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Gorilla Mode Review: Can This Testosterone Booster Make You A Gorilla?

Do you want to do your workout but can not keep up with the pace? That is exactly how pre-workouts can be of use to you. Read our Gorilla Mode review here.

Pre-workouts are supplements that help keep up and maintain your energy levels.

These help increase your focus and drive for your workout, which overall proves to be much more effective and beneficial for the user. Besides, the pre-workouts also help stimulate in ways that ensure their easy growth.

Other than providing benefits in the single direction, may that be increasing your focus and maintaining your energy; these are also helpful in the recovery of your body to a better extreme at a relatively faster pace.

Therefore, thanks to the pre-workouts, you will experience less fatigue during your workout and will be able to exercise much better compared to before.

Plus, it will help increase your performance. Your physical performance and energy will be enhanced, and you will be able to make use of your entire body to new limits.

This review will tell you if Gorilla Mode is the best pre-workout supplement you must have!

Keep reading.

What is Gorilla Mode?

Gorilla Mode is a pre-workout formula meant to be useful not only for professionals but also for those who are endorsed in other activities or office workers.

This pre-workout formula is made of 100% natural and organic ingredients and is free of all steroids or other ingredients that can prove to be harmful to anyone.

Gorilla Mode is a product that is manufactured and retailed by Gorilla Mind (LLC), with its center in Boise, USA.

This address alone is enough to assure the minds of many of those who doubt the effectiveness and safety of the use of pre-workouts and any other supplements.

In addition, the safety regulations and standards followed by this product manufacturing facility under the supervision of the health authorities of the USA put it a step ahead compared to other products of the same category.

The product increases your endurance to new extremes making it easier for you to work out and making your body much stronger and more refined.

Along with endurance, you will also increase your energy levels and power. This will help make your workout exactly what you long for it to be like.

How does Gorilla Mode work?

how gorilla mode works

Gorilla Mode is a pre-workout that helps increase the focus, energy levels, power, and endurance of a person, along with the effectiveness of the said workout, to the person in question.

But, it is not like all these things or factors are contained within the product. Instead, it is the ingredients that the product is made of that help produce these effects within the body of the user.

The first thing to know about the Gorilla Mode pre-workout is that it contains a huge nitric oxide pump.

It means that with the use of this product, your blood vessels will be relaxed, and you will be successful in exerting more power and increasing your endurance.

In addition, with the increased blood flow, your focus and drive for the workout will be enhanced, and you will be successful in making the workout more productive for you.

The use of the product will drive you towards refining your body and the standard of your workout to new heights.

And, that will prove to be beneficial for you. This will affect you not only physically but will also improve your mental perception and sharpness.

How to use Gorilla Mode?

A single container of the Gorilla Mode pre-workout contains 40 servings each. Even overseeing the general premises, it is good to consider taking one scoop every day before your workout session.

It is also advised that the product be taken every morning before the session on an empty stomach to increase the effectiveness of the pre-workout formula.

If you are interested in getting indulged in heavy workout sessions or your personal bests, the maximum limit of product intake per time is 2 servings.

It means, if you want, you can use 2 scoops of the pre-workout before your session to make yourself more focused and make your entire session memorable and something to be proud of.

Is Gorilla Mode safe to use?

Yes, it is. Without a speck of a doubt, it won’t be wrong to say that the Gorilla Mode pre-workout is completely safe for use.

Even the amount of servings per use (1 to 2) may vary as per the person in question. It is even possible for an individual to use this pre-workout formula even without the consultancy of professional health physicians.

Moreover, if a person is sensitive to the use of caffeine in his diet or any other ingredient the product is made of, the serving can also be reduced to only half of what it was before.

Therefore, it will still prove to be effective and beneficial for the user. However, in case of sensitivity related to any ingredients in the product, it is advised to consult health physicians for better assurance and guidance.

How long does it take for Gorilla Mode to work?

After the intake, the effects of the pre-workout can be felt within the first 15 minutes.

And, within 30 minutes of the usage, you will be in the perfect form of focus and concentration. This is the interval at which the effects of the supplement are most primitive and effective.

This in itself is a notification or indication for the person to start his workout session.

