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Mass Extreme Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Mass Extreme is a unique mixture of strong substances that immediately boost energy and the effect is visible immediately, as you can do more workout and your muscles grow faster.

The muscular physique has always been the hallmark of an ideal man, but many don’t get well with the track of it.

One major reason why some men struggle with the course is because of the lack of proper input, guidance, customized workout plans, and importantly the supplementation1.

There is a common misconception among novices that all supplements carry steroids that metabolically influence the bodybuilding process to achieve results; however, the truth is supplements are a vital part in bodybuilding, and not all supplements contain anabolic steroids!

When your body is subjected to an intense workout, it needs certain nutrients in excess to adapt to the new changes.

Mass Extreme we introduce here is one such great supplement that will fortify your work out nutritional needs to grant you that sculpted figure.

In the Mass Extreme review, we shall take an in-depth look regarding the product to help you land into a conclusion.

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What exactly is Mass Extreme?

mass extreme

Mass Extreme is a top muscle building supplement; however, unlike the macronutrient supplements, they don’t supply carbs, proteins, or other macro essential nutrients.

The major supplementation in Mass Extreme are certain vital nutrients that play pivotal roles in muscle gaining and toning.

Without these nutrients, the muscle anabolism would struggle to keep up with the workout- muscle growth equilibrium.

The ingredients are mostly organic and herbal, thus making this a safe choice for muscle sculpting without the need for anabolic steroids.

After using Mass Extreme, you could find changes like:

  • Boosted muscle growth.
  • Improved stamina during workout sessions.
  • Well-toned and sculpted muscles with proper cuttings.
  • Helps to achieve bulkiness to the muscle without compromising cuttings.
  • Boost testosterone to aid the metabolic part of bodybuilding.
  • Improved mood and concentration.

Many men managed to buff up their body, or trim down the excess bulk; however, sculpting decent cuttings and grooves never happen as required due to excess adipose under the skin.

Mass Extreme would synchronize the entire muscle anabolism to help you achieve that perfect physique.

How does Mass Extreme work?

How does Mass Extreme work

Mass Extreme helps your muscle metabolism to work in its peak, thereby by juicing the best out of your workouts and nutrient intake.

Often, taking large portions of meals rich in protein and carbs won’t be enough because some micronutrients are very much required for muscle metabolism as well.

Moreover, hormonal trading has to happen efficiently for the muscles growth over the framework and get into shape.

Mass Extreme has a unique formulation that has an adequate portion of 6 herbal extracts that will feed your muscle all vital micronutrients.

Mainly, this supplement helps in:

  • Improving the cell mass thereby by bulking up the muscle size.
  • Boosting testosterone production which helps in fat burning and sculpting.
  • Provides stamina and endurance to survive intense physical workouts.

Certain ingredients in Mass Extreme also helps in enhancing the bioavailability of other nutrients thus making sure that entire food intake is translated into metabolism.

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How to use Mass Extreme?

how to use

Mass Extreme is packed in capsule forms for the ease of handling.

Unlike other bodybuilding supplements that come in powder form, all you have to do here is take 2 pills a day, and that’s all.

Manufacturers recommend to take 1 pill in the morning and another towards evening or before dinner.

For the best result, take the pill 30 minutes before your meal so that it gets enough time to reach the gut and release the contents.

Usually, the onset of action shall be seen at the earliest of 2 months, where you would experience rapid muscle growth.

In order to prolong muscle growth and toning, one can continue using the Mass Extreme for an extended period.

Is Mass Extreme safe?

Is Mass Extreme safe

Safety of any eatable often revolves around its inability to invoke an adverse effect after consumption.

Apart from that, any enhancement OTC/prescription free supplement shall be analyzed from a different perspective to understand more about the product.

Typically three questions are to be answered:

1. Is this product safe for human consumption?

  • Yes, Mass Extreme is safe for consumption.
  • Since the product is a mixture of herbal extracts, it is highly unlikely to induce any unwanted effects on the user.
  • There are research studies that would support its safety and efficacy.
  • Moreover hundred thousands of customers have already tried this product, and none so far didn’t report any adverse effect.

2. Is this some scam?

  • No, Mass Extreme is a real deal.
  • They are one of the reputed muscle builder supplement in the market.
  • Hundreds of customers would vouch for this product.
  • You can pay via PayPal other than credit card.
  • Most importantly, if the customer didn’t like the product, they can return within 90 days.

3. Will I get promised results?

  • Definitely, provided you use the product as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Workout strategy is an integral part of any muscle-building program, so make sure that you have a good workout plan along with Mass Extreme.
  • You can refer the testimonials and research studies on their website page to learn more about the product.

Mass Extreme ingredients


Mass Extreme is purely herbal and doesn’t contain any anabolic steroids or stimulants.

The ingredients are something you would find in many similar products and been traditionally used for male enhancement, muscle growth, treating obesity, boosting masculinity, etc.

