Somatodrol Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Somatodrol is a supplement that claims it has many ingredients blended with a unique formula to accelerate and enhance the results of workouts and grow muscle mass.

Muscles are never-ending fuel of motivation that keeps the men running for the ultimate physique.

Over the past few decades, the concept of a muscular male has overtaken all mainstream stages to portray the masculinity with muscles.

Since then, each one of us has been trying to sculpt and trim down the fat to mold that dreamy figure.

If you look at the real statistics, only half the population of weight trainees will make it past the boundary.

Many would appreciate the changing body, but the majority don’t achieve the magazine figure.

Hidden is the knowledge about the physiology of the human body and only by having a keen background about it could one stack muscles.

Somatodrol is a humble contender for your bodybuilding needs that helps men achieve what they need without much of a fuss.

This Somatodrol review would take you for a ‘journey of erudition’ regarding untold about this product that might change your life.

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What exactly is Somatodrol?


Somatodrol is a state of the art supplementation for naturally facilitating muscle growth1.

The best part is that this supplement doesn’t employ any steroids or hormonal precursors instead use herbal ingredients that would promote muscle growth factors.

The product is a mixture of essential factors that would boost the muscle growth, and the manufacturer call them ‘GRTH factors’ implying growth factors.

This product induces the desired effect by boosting certain growth factors that are known to play crucial roles in muscle development.

Somatodrol also helps to enhance your stamina and energy outburst, which will help you survive intense workout sessions.

Upon using this supplement, you’ll experience:

  • Improved muscle mass.
  • More lean mass replacing bulky fat.
  • High energy outburst.
  • Improved stamina that helps you go more reps during weight training.
  • Continuous use gives you more ripped muscles.
  • Improved libido due to high testosterone production.

How does Somatodrol work?


Somatodrol relies on increasing the so-called ‘GRTH factor’ or growth factors, which in fact, boosts the hormonal levels that are vital for muscle building.

It is proven that Somatodrol formula could increase the testosterone levels by up to 30%, which helps in protein synthesis in muscles and reduce the action of cortisol or in other words, prevent catabolism.

Also, Somatodrol increases the production of HGH or Human Growth Hormone2 necessary for muscle growth by up to 26%.

Another mode of action includes inhibiting the action of somatostatin, which otherwise would hinder the HGH production.

Apart from that, Somatodrol increases the ammonia excretion from the body, thus preventing brain fatigue and tiredness after a workout.

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How to use Somatodrol?

how to use

Somatodrol is a multi-supplement capsule that packs in certain necessary or essential nutrients for boosting muscle growth.

Manufacturers recommend taking two capsules a day in empty stomach with lots of water.

This way, the capsule is digested, and contents are released into small intestine along with water and get absorbed quickly, thanks to their volatile formulae that has a quick release.

One can either take one pill in the morning at least 1 hour prior to breakfast, followed by the next pill in the noon or evening with water.

It is best not to take more than 2 pills a day since the formulae achieve the desired result by boosting growth factor production.

Note for professional bodybuilders: Somatodrol might contain compounds that might be classified as a doping agent according to regulations of some associations.

But for solace, the majority of sports federation don’t consider Somatodrol to be an illegal performance enhancer.

So consult your physician, nutritionist, or coach before using Somatodrol.

Is Somatodrol safe?

Is Somatodrol safe

Safety of any supplement mainly revolves around three factors, which would deem the product as genuine.

1. Is this supplement safe for consumption?

  • All the ingredients are of herbal origin; thus any worries regarding the synthetic contents shall be dismissed.
  • No adverse effects are so far reported against Somatodrol.
  • You can find a dedicated section on the website filled with testimonials from regular users.
  • Gold medal winner Krzysztof Piekarz is one among the celebrities who uses and promotes this product.
  • Somatodrol is a popular muscle toning supplement most bodybuilders would prefer.

2. Is this a scam?

  • For the past few years, Somatodrol has been there in the market with amazing results.
  • Thus any money motive behind a fake product shall be dismissed.
  • Plus all the payments are channeled through a secure SSL server.
  • The marketing team is 100% responsive from purchase till delivery.
  • Around 95% of users have benefited from Somatodrol and are still a leading muscle growth formula in the market.
  • You’ll also get 90 days money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

3. Will I get promised result?

  • Majority of the users have got the best possible results.
  • Since the formula is a straight shot to muscle growth metabolism, it’s guaranteed.
  • Still, physiology varies among men, and not everyone gets the same level of activity.
  • Due to its golden formulae, Somatodrol is one among the most preferred supplement brand among bodybuilders.

Somatodrol ingredients


Unlike other muscle gainers, Somatodrol doesn’t sport an arsenal of ingredients, instead contains the vital and essential nutrients that could bring in a lot of changes in muscle gaining.

