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Will Cycling Boost My Testosterone?

If cycling is your favorite exercise, then read this article because cycling might reduce your testosterone. But here is a hack to overcome this challenge.

Quick summary

  • Cycling can affect testosterone levels, with high-intensity or sports-level cycling potentially leading to a decline in testosterone production.
  • The decline in testosterone levels can be caused by an increase in stress hormone cortisol, a known testosterone inhibitor.
  • Natural testosterone boosters, made from herbal and plant-based ingredients, can help to increase testosterone levels safely without causing side effects.

Cycling has gradually assumed control over the world, and it’s not difficult to get why. It’s an excellent method for transportation; it’s harmless to the ecosystem; also, it is a decent-cost-effective option for health management.

But excessive exercise brings down the t-hormone levels. So, Most people question, does cycling bring down testosterone?

The appropriate response is both yes and no. Testosterone production doesn’t stop if you take part in cycling. But there is more to it.

Let us dive deeper into this topic and learn more.

Will your testosterone levels decline if you cycle more?

All men show declining testosterone levels as they age. There are a few exercising techniques that can, in fact, help you improve androgen production.

A moderate level of cycling is a very good exercise, and if you do it properly, your metabolism is benefitted, thereby promoting healthy t-levels.

However, high-intensity cycling or sports levels cycling can affect testosterone levels, according to a few studies. More than 33% of men over age 45 may have declining levels of testosterone.

A buildup of increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol is one major reason this decline is happening, a classically known testosterone inhibitor.

So, how can you increase testosterone while being a cyclist?

Steroids might be the go-to choice that might have popped up in your head. But hold on, they are infamous for the plethora of side-effects, which sometimes can be deadly as well.

This is where natural testosterone boosters are different and popular. These are organic, mostly plant-based dietary supplements loaded with androgen-boosting nutrients.

In a nutshell, they are simply food in capsule form, which is specific to your reproductive organ.

If you are new to these products, below are a few names to keep in mind.

  • Testogen is a popular testosterone booster made from clinically proven ingredients and herbs used in traditional medicine.
  • Prime Male– It assists you with building fit muscle and restores your endurance in both bed and tracks. This product is a well-being supplement for both body and mind.
  • TestRx –TestRx is a brilliant answer for this low t-hormone level issue. This enhancer supports your testosterone levels, allowing you to appreciate more energy, strength, and endurance for your day-by-day exercises like cycling.


Cycling is good if you can do it as a leisure exercise for a few minutes every day. However, if you are a professional cyclist, then your t-hormone might be at stake because of cortisol buildup.

So, avoid hardcore non-stop cycling if you are worried about your testosterone. But, if you need both, then the only safe choice is natural testosterone boosters.

These are herbal supplements made from proven safe ingredients which can increase testosterone without causing any side effects.

So, if you are a long-distance cyclist who cares for the t-hormone, then make herbal t-booster a routine with your cycling!

Written by Tom Knight
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