Mass Extreme is formulated based on the following ingredients:

Fenugreek Extract
Fenugreek aids the conversion of glucose gets into glycogen, which gets stored in the muscle cells and helps to bulk up the size.
Amino Butyric Acid (GABA)
It is an important inhibitory non-essential amino acid that helps you stay calm & composed and in particular, GABA helps to tone muscle.
D - Aspartic Acid (DAA)
Is very important for enhancing testosterone production, which helps in the imparting endurance and stamina during a workout.
Phosphatidic Acid (PA)
Is essential in the biosynthesis of new cells and helps in achieving lean muscles and trimmed figure.
Deoxy - Adenosylcobalamin
It is supplementation form for Vitamin B12a which is important in DNA synthesis and helps in muscle growth.
Maca Root Extract
Has traditionally been used for improving the stamina and also helps to strengthen the muscle.

One Mass Extreme capsule could compensate 39~ 45% of RDA for a physically active male, thereby reducing the load on your diet.

The success of any supplement lies in its formulation efficiency and in that context Mass Extreme is exceptionally good.

Mass Extreme side effects

Mass Extreme side effects

Mass Extreme users so far haven’t reported any side effects using this product.

Since the ingredients are purely herbal and natural, any concerns regarding adverse effects can be dismissed.

Any products that have testosterone boosting ability might result in hair loss, which is very common in males due to the bioactivity of DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

Mass Extreme might cause hair loss, but not reported so far.

Apart from that, Mass Extreme is safe, and you can procure it legally without a prescription from a doctor.

Those people who are having a previous history of heart disease, strokes, allergies to any of the ingredients, under medication, etc. must consult your doctor before using Mass Extreme.

Also, using this product alongside other supplements is fine, but make sure that you don’t exceed the daily limits for the respective nutrients if in case your other supplement has a similar property.

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Mass Extreme reviews

Mass Extreme reviews

Mass Extreme scores 91% in the overall customer satisfaction index after studying various websites.

They are rated around 3.8 out of 5 in various e-commerce platforms, implying it’s genuine and working.

Many testimonials and reviews say Mass Extreme is a great accompaniment in their intense workout session.

On average, it takes around 6 ~ 10 weeks for good results with prolonging results upon continuous use for 6+ months.

Check out some of the reviews from bodybuilding forums on the internet:

Dreadbolt13445_ marked his comment on as:

Stop running behind whey people. You need more than it seems. I shifted to a natural diet and supplemented micronutrients instead of macronutrients. I was 195 lbs when I started weight training, now I’m maintaining a steady 190 for the past 3 months but managed to get a trimmed shape.

Fabian wrote on pain and gain:

Clean muscles were what I wanted and my instructor told me to get Mass Extreme. I was skeptical initially thinking it might steroids. But now its 4 months since I’m using it, and trust me guys this thing is 100% genuine and works pretty dope.

Natasha wrote on Amazon:

Mass extreme is perfectly what you need if you are looking for another Chris Hemsworth in you. Don’t waste your money behind fancy products. Just get a couple of Mass Extreme bottles and rest is assured.

Mass Extreme: price & where to buy it

Mass Extreme Official Website

You should buy this product from the official website:

You can bring home Mass extreme in three packages:

Best Value Package (6 month supply) – Buy 3 and get 3 free: $177.00 (you pay 29.50/bottle).
Standard Package ( 3 month supply) – Buy 2 and get 1 free: $118.00 (you pay $39.33/bottle).
Basic Package (1 month supply) – Buy 1 bottle: $59.00.

More info

  • You can pay via PayPal apart from credit cards.
  • 90 days money back guarantee.
  • Shipping charges additional at $10.00 per shipment.
  • Discreet packaging .

Mass Extreme pros & cons


  • Good and working supplement for mass gaining.
  • Helps you achieve trimmed down physique.
  • No side effects.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • The onset of action in 2 months.
  • Popular among bodybuilders.


  • Competitors might have more to offer like ATP boosting, quick release formula, but Mass Extreme does its job pretty well.

Mass Extreme review: conclusions

Mass Extreme

Mass Extreme is a great gaining formula, which is 100% safe and efficient.

The golden recipe is the trade secret of this product, and it is efficient as it claims; thousands of users have already tried and upvoted this product.

The best part is the pocket-friendly pricing and offers they pour in for customers with 90 days money-back guarantee; it’s worth a try.

One downside might be its less potency in vasodilation, which is a much-needed property for good nutrient transportation across muscles; however, its enhanced testosterone will keep you in your prime.

Without a concern, you can purchase and use this product alongside your mainstream supplement, as Mass Extreme would cover all tiny nutrients that are left out.

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  1. Clarkson, Priscilla M., and Eric S. Rawson. “Nutritional supplements to increase muscle mass.” Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 39.4 (1999): 317-328.
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