Best Muscle Building Supplements

TOP 4: Best Muscle Building Supplements. Gain Muscle Mass Fast!

Bodybuilding supplements are the new talk in the street helping millions of beef up. Finding the best muscle building supplements of 2022 here.


Mass Extreme



Muscles are the gold standard of masculinity ever since the advent of bodybuilding and steel figures portrayed in the movies just redefined the mindset of people over the past few decades.

The sweat dripped for a beefy figure by men all around the globe could make an ocean of struggle.

Exploiting the market in that passion gave rise to all bodybuilding supplements that we see today.

Many of them are genuine and state of the art stuffs that could deliver the promised result, but there is a good number of fakes out there simply encashing this opportunity.

In this article, we will share a different genre of bodybuilding supplements1 that is a little less magic but definitely working and genuine.

Let us discover more below.

Best supplements to gain muscle mass

1. Mass Extreme

Mass Extreme

Mass Extreme is a bodybuilding supplement that helps men tone and carves their body fat into steel figure.

Usually, bodybuilding revolves around 3 things: diet, routine and workout.

While routine and workout are physical hurdles, diet is the major supply parameter that actively decides the muscle growth in our body.

Initially, body tones by burning all excess fat and macronutrients, but as you proceed further you need a key hormone in order for the muscles to stack over each and that’s what testosterone is for.

Apart from that, there are a dozen of micronutrients that in fact decides the fate of macronutrients that you acquire from the diet.

So in a nutshell Mass Extreme is a combination of several key micronutrients that will help you achieve a beefy body.

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How does it work?

mass extreme

Mass Extreme is a bodybuilding supplement that delivers all vital micronutrients necessary for the body to develop muscles.

For example, this product has GABA that has neurotransmission properties and that inhibits certain signals to allow you to stay calm and composed to impart concentration.

Likewise, all the ingredients in a way play some crucial role which adds up to gift you a dream body.

Presence of 5-Deoxy-Adenosylcobalamin is one of the highlights of this supplement since it helps in muscle biosynthesis.

So Mass Extreme supplements some of the vital micronutrients at the same time helps in boosting t-hormone production.


  • It is one of the budget-friendly bodybuilding supplement.
  • Helps in gaining muscle by improving testosterone production and supplementing vital micronutrients.
  • The onset of action can be seen within 2 months of regular use.
  • One of the popular choice among bodybuilders.


  • Lack of ATP boosting property which is in fact common in other competitors.

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2. Somatodrol


Somatodrol is a muscle growth enhancer targeting the bodybuilders for supplementing various muscle growth promoters.

They advertise these muscle growth promoters as ‘GRTH factors’ which play a vital role in muscle development.

Rather than simply focusing on protein synthesis alone, Somatodrol keeps a healthy balance between energy production and other biosynthesis pathways.

After using Somatodrol you could experience an improved muscle mass, fat trimming resulting in lean muscles, increased stamina, more ripped muscle structure, and high testosterone.

As a side perk, you will feel that the general health is upgraded which also boosts your immunity and sexual libido as well.

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How does it work?


The active compound in this supplement is termed as ‘GRTH factors’ or growth factors that are necessary compounds for muscle synthesis.

The unique and secret proprietary formulae in the Somatodrol can trek the t-hormone levels up to 30% resulting in a testosterone hike which is one of the key hormonal initiation needed for muscle protein biosynthesis.

Also, this action by the GRTH factors would result in the production of cortisol which has an anti-catabolic activity that prevents protein degradation.

The human growth hormone (HGH) is a necessary factor for muscle development and Somatodrol has shown to increase HGH production by 26%.

Somatostatin is an inhibitory compound that hampers the activity of HGH by binding on to them, but with Somatodrol this somatostatin can’t do that.

So all of these effects work in tandem to result in muscle growth.


  • Product is formulated after extensive research.
  • Has unique GRTH factors to help with muscle biosynthesis.
  • Inhibits somatostatin hormone which is a muscle growth regulator.
  • Made of organic ingredients hence require no prescription.
  • Makes you stronger both physically and mentally.


  • It might not be approved by all sports federation due to their unmatched performance.

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3. Metadrol


Metadrol is another bodybuilding supplement that delivers the result by adding more micronutrients into the system.

Unlike steroids and other anabolic agents out there, Metadrol is a pure herbal mixture of several well-known medicinal and therapeutic plant products.

They focus on according stamina for a high-intensity workout, while works internally in protein biosynthesis.

The unique recipe of Metadrol is carefully formulated by top pharmaceutical engineers after years of research in order to deliver maximum result with zero side effects.

Metadrol can help you achieve more toned and ripped muscle structure with a lean profile in the most efficient way.

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How does it work?


Bodybuilding is a process which usually starts off very great projecting a promising future, but after a certain period starts to plateau.

It has nothing to do with your effort, but something to do with your supplementation.

While the majority of the macronutrients are constantly being flushed, there is a lack of some micronutrients vital for muscle biosynthesis.

