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How Can I Safely Raise My Testosterone With Nootropics?

Nootropics can boost your brain activity, but is it true that they promote testosterone activity? Read this article to learn more about this correlation.

Quick summary

  • There is no conclusive scientific evidence that nootropics can directly increase testosterone levels. However, some natural herbal supplements like Tongkat Ali may have the ability to boost t-hormone levels while also acting as a nootropic herb.
  • Certain natural herbal testosterone boosters can indirectly function as makeshift nootropics by enhancing some brain signaling due to the accessory ingredients like vitamins and minerals found in them.
  • Some popular natural testosterone boosters like Testofuel, Prime Male, and Testolan may have brain-enhancing benefits due to the vitamins and minerals in their formulations, but they cannot be considered complete brain enhancers.

Testosterone is the chemical cocktail that helps to improve the manly traits that he possesses.

As men age, their bodies, bit by bit, starts to drop testosterone production. This expected decrease begins around age 30 and proceeds all through the remainder of his life.

But can nootropics increase your t-hormone level? They are a class of drugs that can enhance brain activity by improving several biochemical signaling happening in the brain.

But how can they improve the testosterone whose secretion happens in the testicles?

Well, this article will give you more information regarding that. Let’s dig deeper into it.

Is there any scientific evidence that you can increase testosterone with nootropics?

Testosterone is an important hormone that plays an integral part in numerous metabolic processes, simultaneously helps in muscle development, and allows more perseverance for actually dynamic faculty.

Therapeutic nootropics have been stringently assessed in the past few years to explore their capability to boost testosterone production.

A certain class of mood enhancers might indirectly regulate the secretion of androgens, but nootropics as such won’t be able to act as a testosterone booster.

There are no conclusive scientific studies that prove this correlation. However, isolated studies suggest that some of the natural herbal supplements like Tongkat Ali might be able to increase t-hormone while being a nootropic herb.

Are there any nootropic-like products that can boost testosterone?

Technically speaking, natural herbal testosterone boosters can definitely increase the testosterone simultaneously and can also be a makeshift nootropic that enhances some of the brain signalings.

These dietary supplements cannot be called a complete brain enhancer, but some of the accessory ingredients like vitamins, minerals, etc., are very much needed for the effective working of the brain.

Here are some of the popular natural testosterone boosters.

  • Testofuel: TestoFuel boosts t-levels in the body, which can help you in various ways, and on the off chance that you are a jock, this case would change your muscle shape and size.
  • Prime Male –All the way from the UK, this popular male enhancer will enhance your testosterone, while some of the vitamins and minerals like D3, B2, folates, and zinc will ensure a clear mind as well.
  • Testolan Whether it be in bed or tracks, this product will cover your back. With ZMA, D-aspartic acid, and several other nutrients, this product is a steal deal.


There are no conclusive clinical studies to claim that nootropics will increase testosterone.

However, from the pharmacodynamic standpoint, some of the nootropic therapeutic drugs can, in turn, influence t-hormone production.

But for a majestic effect, you need a consistent fortification of the androgen machinery, and that is provided by natural herbal supplements.

At times, the products can help boost your brain activity due to the overloaded vitamins and minerals in the supplement.

Written by Lukas Weier
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