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Blackwolf Supplements Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Combining the power of multiple supplements into just 3 products, this brand is transforming the bodybuilding industry. Read this Blackwolf review for more.

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The gym has always been fun, and many people love sticking to their gym workouts and weight training exercises.

However, one of the most perplexing dilemmas for gym-goers is the supplements.

Pre-workout, post-workout, weight gainers, protein powders, BCAA’s, creatine, and what not?

The list of gym supplements1 is endless, and many don’t know what to take and when to take.

Let’s assume that you are one among the few who have figured out what & when questions, but again there is another big question:

Which brand?

Well, Blackwolf heard this cry of millions and came with a smart solution that would revolutionize the supplementation industry.

They just made it simple and combined the power of all into three products for each gender with simple names, so that you don’t need google what each of it means.

Simply, they introduced a pre, intra, and post-workout supplement system that packs in all the punch you need.

In this Blackwolf review, we will meet each of the products for both men and women to understand why this brand stands out in the crowd.

So, without adding more words, let us jump into the review.

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What exactly are Blackwolf supplements?

what is it

Blackwolf is an all-in-one supplement pack that combines the benefit of various supplements that you need to take daily.

Combining various nutrients into an easy to take powder format would save a lot of time, energy, and money.

This way, you can focus more on workouts and dedicate more towards pumping & burning than on diet and supplements.

Blackwolf has a premium pack for both men and women, each of which contains a pre, intra, and post-workout supplement.

Technically, the intra and post-workout supplements are the same for both genders, which are named as ’Hunt’ and ‘Eliminate’ respectively.

For men, the pre-workout supplement is called Track, whereas, for women, it is called as Trail.

Manufactured and marketed by Wolfson Berg Limited, Blackwolf is one among the few brands that have a simplified supplementation pack for both genders.

The brand value is definitely one factor that has fueled the marathon run of Blackwolf ever since its beginning.

Product list

There are basically 4 products and 2 packs in their shop. Let us explore one by one.

1. Track (Pre-workout for men)


Track pre-workout supplement2 is specifically designed for the workout needs of men, to grant exploding power to lift weights and push limits of the human boundary.

Blackwolf Track gives you enough juice to enjoy workouts, thus making each gym visit a happy one, at the same time, maximizing your gains (more info about this product here).

How does it work?

Track combines a wide range of nutrients that your body would crave before strenuous physical activity.

Track is a blend of whey isolate, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, vitamin C, vitamin B12 & B6.

All of these ingredients focus on maximizing muscle gain, fueling high-intensity workouts, and protects your body from oxidative damages.


  • Rapid onset of action within 2 – 3 weeks of use.
  • All ingredients are of herbal origin.
  • No binders, fillers, or synthetic drugs are used.
  • Free shaker with packs.
  • Superior performance enhancers like BCAA’s, vitamin C, B12, and B6.
  • Pre-loaded whey isolate.

Trail (Pre-workout for women)


As we all might know, women have a different nutrient requirement than men, and for this reason, using men supplements for fueling female workout needs isn’t appropriate.

This is the sole reason why Blackwolf concocted Trail, which helps women in the workout to stay focused and fulfill all their energy requirements.

How does it work?

Unlike men’s pre-workout supplement, the ingredient selection is slightly different in women’s pre-workout supplement.

With L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, and Taurine as main ingredients, Vitamin B5, B6, C, and E also play a significant role in this supplement.

Basically, these ingredients ensure the consistent supply of energy, boosting endurance, while vitamin packs would boost their immune system to stay on par with the body’s exertion.


  • Immediate increase in energy levels.
  • Improves focus and motivation required to stay in a workout.
  • It helps to burn unwanted fat.
  • Boosts endurance and helps to build strength.
  • It contains specialized taurine amino acid to help in workout needs.

3. Hunt (Intra-workout)


Designed for both genders, this intra-workout supplement ensures an instant supply of energy, stamina, and endurance required to complete the workout session.

This product is handy for all, especially if you are in a high-intensity session, where you need a constant supply of fuel to survive the entire course in full swing.

How does it work?

The primary mechanism is by supplying the short outburst of energy required in between a workout session.

For the purpose, Blackwolf employs a ‘power-blend,’ which is a unique combination of BCAA,3 creatine4, taurine, whey protein, CoQ10, Zinc, and Selenium.

These ingredients can tap into metabolism at various levels and impart an action that contributed to overall energy outbursts and motivation.


  • It gives you short outbursts of energy to push limits.
  • It improves stamina and endurance over time.
  • Promotes protein synthesis for faster and effective muscle development.
  • Ensures faster recovery.
  • Reduces fatigue during and after a workout.

4. Eliminate (Post-workout)


Eliminate is exclusively designed for an efficient recovery post-work, and it can promote lean muscle formation by maximizing fat shredding.

This product utilizes what is known as ‘anabolic window’, which is a time gap post a workout session, during which chances of muscle anabolism is very high.

How does it work?

After the workout, your body will be exhausted and deprived of most amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and glycogen.

Eliminate focuses on feeding the system with necessary nutrients in the form of whey protein isolate, BCAA’s for muscle recovery, and carbs for restoring glycogen balance.

Also, the vitamin and minerals in the Eliminate would help in boosting the immune system and protecting the body from oxidative stress.