The consistent formulation and propitious results are the products of scientific intervention due to which they have a stable mixture of the recipe just enough for muscle gaining.

The ingredients are:

AAKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)
AAKG is a combination of two compounds, one is an amino acid Arginine which is the building block for proteins that helps in muscle formation. The next compound is alpha-Ketoglutarate which helps in breaking down complex nutrients to aid muscle formation.
Is a Brazilian plant whose seed has found its way into breweries due to high caffeine content. Has properties that would boost the stamina and reduce fatigue, helping you to push your limits.
Vitamin B12
Helps in the anabolism of muscle growth and assist the repair mechanism of muscles after an intense workout. Also, Vitamin B12 boosts the RBC production, thereby enhancing oxygen supply and nutrient delivery.
Beta - Alanine
It is a non-essential amino acid that is directly tied to the muscle carnosine concentration which will help you perform high-intensity workouts with sustaining endurance.

Somatodrol side effects

Somatodrol side effects

As of now, no side effects are reported regarding the usage of Somatodrol.

Mainly this product targets physically active males like bodybuilders, and sports personnel such that the pharmacokinetics is better inside their body.

Moreover, the body could process the drug much faster and easier compared to a therapeutic drug since the compounds are simple and absorbed efficiently.

Since testosterone is boosted, there might slight hair loss associated with higher levels of DHT, which is a converted form of testosterone.

Also, effects like acne or pimple, mild stomach discomfort might be accompanied in case of supplements with similar profile; the good news is Somatodrol haven’t reported any such so far.

Any person with a heart disorder, previous history of stroke, heart attack, liver disease, kidney disease, under medication or therapy must consult your doctor before using Somatodrol.

The contents of Somatodrol are universally accepted and deemed safe; however, some sports federation might put them on the doping list due to its ability to induce muscle growth.

So consult with your nutritionist or sports council before using Somatodrol, if you’re in up for an event.

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Somatodrol reviews

Somatodrol reviews

Somatodrol is one among the highest rated muscle gain formulae in the market with an overall customer satisfaction index of 96%.

It is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on an average across e-commerce platforms, and you can find them in brick and mortar stores as well.

Many top websites like have featured this product and are one among widely used muscle gainer.

Checking some of the reviews from the internet.

Archer from Q-bit fitness club wrote on Daily mail:

Nowadays if you google for bodybuilding supplements, its avalanche of products that will pop up. Many of them don’t even exist! Finding the most genuine and working product is a real challenge and it only comes with years’ worth experience. For muscle gaining, you need macronutrient supplement and some micronutrient supplement, of which later I would prefer Somatodrol.

Cassey is a cross fit competitors, and she says:

While I was stepping into the cross fit challenge I needed something like a magic pill to boost my performance and physique. Sadly nothing is as good as I dreamt, but one came really close and it is a growth factor supplement called Somatodrol. After 3 months of usage, I could see how my physique changed, I got a really shaped biceps and ripped quad muscles which were unexpected. Later when I upgraded my supplements, I never changed this one product from my list and till the day Somatodrol kept its worth. All thanks to great supplements, my coach and god the almighty; next season of cross fit I’m competing against the world’s best.

Somatodrol : price & where to buy it

Somatodrol official website

You should buy a product at official website:

You can purchase Somatodrol in three options:

Maximum result (6 month supply) – buy 3 and get 3 free: $144.00 (you save 47% from original MRP of $270.00).
Economical package (3 month supply) – buy 2 and get 1 free: $99.00 (you save 25% from original MRP of $135.00).
Start package (1 month supply) – buy 1: $45.00.

More info

  • 90 days money back guarantee.
  • You can place an order via phone or website, and there is a choice of COD on phone orders.
  • 100% discreet packaging.
  • An additional delivery charge of $25 on all packages.

Somatodrol pros & cons


  • Safe to be used by all age categories.
  • Boost muscle growth by regulating GRTH.
  • Inhibits somatostatin to boost HGH production.
  • More ripped muscles with lean mass.
  • Imparts stamina and reduce fatigue, both mentally and physically.
  • No prescription required.


  • Some sports federation classify Somatodrol ingredients under doping agents; however, they are safe to use.

Somatodrol review: conclusions

Undoubtedly Somatodrol is the best muscle sculpting formula you can get hold of in the current market.

They have been around for the past few years and is one of the most popular muscle building companions for millions around the globe.

The ingredients are of herbal origin thus doesn’t carry any side effects.

Somatodrol has Guarana extracts which have good caffeine content that would help cross boundaries of your physical endurance.

The price tag is also decent, especially if you chose to go with a 6 month supply.

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