency (WADA) has banned this steroid from being used in performance enhancement due to its unparalleled potential and biased advantages.

Best legal alternative to Winstrol

Winsol review

Who would prefer a magic drug that could gift you an excellent physique but at the same time put you in a hospital bed?

Crazy Bulk heard this dilemma and formulated something which can do everything like a steroid except one thing, evoking side effects.

We are talking about Crazy Bulk Winsol, the magic recipe that could end the cry for a perfect steroid alternative.

The secret lies in the formation of Winsol.

They are made from 100% plant-based products in its crude form such that they are weak to induce any secondary effects, unlike a powerful chemical steroid.

The API of Winstrol ‘Stanozolol’ technically substitutes the natural hormone activity, and adding some of its modification in the metabolism leading to side effects.

In Crazy Bulk Winsol, the formulation is good enough to stimulate the production of natural hormones, thus achieving the same results by supplementation instead of substitution.

They are more or less like a food component which is easy to be eliminated from the body via usual excretion process, at the same time Winstrol esters can stay as long as 2 ~ 3 days in the body.

From the review of certified buyers, Winsol gave them good cuttings within few weeks of usage with the onset of action visible within three weeks in the form of increased stamina.

The working of Winsol is simple, they target intermediate testosterone products, boost their biosynthesis, and that’s it.

For muscle development, testosterone and associated by-products are the primary requirements followed by diet.

The superior lipolysis ability of Winsol helps the cutting cycle to create a perfect lean posture with ample maintenance of muscle shape.

The anabolic ability of Winsol is slightly lower than that of the androgenic activity, thus this a performance booster in general.

Some of the major ingredients include Acetylcarnitine, choline, wild yam, safflower oil, etc.

The herbal nature of this product makes it 100% side-effects free, and you don’t need a prescription to procure this product.

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Winsol benefits

winsol bottle

Winsol is a savior for thousands of bodybuilders who were looking for an ideal steroid.

This product is formulated utilizing the benefits of age-old traditional medicinal plant extracts such that you get many benefits out of this supplement other than performance enhancement.

Some of the compelling benefits of Crazy Bulk Winsol are:

  • Safest and legal alternative for the commercial steroid Winstrol (stanozolol).
  • Zero side effects due to the green origin of ingredients.
  • Best for lean muscle development.
  • Has superior fat burning ability so that ripping occurs faster.
  • The androgenic activity of Winsol gives enhanced stamina and endurance.
  • Best for bodybuilders, runners and boxing athletes.
  • Since this product is a herbal recipe, you don’t need a prescription to procure and use it.
  • Results can be seen within 3 – 4 weeks of usage with more prominent effects on prolonged usage (> 6 months)
  • Can be stacked with a wide range of Crazy Bulk products to improve the quality of results.

Where to buy Winsol and how much does it cost?

winsol website

Winsol should be bought at official website:

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Winstrol review: conclusions

Winstrol is an excellent performance booster, but its availability, legality, and health risks prevent it from being on your shelf.

The best legal steroid alternative for Winstrol is Crazy Bulk’s Winsol, which is by far the best-rated alternative available in the market.

Winsol is a pure plant-based supplement containing carnitine, choline, DMAE, etc. which can induce all the effects like its steroid counterpart.

Winsol has superior androgenic activity than anabolic effect, therefore it is not your general muscle building supplement, rather a fantastic performance booster.

The price tag is decent, even if slightly more can’t complain because the value in return is priceless.

The after sales support from Crazy Bulk is excellent, and you get all customer privilege in the future.

So, if you can patiently wait for the results to show up but cannot compromise on quality, then Winsol is a great choice for you.

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