  • Scientifically backed post-workout supplement formulated by best in class manufacturers.
  • 100% of the composition is the active ingredients, and no fillers or binders are used.
  • Rapid onset of action within 2 to 3 weeks of use.
  • Aids in faster recovery post-workout.
  • Smart formulation rich in minerals ensures a healthy immune system and faster gains.

Blackwolf Huntress Pack

huntress pack

Huntress Pack is a workout aid made exclusively for women to help boost their physical capabilities beyond the normal limits.

This pack consists of a pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout supplement, of which the pre-workout formulation is made for female physique and to maximize fat burning while the other two remain the same.

Huntress pack includes:

  • Trail – Pre-workout.
  • Hunt – Intra-workout.
  • Eliminate – Post-workout

Blackwolf Hunter Pack

hunter pack

This pack is made for males with a different pre-workout supplement that helps in fueling the entire workout need for a rocking gym session.

With three supplements in the pack, the unique ‘power blend’ creates a strong surge of energy, motivation, nutrient flow, and outburst to push you to the fullest of your capabilities.

Hunter pack includes:

  • Track – Pre-workout.
  • Hunt – Intra-workout.
  • Eliminate – Post-workout

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Are there any Blackwolf side effects?

side effects

Blackwolf products are 100% safe to be used for the intended application by the manufacturer.

All ingredients are either plant extracts or processed plant parts, and this organic nature of the product ensures side effect free usage.

Plus, the formulation is prepared after rigorous lab studies and clinical trials to ensure customer safety.

How good is Blackwolf compared to other competitors?

This is where Blackwolf products are superior to others in the market.

Blackwolf is one of few brands that provide a complete workout solution as a one-click buy pack.

Most of the supplement manufacturers sell their supplements separately as a pre, post, BCAA, whey, mass gainers, fat burners, etc., while Blackwolf effectively combined all the headaches into just three products and sell them based on gender to eliminate confusions.

Still, a few competitors are there for Blackwolf like CrazyBulk with their range of legal steroid alternatives, Transparent Labs with their excellent range of endurance supplements and 4 Gauge, Performance Lab, Sheer-X to name a few.

Blackwolf supplements reviews

real users reviews

Blackwolf pack is one of the popular supplement systems in the bodybuilding genre, which has a dedicated package for women as well.

Widely used in the US and UK, this product has gained an enormous fan base in the past few years.

Below are some of the comments and reviews by past users.

Jackson (31) wrote in a bodybuilding forum as:

One of the best supplements I have used in the recent past. I was a hardcore ON fan and never wanted to think of another supplement. But the convenience of just three intakes a day made me change to Blackwolf. I’m using the hunters pack and it does its job neatly. A big hi5 to Blackwolf.

Sharon is a district bodybuilding champion from Milan and she says:

Beastly Beautiful. Blackwolf Trail pre-workout is simply dope and I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Blackwolf: prices & where to buy it

official website

You should buy a product at the official website:

It comes in 3 different purchase choices.

Track (pre-workout for men): $44.95 (save $10.00 from original price of $54.95)

Trail (pre-workout for women): $44.95 (save $10.00 from original price of $54.95)

Hunt (Intra-workout for both): $37.95 (save $10.00 from original price of $47.95)

Eliminate (Post-workout for both): $37.95 (save $10.00 from original price of $47.95)

Hunter Pack (for men): $82.95 (save $38.02 from original price of $120.97)

Huntress Pack (for women): $82.95 (save $38.02 from original price of $120.97)


  • 5 Training & Nutrition Guides + Free Subscription To Tips & Tricks Newsletter with all.
  • Free 700ml shaker with Blackwolf branding on purchasing ‘Hunter’ and ‘Huntress’ packs.
  • Norton shopping guaranteed.

Shipping info

  • Free shipping for all products across the US.
  • Discreet boxes and packaging.
  • Faster delivery with 24 ~ 48 hours after dispatching.

Payment options

  • All major debit and credit cards are accepted for payment.
  • PayPal.
  • Skrill.
  • Payments are made through a 256-bit encrypted checkout system.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No, there is no money-back guarantee with Blackwolf products, and surprisingly you may not need to one, thanks to their superior formulation.

However, users are eligible for 14 days to return and refund on unopened items purchased from Blackwolf official website.

Pros & cons


  • Superior and powerful all-in-one formulation combining the effects of multiple supplements.
  • Convenient packs for both genders, thus eliminating the need for multiple supplements.
  • Only three intakes per day required to meet all your workout needs.
  • Best in class ‘pre-workout’ supplement for both men and women.
  • Made from 100% organic ingredients and doesn’t have any side effects.
  • Backed by science and endorsed by professional boxer Ekow Essuman and Olympic swimmer Ekaterina Makarova.
  • Superb customer care support 24×7.


  • Only sold through the official website.
  • Per serving cost is slightly on the higher side.

Blackwolf review: conclusions


Blackwolf undoubtedly is one of the best and superior supplement manufacturers, and if you need quality over the price tag, then this brand is for you.

The best part is that Blackwolf eliminates your worry with just three supplements a day that combines the power of ‘everything’ you need when you are training.

This convenience might be the unique selling point of the Blackwolf pack, and the best part is that you can buy individual products as well.

The organic ingredients and scientific working of Blackwolf products make it a clear choice for effective and safe bodybuilding.

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  • Formula
  • Users Feedback
  • Price
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