HGH Human Growth Hormone review

HGH Review: Is This Anabolic Steroid Safe To Use?

HGH is the one thing that you need to unleashing the beast within you while at the gym; however several side effects makes it a bad choice. But don’t worry, we have a perfect legal alternative solution for you. Check it out here!

Muscles could get naturally build up, and that’s why the timber man or the construction worker don’t go to the gym.

But when it is a sport, aesthetics matters a lot and so do the proportion and evenness of the muscles, and that would justify why our beefy pal needs to sweat a lot on the gym.

Over the years, a new market had opened just for muscle building, sporting thousands of supplements, equipment, sports wears, and much more.

Till the day, dietary supplements are the favorite for the majority of bodybuilders, however after hitting the plateau in muscle development, one must need an extra dose of stimulants to keep with the metabolic needs, and there is where steroids1 step in.

Most importantly, they are dangerous, especially if you’re a novice looking for some quick muscles.

Pro bodybuilders take it in cycles, fine-tuned according to their physiological and metabolic requirements.

Even under the supervision of a doctor, the side effects induced by these necessary devils are inevitable.

HGH steroid (or synthetic somatotropin) are compounds that mimic the natural human growth hormone (hGH) and has immense potential in muscle building.

While the synthetic versions are breeding ground for adverse health effects, Crazy Bulk managed to come up with a nutraceutical alternative which could replace the synthetic version like a shadow.

In today’s article, we are meeting HGH steroid and its legal alternative HGH-X2 from Crazy Bulk.

So without further ado, let’s start.

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone2 is a naturally occurring hormone synthesized in the pituitary gland located inside the brain, and HGH is the synthetic steroid version that replaces the natural hGH.

There are various functions stimulated by the steroid hGH like cell division, muscle growth, and cell regeneration.

They are so important in the bodybuilding because hGH are the hormones that help in muscle tissue repair after an intense workout session.

Also, they play a crucial role in fat burning, which is necessary for building ripped muscles with good cuttings.

The very first synthetic version of this hormone was synthesized in 1985, and the FDA approved it for therapeutic application in humans to treat various conditions like Turner’s syndrome, kidney diseases, Prader-Willi syndrome, HIV, etc.

However, towards the beginning of the 21st century, HGH became a popular performance enhancer among athletes, especially bodybuilders.

HGH is often injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously, and some formulations even made their way into dietary supplements as well.

HGH is prescribed by doctors to improve the production of natural hGH hormone.

However, it’s unintended use in boosting the performance and muscle building could lead to serious health conditions.

How does HGH work?

How does HGH work

Despite the confusions regarding the athletic abilities of HGH, many are still using this drug without much idea.

Though all the claims regarding HGH may not be accurate, some are indeed proven, especially its capability to boost muscle growth.

HGH mimics the action of a 191 amino acid polypeptide complex (hGH) naturally occurring within the body.

They are circulated through the bloodstream and reaches different cells whose surface contains specific receptors to dock these molecules.

Many cells have a high affinity for these receptors like brain cells, fat cells, etc. and this affinity would explain why growth hormone plays an important role in fat burning.

In the liver, this compound will stimulate the release of IGF-1, which has anabolic properties and helps in cartilage, bone, and muscle formation.

Another function includes boosting the protein synthesis so that muscle repair could efficiently take place.

Also, HGH is known to improve the recovery between workouts since this compound could help in improving the energy expenditure metabolism.

What results can you expect after using HGH?

HGH is one among few steroids that has an early onset of activity.

Soon after a couple of days of usage, you could see a tremendous change in energy outburst both mentally and physically.

The endurance levels of both this energy will be enough to sustain all day long keeping you in your prime at the gym till bed.

Some brain effects of HGH will help you focus better, be motivated, and makes you feel a lot calmer than you used to be.

Some studies even show that HGH steroids could improve the cognitive ability, and the memory performance improves over time.

Now moving on to the physical aspects, you could expect stronger and healthier bones within three weeks of HGH administration.

Since HGH plays a direct role in muscle tissue repair, every day after the intense workout session, you are adding an ample amount of growth hormones required for faster muscle growth.

It might take 1-3 weeks or sometimes up to 1 month to get the ripped muscle effect which depends on individual physiology.

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Are there any HGH side effects?

A lot! Since this is a schedule III drug, you could expect some worst effects on health.

One thing to stress is that the FDA had approved this drug to be used for specific medical conditions, apart from that its use in sports is unregulated and illegal.

Some of the frequently reported side effects are:

  • Muscle and joint pain in many cases, especially weight trainees.
  • Swelling caused by fluid retention in limbs.
  • Mood swings which might be caused due to testosterone imbalance.
  • Increased growth of facial and body hairs.
  • Liver damage in some cases.