The range of effectiveness may vary for person-to-person, but overall, this formula is effective for everyone. It means that every individual is free to give it a try.

Gorilla Mode ingredients

The following are the ingredients of Gorilla Mode:

Helps in boosting the nitric oxide production in the body.
Creatine Monohydrate
Provides energy to the working muscles during a workout.
Helps in keeping the body hydrated and weight loss.
Malic Acid
Helps in the cleansing of dead skin cells.
Betaine Anhydrous
Improves the metabolism of the body.
Affects the hormones that help increase your drive.
Agmatine Sulfate
Helps in improving the physical performance.
Helps in decreasing fatigue experienced by the body.
Caffeine Anhydrous
Makes the person more mentally alert.
N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate
It is a feel-good hormone that helps in boosting your mood.
Makes the person more mentally alert.
Huperzine A
Promotes the mental and physical activities of the body.

Are there any side effects for Gorilla Mode?

Gorilla Mode pre-workout is a product that has been tried and tested over human volunteers. And, it will be right to say that there are no known side effects of the said product.

Besides the usage, even the manufacturing of the product is strictly regulated, and this supplement can only be produced in certified Good Manufacturing Facilities.

If any side effects related to the product are seen in the user, it will be more precise to say that it is regarding the sensitivity or stimulus of the individual concerning a particular ingredient in the product.

Understating the sensitivity of the special individuals, there are no harmful effects of the supplement on any person.

Gorilla Mode real user reviews

customers reviews

This product has a very good rating among natural testosterone boosters. According to our survey, Gorilla Mode scores a whopping 4.8 out of 5 in terms of efficacy and performance.

Oscar wall had tried this product and found it to be convenient because of its non-sticky nature and the least amount of stimulants. Here is what he said:

“Had super high expectations due to the hype. and they were met. personally i felt massive focus and pumps. had one of the best workouts i’ve had in a long time. although it has a bit of stim, it’s not a stim junkie pre workout. if you value focus and pump this is the one. tasted normal, nothing to write home about. didnt mix great, but it didn’t stick to my cup at the bottom so was easy to drink. in the end you don’t purchase a pre workout for taste and mixability.”

Scott purchased this product from Amazon, and this product had done wonders for him. The mental push that he is getting as a perk of high testosterone is reflected in his review:

“I just started this week taking the Gorilla Mind pre-workout. So far I’ve hit PB’s on every workout. I’m still feeling the soreness from a lower body workout two days ago. I love it. My motivation to finish every set and push through each rep is off the charts. This could just be my new mindset that I’ve been working on improving, but this pre-workout seems to be a helpful aid to the new mindset. This is the 4th or 5th pre-workout I’ve tried throughout my life, and by far is the best I’ve had. Highly recommend trying it. I currently do 1 – 1 1/2 scopes, while testing my tolerance, and plan on upping to the full 2 scope dose next week.”

What’s the price and where to buy it?

You should buy this product from the official website: gorillamind.com.

Comes in two purchase options with four flavors

1 bottle (40 servings) – $49.99

2 bottles + 1 Free (three-month supply) – $139.95

  • Flavors – Mango Peach, Cherry, Watermelon, Jungle Juice
  • Sezzle EMI available

Shipping info

  • Free shipping worldwide with FEDEX.
  • Fast delivery within 24- 48 hours after ordering.
  • Packaging is done in discreet boxes.
  • 24 hours shipping assistance and tracking.


  • Accepts all major debit and credit cards.
  • The payment portal is 256-bit encrypted.

Gorilla Mode pros & cons


• Can help bring out the true physical potential of an individual

• Increases energy, endurance, and focus

• Safe to use

• Many good reviews are offered by satisfied customers


• The use of products by people sensitive to caffeine must be overseen carefully



Pre-workouts play a crucial role in the maintenance of the physical character and effectiveness of workouts for the body.

In the very essence of it, these are not something to be that vary. And the same can be said for the Gorilla Mode Pre-workout.

This supplement is one of the best of the ones associated with the same category.

There are many prominent effects of the product that can be felt by the user on the very first usage.

And, none of these will turn out to be bad ones, seeing this is a clinically tested and certified product.

This is what makes it more trustworthy for the users.

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