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Eron Plus Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Eron Plus itself is designed to gradually raise the level of libido, improve blood circulation and ensure a really strong erection.

It is quite surprising and alarming to learn the fact that around 5 – 15% of men have complete erectile dysfunction1 upon hitting 40’s and it shoots to 25 -35% upon reaching 60’s.

Many men suffer from some form of sexual disorders in their adulthood, and all of these findings beg the question:

Are we on the right track?

Lifestyle, choice of diet, lack of exercise, changing sexual habits, too much of fat, exposure to higher levels of pollutants and toxins, the list is unending.

But the good news is, for those who need a change and willing to take a step forward in fixing things, there is a lot of supplement support waiting to aid you on the run and Eron Plus is one such companion that might make things better.

In this Eron Plus review, we present a comprehensive overview of this product to help you decide if it would serve you any better than others.

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What exactly is Eron Plus?

eron plus

Eron Plus is a male penis enhancer product that would alleviate erection problems2 to grant you a stronger erection for a prolonged time.

It is best for those who have erectile dysfunction of some grade or for those who are suffering from weaker and shorter erections.

Eron Plus is comparably a newer product introduced into the market but seems it hold quite well with other competitors.

The formulation is tailor-made for combating erectile issues, and it uses traditional herbs combined in a secret ratio to make it one of rising product in the market.

After using this product, you would see changes like:

  • Improved erection quality
  • Prolonged erection for up to 30 minutes
  • Fuel for extended intercourse
  • Toned sexual desire
  • Boost in libido

How does Eron Plus work?

How does Eron Plus work

Eron Plus focuses on hacking into the erection mechanism of the penis3, thereby helping to sustain the rock hard feeling.

Nitric oxide is a major compound that helps the special chambers in the penis to relax so that it could be flushed with a lot of blood.

Eron Plus has nitrate-rich formulae that would supplement the right amount of nitric oxide needed for relaxing the tissue.

Next, vasodilation or widening of the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis has to happen to accommodate the increased blood flow.

Eron plus take care of the blood vessel health by strengthening the walls of blood vessels to help it dilate well and good enough to support blood pumping.

Next part has to do with parasympathetic signaling to coordinate the brain to penis action, which requires some additional nutrients and many metabolites.

Libido boosting capability of this product will supplement all essential requirements needed for a solid and rock hard penis.

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How to use Eron Plus?

how to use

One month supply has 60 capsules, implying two capsules has to be taken on a daily basis.

Preferably one pill shall be taken 1 hour before breakfast with water such that it readily gets absorbed along with morning meal whereas the remaining pill can be taken before lunch.

However, if you are planning sexual intercourse, the pills shall be taken 1-2 hours prior such that you’ll see immediate effects.

The pill has a ‘quick-action’ formulae that’ll release the desired effect within 30 minutes after taking the pill.

And by far, Eron Plus is one such pill that has such a fast-acting formulation compared to others in the market.

Since this is an herbal product, it can be used for an extended period to juice the best out of this pill.

If you are currently under any medication, please consult your doctor before using this product.

Is Eron Plus safe?

Is Eron Plus safe

Safety of any supplements depends upon three factors, viz.:

1. Is this product safe for consumption?
  • Since the supplementation is purely made out of herbal products using a unique in -house formulae; Yes, it is 100% safe for any sexually active age group.
  • No major adverse effects are reported so far.
  • Though no clinical data are available regarding the product, users around the world haven’t reported any downside regarding product consumption.
  • Since the product is devoid of chemical stimulants, API’s, steroids, and other chemical conjugants it is assumed that Eron Plus is safe for general consumption.
2. Am I being scammed?
  • No, Eron Plus has earned their brand reputation in short span of time.
  • It is a preferred choice in different parts of the globe, waving light towards its global popularity.
  • User privilege is protected by giving 90 days money-back guarantee if in case the user is not satisfied.
  • All payments are channeled through a secure server.
  • The user gets the option to pay via PayPal other than a credit card.
3. Will I get the desired results?
  • Yes, as per the user reviews posted on various websites and e-commerce platforms Eron Plus works as they promise.
  • However, not everyone gets a 30 minutes erection as they advertise since individual physiology is diverse and not the same for everyone.

Eron Plus ingredients


Eron Plus has fewer ingredients compared to other products, but at the same time, all of their choices are well exploited in Ayurveda and traditional medicine since ages.