Metadrol is a grand formulation that can help your muscle fiber stay tender so that they develop micro tears very easily and gets repaired quickly which is very much needed for muscle growth.

Lactic acid build up is one major downside of vigorous exercise, but thanks to Metadrol they can help the buildup of lactic acid from creating fatigue post workout.

Testosterone is also slightly boosted in order for hormonal and metabolic balance for muscle building.


  • One of the best stamina enhancer with muscle building formulation.
  • No steroids or chemical stimulants are being added.
  • Reduces the fat buildup under the skin.
  • It helps you achieve the ripped muscle structure instead of bulky mass.
  • The formulation has been proven to be free from side effects.
  • It has been used and endorsed by thousands of its customers.


  • It is not available outside their official website as of now.

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4. Probolan 50

Probolan 50

Probolan 50 is a quick recipe for bodybuilders in order to boost muscle growth and tone the muscle structure.

They are comparably newbies to the market, but within a short span of time they had managed to grab a huge fan base and it’s the product quality is to be quoted for that.

This supplement targets bodybuilders, athletes and sports personnel to aid a helping hand in carving their physique.

The Probolan 50 formula is proprietary and found to be very effective in muscle anabolism and fat catabolism.

The major mode of action is by supplementing a key hormonal precursor that helps in testosterone and estradiol production.

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How does it work?

probolan 50

Epihydroxetioallocholan-17-one’ or Epiandrosterone is a compound that could lead to the production of testosterone or estradiol.

By far testosterone is the center of attraction for the majority of bodybuilding supplements due to their ability to initiate muscle growth.

GABA signaling regulates the testosterone production, and the Probolan 50 just prevents this from happening to ensure enough t-hormone production.

Another profound effect of this supplement is its ability to boost nitric oxide production which will increase the blood flow into muscles and widens the blood vessels thus allowing more nutrient transport.

So Probolan 50 works based on a well-studied and less fancy principle, but the mechanism of achieving that feat is quite fascinating with the use of a few top class ingredients without any side effects.


  • It is best for ripped muscles.
  • Regular users can get more leans muscles and better tone.
  • When testosterone levels are improved endurance and stamina is also increased.
  • The price tag is also reasonable.
  • There are no known side effect for this product.
  • The special compound in the recipe can help in fat to muscle conversion.


  • Little slow acting compared to similar products on the market, but the results are guaranteed.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the muscle building supplements?

muscle building supplement

A muscle building supplement or a bodybuilding supplement are those food extracts that helps in improving physical performance during weight training.

As the name suggests they supplement the body with some elements that are vital in muscle growth, and this supplemented stuff is likely to be deficient in the general diet, but very much needed for a sculpted and buffed muscle.

They help in stimulating muscle cells to proliferate more along with maintaining an apt fat- protein composition to give you a lean muscle structure.

Weight lifting is a form of resistance training that put a lot of pressure and strain on the muscle tissue which creates a lot of micro tears.

When the body has an injury the immunity kicks in and repairs it quickly; it is this repair mechanism that helps in gaining more and more muscle mass.

Apart from mainstream supplements, nowadays you can see a variety of other products that would supplement a different nutrient whose intake would benefit muscle building in a different way.

Supplements are very much required for intermediates or advanced bodybuilders since the muscle growth would hit a plateau phase after the initial resistance training.

Therefore beginners usually do not prefer macronutrient supplement, while taking other subsidiary supplements could help them survive the initial muscle stiffness and resistance.

Are muscle building supplements safe?

bodybuilding pills

Generally, the majority of muscle building supplements are safe to use since they rely on extracts of macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fats, branched chain amino acids, etc.

Products sold in the USA or Europe are usually certified by their respective authorities in order to ensure safety aspects.

Also, health supplements are produced in a cGMP facility under the guidelines and rules set by the FDA or ED-GMP.

One good thing is products like whey protein or casein protein, isolates, BCAA, Folic acid, etc. are of organic origin.

They are usually extracted from dairy products, plants and sometimes from meat as well.

Organic origin of supplements means there are no chemical additives or stimulants to enhance the desired results.

One point to be noted is about knock-offs and low-quality bodybuilding supplements who uses steroids instead of expensive organic extracts to achieve false positive results.

There are certain anabolic steroids that can be mixed with the supplement powder or capsule in to boost the muscle development artificially.

Most of the bodybuilding associations have banned steroid usage due to health concern and their artificial potential to boost muscle growth.

Always go with good quality, reputed, certified, and popular bodybuilding supplements like the one reviewed on our website.

What muscle supplements actually work?

muscular man working out

Bodybuilding is often done by resistance training, in which the human body is put to test by stretching to the extreme limits by lifting weights focused on a particular body part or muscle.

This results in micro tears on the tissue, which gets healed post workout. This phase is called a recovery phase.

So one must give ample time for the body to heal all these micro tears and that’s why a break between work-out sessions must be given.

