Andro 400 review

Andro400 Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

You can read this Andro400 review to learn how a natural & herbal supplement can boost the t-hormone to complete the struggling manliness within you.

Are you running low on testosterone 1?

Then pause a moment and read this Andro400 review to explore the best possible way to fix it.

Testosterone is the gun powder for masculinity, and without this hormone, that characteristic attributes of men wouldn’t be there.

Sadly, hundreds of factors could influence the t-hormone levels, and even a mild vitamin deficiency could bring it down.

Once the t-levels are down, you would get demotivated easily, gain weight, becomes lazy, fall short on sexual desire, would lose libido, and might not be able to satisfy your partner.

But, thanks to science and innovation, we have products like Andro400 to save us from the dark side of low-testosterone.

This article is an Andro400 review, which would take you into all details regarding this product to helps to decide whether it is the right shot for your testosterone agony.

Without stretching words here, let us move into the core of this article.

What exactly is Andro400?

Andro400 is a natural testosterone booster made by Natural Health Concepts based in Arizona, US.

Unlike other testosterone boosters in the market, this product is free from harmful steroids or chemical drugs.

Instead, they use natural herbal products in a varying proportion and composition to supplement low testosterone.

The company makes two other products, one is a max version of Andro400, and the other one is Ultra Max T.

But the base of all these variants is simply Andro400 itself.

You can solve all your low-testosterone worries with this product.

Manufacturers claim the results arrive in 2-3 weeks, but considering the individual factors, it might take up to 4 or 5 weeks to see full results.

Some of the benefits of using this product are:

  • Helps to convert body fat into energy.
  • Increases your libido.
  • Sharpens your sexual drive.
  • Gives a toned mood and memory.
  • Helps you build lean mass.

How does Andro400 work?

Unlike your conventional therapeutic chemical drug, this here is a nutraceutical product made entirely from plant-based ingredients.

Andro400 supplies all vital nutrients and metabolic compounds necessary to accelerate the testosterone biosynthesis.

One of its actions focuses on energizing the Leydig cells on the testes to boost the secretion of androgens (set of male hormones, which includes testosterone).

Another action of this supplement is on the pituitary gland to increase the LH production, which regulates testosterone production.

The vasodilators present on capsules will relax the blood vessel to expand beyond its normal limit to accommodate more blood flow, which gives you a stronger erection.

With an increase in testosterone production, the overall health is boosted, and so do the metabolism.

When the t-levels are higher, natural fat deposits on the body, especially the visceral fat gets converted into energy.

Higher levels of t-hormone give you a surge of energy to engage in multiple activities and make you feel sexually excited.

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How to use Andro400?

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules every day for at least a month to see the full effect of this supplement.

Preferably, take two capsules in one go before your main meal of the day, or you can split the dose.

Take one capsule before your breakfast and one capsule before your dinner.

However, do not exceed the daily dose by two capsules.

Since this is an herbal product, there is no issue of cross drug interactions, and you can use your other medications alongside Andro400.

Use water or fruit juice to ingest pills, but avoid alcohol or carbonated beverages.

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Is Andro400 safe and is it scientifically proven?

Yes, Andro400 is a scientifically studied product with a clinical basis to prove the efficacy of the product.

The ingredients can be googled to land on hundreds of independent research papers from all across the globe, supporting its ability to increase testosterone.

In the official page, you can find a scientific reference section, where the complete list of research studies employed in the development of this product can be found.

This product is manufactured in an FDA approved cGMP facility in the US itself, which adds safety and authenticity.

The bioengineers in the Andro400 team had put their best to concoct a product of international standards without the concern of side effects.

There are hundreds of certified user testimonials and reviews on the official page and other store pages, and all of it supports claims put forward by this capsule.

Andro400 ingredients

Do you know that just three components are the secret behind the testosterone avalanche created by Andro400?

Let us review one by one.

Eurycoma longifolia

This Southeast Asian plant is present in high concentrations, and it’s the root of the plant being used in the preparation of this supplement 2.

A ration of 100:1 is used in Andro400 for the maximum benefits.

Several research studies 3 have reported about this plant for t-hormone boosting.

It can boost the levels of testosterone and prevent bone osteoporosis.

It contains several compounds that are necessary for testosterone biosynthesis.


