Metadrol Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Metadrol is a supplement that is designed to help individuals achieve a more defined and sculpted look with their body by increasing the muscle mass and size.

A brawny man theme has been around for a long while, and tireless sweating is one constant effort put forward by lads.

However, not all sweat end up in a superior muscular sculpture thus many blokes give up when no results turn up.

Many would complain about their genetics as the culprit for efforts in vain, but the real crook is your lack of supplementation or improper one!

Yes guys, you heard it right, supplements do play a great role in your muscular physique and only in rare instances does your meal provides a complete diet for muscle growth.

The majority rely on supplements1 and if that’s not a great choice, well then it’s just another reason for a failed effort.

While you get enough macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) from your normal diet, it is always difficult to gather some crucial micronutrients.

That is when supplements like Metadrol come into play, aiding you to balance your diet without the need for an elaborate meal.

This Metadrol review is a quick guide for those who stumbled across this supplement and would like to know more about it.

What exactly is Metadrol?


Metadrol is a on of the best bodybuilding supplements used for improving the endurance and stamina along with building muscle mass.

It is an organic compound that recently made it into the list of supplements after stringent studies.

Metadrol is one common name in gyms due to their unmatched ability to impart sustainable stamina during a workout.

This product sport a unique formula of organic compounds that are designed by top bioengineers with an intention to lend a helping hand for struggling bodybuilders.

It’s a one-stop solution for various bodybuilding needs since Metadrol can help you gain ripped muscles, improved stamina to sustain long hours of workout, endurance to push limits and finally helps you achieve mental confidence by harmonizing brain signaling into normal.

Upon using this product:

  • You’ll gain strength.
  • Improved stamina and endurance.
  • More power to level up quickly during weight training.
  • Bulking muscle mass with good ripped structure.
  • And helps you stay positive and improves self-confidence.

How does Metadrol work?

How does Metadrol work

Metadrol is more of muscle juice that supplies necessary microelements that might push you towards the right muscle proportion.

In bodybuilding hitting a plateau is very common and standard especially when you are on your own.

Metadrol has a unique and secret formulation that will help you climb the ladder in order to hit the next log phase in muscle growth, during which you’ll see ripped muscles and more cuttings.

Metadrol also protects the muscle fiber to stay tender and constantly rejuvenating so that the muscles will have more flexibility and looks natural instead of other muscle gainer supplements which will make it bulky and stiff.

Apart from the above mode of action, this supplement reduces the lactic acid build up in the muscle which in fact is a great way to boost muscle growth.

In other words, Metadrol is a great holistic supplement which while taking care of physical needs also boost your mental fitness to grant you confidence and motivation.

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How to use Metadrol?

how to use

Metadrol comes in a bottle of 60 capsules, which would last for a month.

So you are supposed to take 2 capsules a day according to manufacturer’s recommendation which they have optimized after clinical studies.

Bodybuilding supplements like this have to be taken in an empty stomach with a lot of water which will ensure the right dissemination of content into the bloodstream and from there to various action centers.

Metadrol as such doesn’t suggest any timing for dosage but from our observation, it is best to take one pill in the morning at least an hour before breakfast followed by next pill sometime in the midday before food.

Taking more than 2 pills a day is not recommended; however, you shall consult your doctor or nutritionist if you want to take more pills for faster result.

Avoid taking carbonated drinks or alcohol along with the pill in order to avoid any cross-reactions.

Drink plenty of water for the contents of the pill to get properly diluted and get easily circulated.

Is Metadrol safe?

Is Metadrol safe

Safety is always a concern of three factors, and if a product could justify these three questions it shall be called a ‘safe product’.

1. Is Metadrol safe for consumption?

  • No toxicity related to Metadrol have been reported to date.
  • All the ingredients are of herbal origin with its utmost purity.
  • Metadrol comes from a cGMP facility under the international standards of supervision.
  • Mild side effects might have been reported but none of them owe a major concern or a revisit to the formulation.
  • Thousands have already used this product and another thousands are using it.
  • So in a nutshell, Metadrol is very safe for consumption as a bodybuilding supplement.

2. Is this a scam?

  • No, Metadrol comes from Dhamhil corp, a reputed supplement manufacturer.
  • They have a very huge product line and Metadrol is one successful contender in the list.
  • Many have purchased the product so far and haven’t reported any issues with the transaction, product quality or performance.
  • They deliver the promised result within the advertised time frame.