One study found the potential of HGH to promote the growth of cancerous tumors since cancer cells have more craving for HGH than any other cells in the body.

Common side effects associated with HGH intake include:

  • Stomach pain.
  • Diarrhea or constipation.
  • Nausea or vomiting.

There are even cases reporting the overuse of HGH steroid leading to severe cardiovascular malfunctioning.

Is HGH legal?

The legality of HGH is limited to treat certain conditions in humans like kidney diseases, hGH deficiency, Truner’s syndrome, etc. It can only be procured and used under the supervision of a clinician.

HGH is illegally used in sports and athletics to boost the performance unconventionally and to stack muscles.

HGH is classified under the ‘schedule III’ drug due to its potential for abuse, and the user might develop an addiction because of which it is under ‘controlled substance’ category in many countries.

The anabolic and androgenic property of HGH has made it a suitable choice for bodybuilders, and it is one of the most abused sports performance drugs.

World anti-doping agency (WADA) has banned this steroid from being used in performance enhancement due to its unparalleled potential and biased advantages.

Best legal alternative to HGH

HGH-X2 review

Well, if HGH had tempted you so much till the side effect section then here is good news for you.

There is a legal alternative for HGH, and it is none other than HGH-X2 from Crazy Bulk, the leading manufacturer of sports supplements.

If you’re wondering what HGH-X2 is, then it is a ditto replacement of steroidal HGH made using plant-based products.

It works by stimulating the pituitary gland to naturally synthesize the hGH hormone, which is technically much safer and effective than the steroid version.

Since the ingredients are natural and raw, the product as such doesn’t trigger any potential health risks.

The ingredients list might be very familiar to you since most of the constituents are used since ages in traditional medicine to combat various health issues.

Some of the major ingredients are:

  • Maca root extract.
  • Hawthorne Berry Extract.
  • Velvet bean extract.
  • L-Arginine.
  • Others- gelatine, rice flour, silica, etc.

The best results are acquired within two months of usage, while the onset of action can be seen in just 1 week or less.

You can see noticeable changes like lean muscle development, good ripping, fat reduction in the belly, and improved stamina upon completing a full cycle.

HGH-X2 can be stacked with other steroid alternatives from Crazy Bulk like Clenbutrol, Trenorol, and Winsol.

This supplement is just like its steroid counterpart, helps in improving the protein anabolism to promote muscle growth while excess fat burning will result in good cuttings.

HGH-X2 also sports a superior fat burning capability, therefore prevent deposition of excess fat from the diet and also burns the excess stored adipose.

Now talking about side effects, here is where HGH-X2 scores because they do not have any adverse health effects and all the credits go to the organic nature of this compound that makes it more human-friendly.

The factor that this is a plant-based product gives an upper hand, plus you don’t need a prescription or consultation to procure and use this product.

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HGH-X2 benefits

hgh-x2 bottle

Speaking of benefits, this legal steroid alternative is simply the best due to a lot of factors.

Crazy Bulk has a longtime reputation in the supplementation market, because of which you can expect top-notch performance from HGH-X2

Let us see one by one:

  • 100% legal and doesn’t require a prescription, doctors approval, or consultation to procure this product.
  • Safe for all age categories (18+) as a bodybuilding supplement.
  • Replaces the HGH from head to toe without omitting any of the benefits.
  • No side effects reported so far.
  • Made from natural ingredients like bark extracts, cereal concentrates, etc.
  • The onset of activity within 2-3 weeks of usage.
  • Superior performance boosting formulae ensures energy outburst and long-lasting effects.
  • Cheaper than the steroid version.
  • No withdrawal syndromes, no tolerance issues, or dependence.
  • Since this is a plant-based product, elimination happens through normal excretion, while the steroids reside for a longer duration.

Where to buy HGH-X2 and how much does it cost?

hgh-x2 crazy bulk

HGH-X2 should be bought at official website: crazybulk.com.

What’s the price?

Buy 1 x HGH-X2: $59.99 (save $25.01 from the original price of $85.00)

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HGH review: conclusions

Human growth hormones are essential compounds that stimulate and regulates various metabolic functions in the body, especially muscle building.

The HGH steroid is by far the most successful alternative for bodybuilders, but then the long list side effects associated with this drug makes it far from a feasible choice.

Crazy Bulk’s HGH-X2 is currently the best legal alternative for the steroidal HGH in the market.

The HGH-X2 mimics all the effects induced by the steroidal drug, and it is equally efficient compared to the steroidal version.

HGH-X2 is made from natural plant-based products so that your worries regarding adverse effects shall be dismissed.

Best results are obtained when you use it for two months, with 1.5 weeks off, and also by stacking with other legal steroid alternatives.

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