The secret lies behind the unique formulation of varying ratios of each herbal products such that the individual effect of each item is impacted on the human body without causing any side effects.

Some of the major ingredients in this product include:

A major amino acid required for the biosynthesis of nitric oxide (NO) which helps in relaxing the penis muscles.
Maca Root
Rich in fiber, calcium, and amino acids, this extract helps in upregulating libido and traditionally used in treating erectile dysfunction.
Tribulus Terrestris
Has aphrodisiac properties and boost your libido in order to induce a strong erection.
Korean Ginseng
Helps to improve sperm quality, has aphrodisiac properties, and traditionally been used for treating male impotence.
Fenugreek has known to boost the sexual drive which would help in inducing erection and also helps in retaining a prolonged erection.

All these ingredients are extensively used in many treatment regimens to address various sexual dysfunctions.

They are combined in their raw form to make them less dynamic at the same time more efficient and safe for consumption.

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Eron Plus side effects

Eron Plus side effects

Side effects are more associated with drugs or chemical conjugates, whereas Eron Plus here is more of a supplement than a therapeutic compound.

Since this product is devoid of any chemical constituents, it is safe to say that Eron Plus is free from any side effects.

However, there are some mild side effects that are present with most modern-day penis enhancers like acne, hair loss, weight gain or loss, diarrhea or constipation, etc.

But the good news is all of these side effects are so far not reported with any of Eron Plus user.

It is always safe to consult a doctor before using Eron Plus, but it’s okay if you don’t because all of its constituents are herbal and you don’t need a prescription to procure this product or use it.

People suffering from heart conditions, those who had any previous history of strokes, kidney or liver diseases, allergies, currently under medication or resting post anesthesia should consult your physician before using Eron Plus.

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Eron Plus reviews

Eron Plus reviews

Although Eron Plus is a newbie into the market they have a good fan base in the USA and certain parts of Europe.

This product scored 89% in terms of customer satisfaction index, which includes criterion like drug efficacy, safety, and value of money.

The product has fewer online ratings; still, they managed to score 3.8/5 in various e-commerce sites.

Some comments and testimonials are cited below:

Josh (45) is a truck driver, and he has been using this product for the past 5 months:

In my long driving routines, I never had chances to get laid and eventually lost my erection and libido. I consulted a sex therapist and he prescribed a pile of sildenafil, which didn’t go well with me. After recovering from side effects I was little too excited to try Eron Plus, but in the end, my life is simply a happy story.

Dennis (31) runs a supplement shop, and he adds:

Eron Plus is relatively a newcomer but it is one frequent name that customers come asking for. Unfortunately, I’m not yet their dealer but could feel its success by now.

Xi Min (61) is a senior citizen residing at Utah:

My days of love was long gone, in the end, it was all dry and numb. I had that urge inside me but couldn’t translate it into my organ. My colleague suggested me Eron Plus and I could see a visible effect from 2nd week. Now I feel like I’m back on my twenties.

Eron Plus: price & where to buy it

Eron Plus Official Website

You should buy a product from the official website:

You can have 3 purchase choices with Eron Plus.

Best value package (6 month supply) – Buy 3 and get 3 free: $177.00 ($29.50/ bottle)

Standard package (3 month supply) – Buy 2 and get 1 free: $118.00 ($39.33/bottle)

Basic package (1 month supply) – 1 bottle: $59.00

More info

  • Shipping charges are extra ($10.00)
  • Can be paid via PayPal
  • 90 days cash back guarantee
  • Discreet packaging

Eron Plus pros & cons


  • One of the best effective erection enhancer in the market.
  • 100% herbal thus doesn’t need a prescription.
  • Contains L-arginine and Maca root, which are good for erection.
  • Good value for money with 6 month supply.
  • Quick onset of the result within 30 minutes m with a peak result in 3 months.


  • Only available online.
  • Fewer reviews are available since it’s a newcomer.

Eron Plus review: conclusions

Eron Plus review: conclusions

If penis enhancement is your priority and doesn’t want to include therapeutic drug into the game, then Eron Plus is for you.

Promised hard erection and the prolonged effect is real, and if used for a longer period, the results would stay permeant.

Since the product is 100% herbal, it is safe for consumption.

Also, the value for money is one factor that will motivate you to buy this product.

Though it’s a newbie, Eron Plus had established its name in this short span of time.

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