3. Does this product really work?

  • Around 90% plus customers have reported moderate and full potential effect from Metadrol within 2 ~ 3 months of usage.
  • Since the ingredients directly act on muscle metabolism the chances of its efficiency is 7 times more than other raw supplements.
  • The onset of action can be seen at the earliest of 4 weeks and late by 10 weeks, which in fact depends on the type of body.

Metadrol ingredients


Metadrol doesn’t feature a pile of ingredients, instead just a secret and in-house formula that is good enough make you muscular.

It contains HGRX-3[2-Hydroxy-3-methox OH2], which is a variant of ferulic acid that helps in boosting the muscle anabolism.

At the same time, hormones are left untouched for the body to regulate them, thus Metadrol just hacks into muscle metabolism in the most natural way by supplementing necessary nutrients.

The long chain of secret formulation once inside the body will break down into short-chain compounds with different functional group which then will aid the supplementation process.

One possible mechanism by which Metadrol improves stamina is by regulating and increasing the ATP release, which is the direct precursor for energy, especially for physically active people.

Thus Metadrol combines the benefit of multiple supplements into a small capsule at the same time making it safe for consumption and efficient in action.

Metadrol side effects

Metadrol side effects

There are no known side effects associated with Metadrol.

The fact that this supplement is of herbal original and as it doesn’t contain any anabolic steroids2, it is generally labeled as safe for consumption.

You can procure Metadrol directly from vendors or over the counter (OTC) because of its safety aspects.

Various ingredients of Metadrol has been subjected to scientific studies in the past and none had any significant side effects on the users, thus motivating the makers of this pill to reinforce the safety feature.

Moreover, none of the users have reported any issues regarding this product so far other than some rare instances of acne, which in general happens for all supplements.

However, if you are a heart patient, had a previous history of stroke, allergy, kidney/liver disorder, currently under any mediation should visit their doctor before using Metadrol.

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Metadrol reviews

Metadrol reviews

Metadrol scored 86% in overall customer satisfaction index which evaluates the general trend of the supplement in the market on the aspect of efficacy, value for money, the onset of action, delivery of result and reordering frequency.

The product has a 3.9 out 5-star rating on various e-commerce sites and is one of the most discussed newcomer in the market.

Metadrol is a topic of discussion in bodybuilding forums and has got a good movement in the market.

Some of the popular comments from the internet are:

Benedict Huz is a professional powerlifter and adds:

Metadrol is a sure shot for some clean muscles. Their magic recipe is simply clever and indeed will help you gain some ripped muscle. I was 90 at the time starting of Metadrol course, and after 3 months I’m still 90, but the new cuttings and buffed muscles that appeared on my upper body is simply because of Metadrol.

Louis (33) purchased Metadrol from eBay:

I got this product on discount and was not happy at first, but after 2 months of straight usage I started to get new features on my body. You’ll get pimple if you use it for more than a month but that is pretty okay when you see the next Ronnie Coleman on the mirror.

Metadrol : price & where to buy it

Metadrol Official Website

You should buy a product at official website:

There are 3 purchase choices for Metadrol:

Hardcore Bodybuilding Stack (6 month supply) – Buy 3 and get 3 free: $177 (you save 55% from the original price of $354).
Muscle Development Stack (3 month supply) – Buy 2 and get 1 free: $118 (you save 35% from the original price of $177).
Starters Pack (1 month supply) – Buy 1: $59.

More info

  • Upon purchasing any one of the packages of Metadrol you will get $25 worth Ultra Slim System.
  • Shipping charges extra at $10.
  • Safe for all age category.
  • Discreet packaging and confidential shipping.

Metadrol pros & cons


  • Strong stamina improving formulae with muscle growth.
  • Safe for consumption.
  • One of the most popular among bodybuilders.
  • No side effects apart from occasional acne.
  • No steroids or anabolic synthetics agents are present.
  • Metadrol gives you more ripped muscles than bulky mass.
  • Helps to regulate fat under the skin.


  • You can’t buy this on a mortar and bricks store, but get it from the manufacture website and avail exciting offers.

Metadrol review: conclusions


If ripped muscles, improved stamina, less fatigue, and toned muscles are your requirement then Metadrol is the right supplement for you.

Always try to make the purchase from the manufacturer website as the risk of getting a fake product is high especially in bodybuilding supplement.

The onset of action might take a while and varies among individuals, so if you don’t see any result right away give some time.

Metadrol alone won’t make you muscular make sure you take a good healthy diet and result of things are assured by Metadrol.

Though the price point might be slightly on the higher side, the punch this supplement packs wipe the price factor.

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