For advanced bodybuilders usually, this recovery time is reduced since their muscles are easily adapted to the resistance training.

Healing of micro tears takes place by cytokinesis or cell division and for this, you need certain nutrients in surplus than how much you acquire from the diet.

That’s the reason why supplementation comes in to play and it’s unavoidably crucial, especially if you are an intermediate or an advanced bodybuilder.

Let us see how some of the mainstream supplements work:

1. Creatine

  • It is an organic amino acid that exists in the body naturally and synthesized by liver, pancreas, and kidney.
  • It stimulates the production of ‘Adenosine triphosphate’ or ATP which is the energy currency of our body.
  • Creatine plays a major role in the repair and recovery of muscles post workout.
  • ‘Creatine monophosphate’ is how you get the product, and the body converts it to phosphocreatine and stores in muscle cells.
  • When you need energy this is phosphocreatine quickly gets converted into ATP and results in an energy outburst.
  • Mainly used by athletes and bodybuilders to for stamina, and if you need an extra boost of power during a workout then creatine is a perfect choice.

2. Protein

  • It is the main building block of muscle that helps in growth maintenance and repair of muscle cells.
  • Proteins are made by amino acids and in its basic form they take part in many metabolic processes from cell growth to brain signaling.
  • Protein makes up 80% of muscle mass devoid of water and has a major role in cell biology and ECM formation.
  • Protein supplements are usually available in three compositions, namely: concentrates (80% protein content and rest non-protein nutrients), isolates (90% protein and remaining non-protein nutrients) and hydrolysates (contains partially digested proteins).
  • Various types of protein supplements are: Whey, Casein, Milk, Egg, and Pea.
  • A protein supplement can be purchased by anyone looking for little less meat overloaded diet.

3. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

  • Proteins are the building block of muscle and BCAAs are a special group of amino acids that is more beneficial than general protein supplements.
  • BCAAs ensure quick recovery, reduced fatigue, and improved protein absorption.
  • It is a combination of three essential amino acids that one must acquire through diet.
  • Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are three amino acids that constitute BCAA.
  • The main advantage is that due to the branches in their structure they are easily metabolized by skeletal muscle instead of liver.
  • BCAA are known to enhance the muscle protein synthesis by anabolic as well as anti-catabolic mechanisms.
  • They also take part in ATP production, which is very much needed for stamina and endurance.
  • In general, all bodybuilders are recommended to increase the ratio of BCAA in supplementation for balanced muscle growth.

4. Fish Oil

  • The active comments in fish oil supplements are mainly Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
  • They are generally stored in the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane and which in turn enhances the usage of stored fats in the body.
  • Also, these compounds have anti-oxidants properties and also reduces the inflammatory response due to high intense workouts.
  • In bodybuilding muscle gain is directly proportional to the rate of synthesis minus rate of degradation.
  • DHA and EPA can increase the muscle protein synthesis at the same time reduce protein degradation thus in the bigger picture turning out to be beneficial.
  • They are also known to increase the cardio output and stroke volume, meaning more blood is pumped into organs and keeps the tissue oxygenated all time.
  • Fish oil can be taken by the general public; however, its profound benefits on bodybuilding make it an essential supplement for all bodybuilders.

5. Glutamine

  • It is the most abundant muscle protein in the skeletal muscle system comprising of a whopping 61% of total.
  • So if you supplement Glutamine directly, it means you are adding it to the muscle bulk directly.
  • Studies say that after an intense workout Glutamine content in the muscle can reduce drastically and the recovery from the general diet can take up to 6 days to replenish which is a long wait for bodybuilders.
  • Glutamine plays an important role in muscle biosynthesis as well as reduce the degradation.
  • Apart from muscle biosynthesis, Glutamine is an important requirement for small intestine activity and immune system.
  • Glutamine should be taken by advanced or intermediate bodybuilders who already have set a standard muscle volume and need something to push the limits.

How can I make my muscle building supplements more effective with exercises?

hard workout

In order to juice the best out of your bodybuilding supplements, you need to understand the basics of how supplements work.

They are just a helping hand in your muscle building process and none of them would exclusively make you buffed up.

The workout is the ultimate key or the motivation behind all bodybuilding successes and the same has to be done with ultra-dedication.

Choosing the right supplement contributes a lot towards the end result.

For beginners, a general mass gainer would be enough since the body takes a while to get adapted with weight lifting.

They may also take fish oil and creatine supplement for improved stamina to survive the workout sessions.

For intermediate bodybuilders, a little more like whey protein isolates, BCAA, fish oil can be taken adjuvant to high-intensity workout to tone muscles.

For advanced bodybuilders, they can try protein hydrolysates, along with BCAA, more improvised nitro boosters, and testosterone supplements to push the limits.

It’s always better to get a consultation from your nutritionist or trainer for a custom supplementation which might be helpful for a quicker result rather than trying random products.

All the above suggestions are a well-studied guide to help you choose the right supplement from an ocean of products which keeps on adding in number day by day.


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