This is a vital amino acid needed for men, and arginine is mainly obtained from the diet 4.

This compound is a precursor to nitric oxide (NO), which has a crucial role in erection.

When NO is available in healthy quantity, the blood vessels dilate to accommodate more blood flow into the penis.


This is another amino acid in the Andro400 with vasodilation property 5.

This product can get converted to L-Arginine and NO, depending on demand.

Unlike arginine, citrulline is more of a reserve compound, which helps in regulating the degree of vasodilation.

Andro400 side effects

Andro400 is one of the well-engineered testosterone supplements out there in the market, and we have done a thorough background check for you.

According to the clinical records of this product, there are no significant side effects associated with Andro 400’s use.

There are a few reasons for this clean claim.

Firstly, this is an herbal product made after years of research studies.

By the time this supplement is ready, at least a dozen iterations have been done in the formulation by varying the ingredient composition, and the final product has shown to be side-effects free in their clinical studies as well.

Secondly, if you check the ingredients list, most of the components are harmless plant products, and even you can find hundreds of independent studies supporting the use of these ingredients in testosterone enhancement.

All of these, when coupled with precision engineering and sophisticated technologies, gave rise to a perfect testosterone supplement.

Andro400 reviews

Andro400 reviews from several other shopping websites like Walmart and Amazon suggest that this is a favorite product for sexual performance & weight- loss seekers.

Overall, this supplement scores 4.1 stars out of 5 according to other sources.

Let us see some of the comments by verified users.

Lou Freda from California wrote down:

It Works, Testosterone Is High, Waist is Down. In 7 months and I lost 18 pounds. I notice it on my waist, too. I went to a 34, and now I’m able to fit into 32 easily. My testimony is that it does work. Your product’s definitely worth the money, for sure.

Jake Fish from Virginia says:

Mood and Libido Improved. My mood’s improved, I’ll tell you that. I’ve noticed I’m a lot less cranky. I’m more level-headed. My libido has gone up, and I noticed that probably by the 2nd or 3rd week.

Andro400: prices & where to buy it

Andro400 official website

You should buy this product from the official website:

Comes in five purchase option.

  • Andro400 (One-month supply): $34.95.
  • Andro400 (Three-month supply): $89.00 (save $15).
  • Andro400 (Six-month supply): $159.00 (save $50).
  • Andro400 (One-year supply): $259.00 (save $160).
  • Andro400 (Auto shipping/month): $29.95 (save $5/month).


  • verified website.
  • Client confidentiality is maintained.
  • No auto-billing unless you choose auto-shipping.
  • You can get discounts when purchased from the official website.
  • The website has MacAfee Secure.

Shipping info

  • Shipping is free across the US.
  • Standard shipping charges apply to other countries.
  • Express shipping is available through USPS Priority Mailing.
  • The packaging is done with a custom packaging with no logo.

Payment options

  • Accepts all major credit cards.
  • You can avail express checkout with PayPal.
  • PayPal Credit is also available.
  • You can send a money order/check to Andro400.
  • The payment portal is 256-bit encrypted.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 90 days return policy for unsatisfied users, through which you can get your money back.

You will get a 100% refund, excluding any shipping charges incurred.

All you have to do is request a return through the Andro400 customer care.

You can ship the unused, partially used, or empty bottles to the return address to get a refund.

Andro400 pros & cons


  • A quick and easy solution for your low testosterone problems.
  • It contains Eurycoma longifolia, which is a potent t-booster.
  • Made from 100% herbal ingredients; therefore, no side effects.
  • Gives you strong libido and an upper hand in bed.
  • Improves orgasm and reduces body fat to give a trimmed physique.
  • The price tag is reasonable.


  • No availability through offline (mortar & brick) stores.
  • Weak SHBG releasing mechanism to increase free testosterone.

Andro400 review: conclusions

This Andro400 review was all about helping you find a potent testosterone booster in the market to add colors to your life.

Unlike other products, you don’t have to deal with multiple ingredients here.

Just three top-notch ingredients are used to prepare a one of a kind t-booster.

Plus, the herbal nature of this supplement makes it a side-effect free product suitable for even a long-term application.

So, before spending thousands of dollars into a blind market, try considering this science-backed product for fixing your low testosterone issue.


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